4 Ways to Come up With Unlimited Ideas for Your Blog Posts

Unlimited Topics means nothing in the world of blogging but coming up with unlimited ideas makes sense.

In the world of blogging, you choose a niche or a micro-niche and then you write content around that topic from many angles.

For writing content, you need many ideas from many angles to cover up your niche.

That’s whats makes sense.

Getting Ideas

In my book, I have written about a research in which someone asked many people that “ how they get ideas for their contents”

And the report is amazing and I have found that there is no perfect time, method, or tool to find your idea spark.

The idea for contents is just a spark some people said they get their ideas when they

  • falling asleep
  • getting up
  • while running
  • while reading
  • discussing the topics with others
  • writing or updating the old contents

The idea for a blog post is just a spark it’s nothing more.

As soon as you get the idea — jot it down.

One thing is weird I have noticed that when you start sparking for ideas then in a very short time you will get many super ideas that are impossible to jot down all.

but you can struggle and can catch many fishes — don’t let that moment go away but try to catch something.

if you try and stay prepared for the sparking moments then you can have unlimited ideas for your content.

Tools For Ideas

Buzzsumo .com is a real player in the game if ideas.

Buazzsumo has many other features to use but my favorite is getting ideas.

easy to use — the below video will guide you

Hubspot Idea Generator

This is another best tool to play with and catch your spark.

Put your words in the search bar and then keep clicking to catch your spark.

Search Console Data

Another Best tool I have found is google search console.

First, you may verify your site with this service then it’ll give you data about your blog search appearance.

it’ll also show you

  • keywords
  • country
  • device
  • etc

so from the gotten keywords, you can generate many ideas.


Spying on your competition


Keep your red-eye on your competition but always focus on your winning, not on the winner.

In the world of blogging, you can only spy to catch your own spark not the work of your competition.

That’s how you can catch your spark in many ways and can come up with unlimited ideas to write on your blog.

Keep your eyes open for your spark.

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