3 Simple Blogging Strategies to Build a Succesful Blog Simply

We are living in the age of overloaded information we read a lot but we forget the simplicity of smart work.

By reading every blog and listening to everyone is never gonna help us, but only confuse us.

For example:

If a patient visits a lot of doctors for one disease to cure and follow every one advice and take the medicine of many doctors.

What you think will happen? Nothing but more problems will be raised.

The same is true in the blogging world.

Because I have experienced this disease for years.

Every blogger has its strategy which works for them but it is not confirmed to work for us 100%.

What we can do we can collect small acts from them and can build our system to work in and never get confused ever.

As I have my system-circle in which I move daily and this is going to be a million dollars system and habit for me.

Let’s get into it and what you can add to your strategy from my circle.


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Step #1: Blog About Whats you Know Well

Before we go deep and lost in the strategy information – it’s worth talking a little bit about the basics of blogging.

If you are an expert in one area and you are trying to write about another topic for the sake of an affiliate product or sound smart.

it means you will get to nowhere but you will only waste your time.

Do not be a generalist but be a specialist in one single area where you will help others to achieve their goals and dreams.

This is the only mistake bloggers make including me.

Get a pen and paper and figure out what is your game and where you excel.

What to blog about? Where you can win and can beat the competition or you can draw the match with opposition.

It’s worth taking the time and make a good decision.


Step # 2: My simple Strategy of Blogging to add to your list.

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There are a lot of sites on the web but you do not need all of them, keep in mind, you need few sites around your audience.

Don’t show up on every social site like a monkey, as monkeys jump from one branch to another branch of a tree,

But try to work on a few sites to eat the fruits which will feed you simply and in no time you can enjoy the rest of your life.

Hmm, it’s hard to say goodbye to monkey habit.

Yes, it is, but not for a lifetime.

You can kick this bad habit by sharping your focus. And here’s how to?

  • Set small goals
  • Use the Pomodoro technique

That’s set and will take some time to cover.

The wise decision is to work on a few sites around your audience,

if your audiences are hanging on Twitter or WordPress.com, and you are bothering Facebook so then it is not worth your time.

In the first days of my blogging, I used to be on every site but never got the rewards in one place.

You should be always active on your spot. It might be your blog, Quora, WordPress, etc, or any social site.

I suggest email and wordpress.com

So what’s my blogging strategy.

If I get an idea I write it on my blog.

I try to be active on quora because more of my audeinces are there.

I use buzzsumo to find a trending post in my niche.

My traffic sources are

  • Twitter
  • Quora
  • WordPress.com
  • G+
  • LinkedIn
  • Google search engine
  • Etcetera

And I can guess you are here because of the above sites.

Once I got you on my blog I want you to like my FB page because I want you to be engaged with me on the FB page.

Why FB because FB is popular, easy to use. If you like my page I will get more views for my page and post.

So we can connect and this will give extra views.

On the other sites, I feel free to share follow others, and like their posts, because these are my traffic sources.

You can do the same.

So let’s dig deeper into the above points.

When I get an idea I add it to my idea list in Google doc.

Then I mind map

Then outline

After that, I try to write without bothering with perfection and editing,

I allow my thoughts to flow as well as fingers.

Once I Finnish I try to come back to it after two-three days sometimes a week or twice.

As Neil suggests and after some days I can figure out the error easily.

Then I try to rewrite with Grammarly and research the fact I have used or other claims, etc.

Sometimes I expand the topic with more details and sometimes I delete completely a point without any mercy.

writers call this technique – kill your darling.

It means you will hardly agree to delete your own written words,

This is equal to kill someone especially your darling but you have to go through this for the sake of your blog post.

In the rewriting process, you can write even more in deep and clear.

Then I double-check with the Grammarly app, some times I change the sentence to even more clear words.

Then I visualize my post with infographics, quotes, sometimes I create and design my quotes.

Because I want my blog to stand out in this noisy world.

In the last, I link to others the same contents especially Neil Patel and other top bloggers.

After setting up tags and categories I hit publish

These acts seem time-consuming but itโ€™s not as it looks like.

You should try and as you practice you will go through these processes faster than before.

It was my writing blog post strategy.


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Step # 3: Strategy Number 2

Once I finish writing my article, I only publish on my blog and often on social sites and I do not hope for traffic from social sites.

Because the real work is here on wordpress.com.

Many people request my answer on quora.

I check the questions according to my recent post and answer them.

I do not beg them to visit my site but I want them to let me know and offer them more answers if they need more help.

I always focus on building relationships by writing persuasive and compelling content.

I do not treat them as avatars on a screen but as humans who breathe like us the same oxygen.

If they are wrong in their concept about blogging or in their questions then I do not hesitate to tell them the truth.

At the end of my answer, I offer more help.

Once they started to trust and visit my blog I do not stop right there then I offer a paid e-book and ask them to like my page.

And then I repeat. My circles. Simple and easy.


Once you designed your wheel (System) then you will be able to work smarter.

Especially after break time, you will know where to start and where to stop.

A system for simple blogging is required.

To learn more read my last post.

So let me know what is your blogging strategy?


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