5 Big Obstacles In Affiliate Marketing And How To Solve Each Of It

The affiliate market is the business of making money selling other people’s products. It is much better to sell high-quality success products, already proven to work and sell, than to design your own expensive products and hope the market will love them.

Affiliate marketing however requires hard professional work to succeed. If it is hard to sell products on a real brick-and-mortar store or door to door, it is even harder to sell affiliate products on the internet.

There are obstacles that everyone will face from time to time but you need to be smarter than the obstacles and find a way to beat them.


1. Site infrastructure

is the first big decision to make. This includes hosting, domain, and content management system.

There are many ways to start a website or blog to make money selling affiliate products. For beginners who want to focus just on producing content in the form of articles images videos or software the best way to do it is to use either WordPress or Blogger.

The best solution for a simple high traffic blog that has almost zero costs and full speed is Blogger because it is hosted and maintained by Google.

Start a new blog, register a custom unique domain and you are ready to go, in less than five minutes. On the other hand, WordPress is more powerful but more complex and expensive.

WordPress is free, but the hosting can be expensive especially for a good high traffic website with millions of unique visitors a month.

WordPress also requires maintenance which means time wasted on tasks that do not have a direct impact on the user’s experience.


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 2. The template is the next big decision to make.

A good template makes the difference between success and failure.

 If the template is light and fast, people come back more often, stay longer on the site and buy more.

The best template of all for a simple online business selling affiliate products is the Bloggers dynamic templates which load nearly instantly and have the best color and font type.

Dynamic templates are the ultimate way to publish information on the internet that can be instantly accessed.

Blogs that use the dynamic templates see as much as three times more page views than blogs with normal templates and people spend twice as much time on such blogs.


2. The content is the only reason why people visit your website or blog.

You need to focus most of your time to develop really interesting high-quality content to keep people coming back for more. High quality, fresh content, is hard to make so you may want to outsource this part of the business.

Find people who are passionate about creating new interesting content and compensate them financially but make sure you get unique content with full rights.

Do not copy-paste content from other sites because neither people nor search engines like it.


3. Ad placement plays a big role in how many products and services you can sell

The ads or products should always be placed where site users will see them, which is at the top before the content and on the right where there is white space with no content or navigation.

This is the most effective place because people will always see the ads before reading the content and when they are reading the content, their eyes will always move to the right where the second ad unit is, maximizing the number of clicks.


4. Extra features on a site can enhance the visitor’s experience.

Add widgets such as Facebook widgets and maybe even RSS streaming news from important sources. People love extras especially things that allow them to interact and participate on the site.


5. Traffic is the most important ingredient to success.

Without traffic, a blog or website will sell zero products. There are sites on the internet that promise millions of customers to your website or blog but most of these traffic packages are just bots or people who are forced to see the page without real interest. Focus on getting Facebook and Google traffic only and sales will be made.

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