2 Tools to Use To Write a Viral Blog Post

The first thing is you can only write viral in your niche – about which you are blogging and you must have some passion for that topic.

it should be clear.

The second thing is where you want to go your post viral on social media or on the search engines.

But before you set and start writing I will try to give you some tips. which will help you to find out what’s really trending in your niche and also on the search engines.

1 Social media

There is a super tool called Buzzsumo which tells you how to find a trending topic in your niche on many social networks at once.

Head over to buzzsumo – Luckily it’s homepage will tell you about the site “How To Use”.

BuzzSumo has many features that will help you write a viral blog post.

2 Search Engine

There is another way, which will help you to find out what people are looking for on the web.

In this case, Google’s trend is your friend.

You can compare many topic trends with each other.

Visit google trends

So these two tools will give you the best idea to write a blog post from the right angle.

So if you want to dig deeper then I have written in my book about “ how to write a blog post from idea to conclusion

If you have any further question please let me know.


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