3 Traffic Boosting Hacks for Our Blog

Blog traffic–GAH! One thing we can never get enough of, right? That, and guacamole. (If only spiking your blog traffic was as easy as obtaining guacamole.)

If you’re doing all the right things, but still not seeing the results you’re wanting with your current channels–here are three hacks that might just help get you there.


1. Stumble your stuff

One of my favorite secret traffic weapons. Stumbleupon is kind of in a league of its own. What is it? Is it a website? Is it a social channel?

It doesn’t exactly fit into either of those categories, but it’s a popular tool that basically serves up content to its readers based on their preferences–and it happens to be pretty easy for your “stumble” to go viral.

To do this, you can “stumble” your own articles (but be sure to stumble others too, as it’s rumored the algorithm can detect if you’re solely a shameless self-promoter.)

To make it easy for you (and your readers) to stumble your content, you can install SumoMe icons on WordPress that encourage people to share your content.


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2. Get sneaky with Facebook

If you aren’t getting enough views on your Facebook shares, there are a couple hacks we’ve figured out along the way that can help boost their visibility.

First: Post the link to your blog post first on your blog Facebook page, and then share that post on your personal page.

This works for a couple reasons: Facebook’s algorithm counts this as a “share” and thinks it must be some pretty sweet content, so it serves it up to more people.

Second: I don’t know about you, but often my personal Facebook is just more active simply because the people closest to me (like my mom, aunts, BFFs, etc) are always quick to like anything I post on my personal account.

This too, lets the algorithm know that your content is great, and therefore, boosts it to the top of other people’s feeds!

3. Share your recipes on Yummly

If you’re a food blogger, you will definitely want to start sharing your recipes on Yummly! While I haven’t used this personally since I stopped doing recipes, Blair and I have several foodie friends who swear by Yummly–saying that since they started using it, it’s literally doubled their traffic.

Do you have any secret sharing hacks to boost your traffic? 

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