3 Steps to Set and Achieve Your Goals Faster

No doubt! Goals achievements is a skill.

What is the one goal which will make your life, even more, easier?

The myth of goals achieving is pretty popular in the whole world.

If you look at this point deeper, there are three types of people.

  • Goals setters
  • Goals achievers
  • Goals achievers and setters

Goals achieving and goals setting goes hands in hands.

If you are only goals setter, then it is useless.

If you are an achiever and not a setter, then goals achieving would take you a lot of time and you will not be sure how to and where to act.

Goals setting is the first step of success if you just set goals and forget then you need to keep on reading.

I am going to discuss this myth as much as deeper.

Now I am pretty sure goals achieving needs time, resources, focus.

So I recommend these three steps.


Step#1:) Clear your spot

First things first, you need to be aware of some basics rules before we dig deep.

1: it takes time, you have to be hooked.

2: You have to be focused and consistent.

3: You have to monitor your time.

4: you need to be experienced in small goals achieving.

I can list more points here, but I want you to do your research Because the fifth step is struggling.

6: habits can help if you have any.

That was some essentials rules, So now, I want you to accept.

Where you are right now in your different life areas

Build a succesful Blog - areas of life

Now you have to clear it, what is the one area of your life to grow in.

Just one area is enough to put more energy and focus into it, and then you can work on the other aspects of your life, after the completion of one after one.

On the way, you will experience what to avoid and what to adopt in goals achievement, next time you will be able to set and achieve goals faster.

What are you dreaming about?

Your dream should be broken down into some major and small goals.

Take one area of your life, and the next step is ready.


Make a strong commitment that you will be stick to it no matters what.


Step#2:) Clearing the Target

It’s awesome somehow you recognized your right now spot in an area of life, if still not sure take time.

Now we are going to clear the Target!.

It’s simple you are on A point and dreaming of moving to B.

But what is B?

B is a point better than A, you are dreaming about, where you want to live.

If your selected area is financial, then you need to be clear once again, how much you want to earn this month, in 1 year, in 5 years.

Be clear, be specific as much as possible at both points A and B.

The clearer your goals the more clear your ways.

Remember human mind likes organized things.

Be even more specific, how your car color will look like, is it red, blue, green, white.

What will be the exact number of money in your bank account?

The more you are clearer at this point you will be free from any confusion, or no confusion at all.

No one wants to live a life with a confused loaded head.

Once again be clear at both points.

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Step#2.1: ) Deadline


Of course, it is not to scare you before you begin.

But it is important for the sake of learning.

I know and to be honest with you, goals achieving need more work than anything else.

But you are not going to fail in every and each step.

Failing is natural it’s our best friend.

Failure shows us where we were wrong and it bounces us back to the straight path of our journey.

Do not be afraid at this point, jumps on it in any area of your life.

The sooner you fail, the sooner you achieve.

For instance!

With a deadline you started acting to achieve something, instead of trying your best, you failed.

It is not an indication to stop trying, but it is the time to learn.

And try once again from a different angle.

That’s why the deadline plays the best role.


Step#3: fill the gaps

Build a succesful Blog - fill the gap.jpg

It’s simple, isn’t it?

You cleared point A, Where you are right now, in any area of life.

You have also cleared point B Where you want to move and live.

Now it’s time to fill the gap and be serious.

Efforts required in this step but it depends on the previous experience you have in goal achievement.

It’s an important point to discuss if you do not have experience.

Then you should keep emotions aside and follow, a strategic plan to reduce the chances of failing and get the result you expect from your efforts, time, and energy.

If you have experience in goals achieving to some levels, then you should create a strategy to work on daily, weekly, monthly.

If you are an expert, then you need to think of something big and start helping others.

If you have goals and do not have any idea, where to start, then you need to take baby steps and in the baby steps chances of failure is a lot, but the best thing here is you will find a direction.

Once the direction cleared, you can then make a strategy for filling the gaps.

So what is the required list to fill the gaps for every level.

  • Strategy
  • Resources
  • Tools
  • Help of others
  • Focus
  • Consistency

These are a lot of things to do, but in the beginning, everything is overwhelming.

You just need to break the master goal into some major goals, and each major goal should be broken down into sub-goals, and sub-goals into steps and steps into baby steps, with a deadline for each.

It’s all you need.

It’s time to act but in your stamina level.

Everyone is different at this point.

Now you have a plan to fill the gap and just require act with a deadline.

Step#3.1: Act


The above steps were about to plan.

Half of the work starts right here.

Once you got your plan on a big paper

With every single detail.

You will be sure where and how to act without any confusion.

If the confusion still exists at any point.

The commitment will clean the rest.

Be committed.

Now start from the baby steps and finish one by one.

If something is taking time and hard, take two steps further not included in the plan.

  • Change it if it’s changeable
  • Delete if deletable and do not affect the goal.

If not in both conditions neither changeable and nor removable, break down the hard baby step into more pieces, and try to make it easier to achieve.

On the way of achieving you should notice what’s working for you.

There is a lot of strategies, tips, to apply, and get results.

But everything does not work for everyone.

You should try every possible way and each tool, technique, etc but your job is to collect what works for you.

So you can stick to that tools and strategies and keep going to achieve your goals.


Each tool and strategy have its value, but the focus is half of the battle.

From the beginning to the end, the focus is your friend.

Do not be just a setter of goals but be an actor too.

Make strong habits to act on a daily basis.

Habit is powerful – because it has the energy to push you ahead.

The habit also has the sense to make you uncomfortable whenever you skip it.

“We first make our habits then our habits makes us .”

Let me know if you know of any breakthrough to achieve our goals faster?

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