5 Best Ways To Monetize A Blog And Turn it Into A Business

Have You Ever Heard?

“Earn While You Sleep!”

And others such phrases which feel like that someone is kidding with you.

Yes! That’s Real –

But when you try to go deeper and dig hard – it’s something which is hard to achieve but not impossible.

A Step by step plan, a hard push, and hard work are required to become successful in this dream.

And then you can dream and earn at the same time. “is it a joke?” not really.

if you do not have a blog then try to publish –  here – If you have then lets put it into the work to earn.

In this post, I am going to discuss some ways to monetize your blog,

I will go from small to big ways.

If you are a beginner or expert – this post is your friend on my blog to earn from your blog.

Let’s Get into it. —  Shall We?

#1:)- Google Adsense

An old Popular guy in the blogging business since 2003. Millions of people are earning money through this program.



You can calculate earning annually by different categories to check out how much you can earn annually.

If you get enough traffic on your site or more than 50, thousand then you can earn good enough money in different categories. As I have calculated in the electronics and computer niche.

But its a broad niche your niche should be micro for more revenue.


All you have to do is to sign up and copy-paste the ads code in your site.

The Google Adsense will show only relevant ads to your visitor, which will not bore or interrupt your readers.

This Programme is absolutely useful for beginners who just want to withdraw some extra cash at the end of the month.

If your site generates good clicks for advertisers then they will bid –  which means more money.

Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pexels.com

Once you signed up and matched all the requirements which Adsense needs to approve your site.

Then copy-paste the codes of ads into some blog posts and on your blog pages.

But do not add tons of ads just a 2 or 3 ads are enough for per page.

Do not stick just only to Adsense but also consider ads from other programs to advertise on your site.

Always keep a close eye whats work for you.

Some programs work best for others but it is possible that that programs will not work for you.

And on the other hand, some programs will generate good revenue for you but those programs might not generate the same result for others.

it depends.

#2:)- Sponsor Ads – Marketplace

Sponsor Ads are a popular method to generates revenue just like Adsense.

But the difference here only is that you will sell your blog place based on a

  • Time
  • Impressions
  • Click
  • Conversion
  • Commission


In the AdSense programs, you will not be aware that what category of ads they are showing to your different visitors. (Good For Bloggers).

In the sponsor ads system, you can check the ads and then it will be your choice to allow it or not as a publisher.

There are different categories of ads to choose from


At the market place of buysellads, you can choose what to put on your blog and you can negotiate with the advertiser the rate per click or per impression, etc.

There are some sites which help you to get things done.

Your option is broader than these sites. Try these sites.

There are several other sites And all of the above has different styles and procedures.

I’ve not personally used any of them but these sites are leading the industry in which they are in And people trust them and are earning good enough money with them.

If you want to generate good revenue and do not want to go deeper into the blog money then these sites are good and helpful to start with.

If you want to work hard and want to experience other levels then follow me in the below steps.

#3:)- Affiliate Links

In my last post, I have discussed how to succeed in Affiliate Marketing but in this post, I will mention some different types of earning as an affiliate.

All methods are popular and people are earning enough money which is worth their time.

#3.1)- Affiliate Products

There are two types of products

  • Physical
  • Digital

As a blogger, you should always focus on digital products, If your audience prefers physical over digital then you can promote.

Digital products sell more than physical products.

#3.1.1)- Physical Products

Physical products are everywhere online many popular sites to join and start promoting products from them.

I will only recommend the Amazon site to join and start promoting their products.

They have different categories of physical products.

And Amazon offers good deals.

Today is the prime day.


Only promote those items from Amazon which you think that your audience will love to buy.

#3.2)- Digital Products

If you look on Amazon site you will find lots of good offers to promote.

What I like about Amazon is they have different offers and also popular for Ebooks in the market.

You can make good enough money to just promote Ebooks on your blog.

I only promote Ebooks and Kindle unlimited on my blog.


#3.2)- Digital Courses

There are several influencers who offer their courses to promote on commission bases.

Since 2016 I am Promoting Yaro Starak Blogging course.

And I have Generated Good Results.

Once your blog reader downloads this free Ebook by exchanging his email.

He will also get more free stuff such as blog posts, interviews, and of course offers and discounts to the blog mastermind courses from Yaro starak.

Yaro Affiliate programs offer 1 year (365) days cookies.

If you someone once signup for a free course and later he/she made a sale in 1 year then you will get 50% of your commission.

#3.2.1)- Udemy

Udemy Is an Education site where you can join their affiliate program to promote their courses.


Look For courses which you think you know about and can write a blog post about that course.

Or you can help the students to learn the course with more effective techniques.

Just you have to offer someone your help and then refer them to a specific course that you think will be better for them.

Udemy has a lot of courses and different departments to promote courses from.


If you look on google you will find the result in thousands.


But what you can do is to promote a course, program, products about which you know well.

And you can see some confidence that you can answer some of your audience if they ask about the course or a topic from the middle of the course.

You can’t just add affiliate links to your blog for the sake of money, – NO – NO – Not at all!.

I know a lot more sites to promote their courses.

But you should just stick to one.

#3.3)- Services Or MemberShip.

It’s a little different and tricky method to generate income from.

I know only some programs around my blogging niche which I will discuss.

but if your niche is different then you should research to find out.

#3.3.1)- Kindle Unlimited And other Amazon offers

I personally promote on my blog as you have seen kindle unlimited and amazon prime and Ebooks.

These are membership programs which sell a lot and you can generate good money.

Prices are low and at amazon as I have mentioned in the last post that people shop here with 100% confidence.


You have good chances to sell and earn the bounties offers of amazon.

#3.3.2)- Bluehost – Hosting Site

If you blog just like me about blogging sometimes then, of course, you should have a guide to signup and build a blog with Bluehost.

I have not written about this but I will soon publish a post about this.

If you look at influencer sites you will find ads on their blog of Bluehost specifically designed for them.


Through an affiliate link, Bluehost offer a low rate per month and will pay you 65 $ per referral.

It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

Join the Bluehost affiliate program here.

#3.3.3)- WordPress.com

One of the hidden treasure last day I found wordpress.com affiliate program.


There are three offers to promote

Wp.com will pay you 20% of each referral, it means the more they pay the more your commission will be solid.


It’s a popular site and you can refer unlimited people to it.

The most amazing thing with wp.com is that your referral will only focus on his work and he/she should not worry about the setting and other security and backup headaches.

Because at WordPress.com everything is Automatic. They have done the hard work.

#3.3.4)- Grammarly Affiliate

Nowadays everyone uses Grammarly app to avoid mistakes in writing.

Grammarly is a trusted site and working best also offering free membership to evade some mistakes in writing.


As an affiliate even if you refer someone to a free membership Grammarly will still pay you 0.20$.

If you write and place a banner in it you will get paid 25$.

If you refer someone from your blog posts and he/she signed up for paid membership then you will be paid 20$ per referral.


If you do not want to refer people to Grammarly but you should not skip the free offer to use for your writing.

It is a good tool I have written about this in many posts.

And I do not refer people to Grammarly through affiliate links, I love this app and I want to not earn from it but just to promote it in free because of best service.

#4:)- Selling Own Stuff

The most popular method influencer in the blogging niche is using is they convert, update, re-edit all their blog posts into an Ebook and then they sell on Amazon for a very low price.

If you have some blog post around a big idea just like mine.

I write around my big idea “Live the laptop lifestyle” and I have planned to convert this all post into an Ebook and then sell on Amazon.

it is an easy method and with no extra work.

And your audience will love to buy it without a second thought.

If you feel bad to sell then you may offer a free ebook on your blog and collects emails from your audiences.

This way you can promote other products to them and your new blog posts, other offers such as a prime day on Amazon.

Or you may also consider both ways to work on.

On one hand, sell it on amazon and on the other hand offer for free on your blog.

Amazon offers a self-publishing service. All you have to do is to signup and upload your Ebook with a good looking cover.

Amazon offers Three ways to self publish and also help you reach millions of readers

  1. Kindle Direct Publishing – It’s FREE
  2. Publish to Print
  3. Publish to audio

#4.2:)- Video Course

Just like an ebook you can make a video course from your blog posts and can sell it on udemy for a good price.


Udemy provides tools to get started.


If you are a shy person in front of the camera then you can use other screencasting software, I sometimes use nimbus.

Another software called  Camtasia to use for screencasting.

udemy offers good opportunities to make a video course.


Once you complete your course then you can sell it on your blog also on udemy.

If you have many other products you can create a Shopify store and then link to your store from your blog.

Once you got any products,  try to promote it in many ways.

This way you will reach more audiences than you think.

#4.3)- Selling Own Hands Made Stuff

If you can make – hands made stuff then why not to try to sell on your blog or via amazon or Shopify store.

I remember the author of  “The Purest Blood” (on Amazon) Novel used to make amazing stuff.


I looked for a link to share here but didn’t find any.

If you can write a novel it ‘s also another opportunity to monetize your blog.

I tried so hard to write one but I can’t.

#5:)- Offering Freelance Services

If you are a blogger and blogging on a daily basis it means you have some skills which can help you to earn online even more.

Nowadays working as a freelancer industry is growing faster.



So it means things are going back and we should not ignore.

What you can do in this situation is to collect all your data which you have achieved to till date and design a good hire me page.

In my first post, I have written about this opportunity.

Blogging is not only useful for showing ads to your audience but it’s a lot broader and deeper.


Blogging can be a useful tool to help you in a job search. As a job seeker and freelancer, you can use it.

There are a lot of sites to join but the most popular site is Upwork to join.

You should have a look at their annual reports.

Another quick access site is fiver.com.

As a blogger, you have much skill which people needed to get their job done.

At the fiver.com market place, you can choose what is your best skill to earn with.


Blogging can be a useful tool to help you in a job search. As a job seeker and freelancer, you can use it.

There are a lot of sites to join but the most popular site is Upwork to join.

You should have a look at their annual reports.

Another quick access site is fiver.com.

As a blogger, you have many skills which people needed to get their job done.

At the fiver.com market place, you can choose what is your best skill to earn with.


As a freelancer get your accounts on both sites and make it professional, fill all the details and upload your portfolio to impress others.

And on your blog, design a Hire Me Page.

Write every single detail on it and keep sharing with others.

If someone hires you to work with them.

Then keep working with them and if you get free time also work on your blog.

This way you can earn even more.


There are several other ways to use your blog and earn from but you should always focus on long-term business.

In the blogging world, your personal brand is very important.

Keep Engaging on social media with other like-minded people.

Offer your help or ask for help.

All you have to establish to spread the words of your personal brand.

These all methods which I have mentioned in this post will take some time but once it started to work on then it will spread just an idea virus.

What you have to keep in mind There a lot of best ways which works for some but do not work for others.

What you have to do to collect your effective techniques which only works for you.

Let me Know If you any question.

And Also let me know what is your biggest challenge in blogging.?

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