10 Blogging Tools to Use To Build a Succesful Blog

Bloggers always need various tools to use on his/her blogging journey.

To avoid confusion you have to try new and expert-recommended tools and then analyze the results of those tools to figure out what works for you.

Keep in mind Every technique and every tool don’t work for everyone.

Some tools work best for some and some tools don’t work for some.

You may have noticed while reading or listening to expert bloggers they recommend lots of tools but they also warn you to use only those tools or strategies which work for you.

For example:

I am using quora for 4 years and it doesn’t work for me as I expect.

But I still use and answer people daily.

I know this site is wasting my time but when I listen to the expert bloggers they say it works for them.

So be clear about this matter and keep trying until you don’t find your spark.

Always try new tools but select carefully and think twice before you invest your energy and time.

Nowadays I use many tools for different goals which we will discuss in this post.

Let’s Get started to build a successful blog.

Shall we?


#1:) Search Engine Console

Never estimate the power of this tool.

it gives real-time data about your blog

  • keywords you are ranking
  • coverage issues
  • The impression, position, click you get on SEO on a daily basis
  • You can compare different data
  • You can submit your blog sitemap
  • To index new URL faster
  • To remove or inspect an existed URL
  • Many other useful features



It’s all about performance.

How your blog is performing on the web.

To connect the search console to your site.

Visit the search console – sign in with a Google account.

Click on add property – a mini window will appear


Choose a method and type your site URL or subdomain URL then click to continue.

Also, Verify your site ownership

Visit your site wp-admin and click on tools or available tools then scroll down – Choose a method to verify your site with search console.  method to verify your site.

Once you verified you will then soon see data about the performance of your site.

keep analyzing your site data and work hard to rank faster.

Focus on the keywords you are ranking and write content around those keywords.

Especially use this tool as an idea generator for new blog posts.


#2:) UberSuggest

This is another similar tool to the search console.

But this tool helps you dig deeper and harder.

This tool is owned by a successful blogger – Neil Patel.

it’s a smart tool it tells many things about your site.

Visit here and just type your site URL


Then this app will show you interesting results about your blog.

if you want to improve your blog with this tool then sign up with a google account and create a project for your blog.

This is a free and paid service.

If your site is small then free service is best for you if you want to do SEO for a big site then use its paid version.

You can use this tool for free for your first project – it’s an amazing offer.

Build a Succesful Blog - banner

Learn More

#3:) BuzzSumo

This tool tells you about what’s trending in your niche on social media.

Also, it can give you data about a specific domain, you can check which blog post is popular on social media of that site.

Visit buzzsumo and type a site URL in the search bar. let’s analyze neilpatel.com


Also, you can check influencer content and your blog niche.

It’s easy to use and can give you unlimited ideas to write on your blog.

Quick Tip :

You can click on the viewer or sharer icon to see sharers and readers of any post and then you can tweet them to check your similar blog post if you have any.

Or paste the URL in any network search bar to check on sharers and viewers.

you can get 80% good results.

#4:) Buffer

Recently I wrote a step by a step blog post about this tool you can check here.

It’s also a social media tool that helps you schedule your posts around the clock on 4 social media networks for free.

Also, you can share one post to 4 social networks with few clicks.

it’s a must tool to use daily.

Build a Succesful Blog

#4.1:) Pablo

To design a quick quote then use this tool pablo.

#5:) Chromni Tweet

This tool saves you a lot of time. it’s a tiny tool which helps you tweet from your search bar.

This extension works with google chrome. Click here to install it.

after installing just type – tw (lowercase) and space – in the search bar.

The extension will be activated then type your tweet and hit enter.


You don’t have to visit Twitter to post a tweet.

#6:) Grammarly

If you want to write perfect and faster then use this tool.

It’s an app nowadays that went virals and a lot of expert bloggers recommend.

it’s a free and paid tool.

The free service of this tool works best for blog posts and for other light content.

Just visit the site and it will guide you step by step.


#7:) Pocket

if you want to read on the way – in lines or offline then you must install this app on your all devices.

While surfing the feeds or websites you can save any media to pocket for offline reading.


Fuel your mind everywhere.


#8:) Pixabay

Every blogger wants good stunning images for her/his blog.

If you are in the same boat then let’s use this site to download copyrights free images.

 Build a succesful blog - pixabay . com - free image

You can also download

  • Images
  • Photos
  • Vector
  • Graphics
  • Illustrations
  • Videos

#9:) Mail Chimp

How many times you’ve heard – Money on the list.

If you are not collecting emails from your audience then you are committing a big mistake.

if you are a wordpress.com user then you can install this app from your setting.

Go to your site setting > Tools > Marketing > connection > and connect.



#10:) Canva

I love this tool. Why?

It’s a headache-free designing tool – We bloggers always need a quick design for a blog post.

Sometimes without a design or an image, it’s hard to discuss some points.

For example


Build a Succesful Blog

With a simple design – this photo tells a lot and easy to get.

It took me only 1 minute to design.

So whenever you need a quick design use Canva.

On Quora.com, I answered about canva and that answer got 31k views, which is my best answer to till date.

Build a succesful blog - quora canva views

When it comes to designing I always use this tool for my every designing task such as

  • Book
  • Blog
  • Documents
  • Etc

I am having a good experience with this tool for many years.

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Learn More


All the above tools are trusted and useful you can use and can make your blogging journey easier than ever before.

I also use many other tools which I will discuss in other posts.

In my book, I have written everything in detail.

Thanks –

If you have any questions – FEEL FREE to ASK.

Let me know what you think.




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