5 Blogging Topics can Make you Rich in 2021

Riche is in the Niche but becoming a monster in a topic is more than that in simple words a breakthrough of wealth.

Choosing a topic and going viral on many platforms is hard work.

But going step by step and making things work for you require strategies and many other commitments.

So in this post, we will shed light on some topics.

In my previous post, I have listed some niches. But people can go confused with that.

So to clear the confusion of that post  – Let me tell you some topics that can make you rich in 2021.

If implemented the right way.

let’s begin.


1 – Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has changed the world of marketing and it is still going viral and crossing the peaks points.

Not only that but the pandemic of 2020 has changed everything in off and online marketing.

The pandemic was a hit on the head – Especially for the travel market and for travelers bloggers.

B2B and B2C companies are rushing to make their impact online.

Let me amazed you with this report.

Economy Growth

Don’t be confused you can narrow down the topic because digital marketing is really a broad topic.

It’s hard for an individual to handle.


2 – CryptoCurrency

Blog Monitization BreakThrough

It’s another big market that can make you rich but it’s a little harder than the others because you will have to learn a lot in the beginning.

Very few people know about this and it will send you back to school.

If you tend to work hard and want to be an authority in the first days then you can shoot for it.

But if you want some easy money then read the next one.


3 – Personal Finance

If you are good at managing money and can teach others that how they can manage their money too – such as

  • How to invest money
  • How to save money
  • How to spend money
  • How to get loans

It’s a richer and complex topic and needs an active person to deal with money matters.

Also, nowadays banks and credit card companies are providing thousands of opportunities to earn with them.

Also, Don’t forget about the high competition.


 4 – Health

Of course – some of my next posts are about this topic.

There is no doubt that people spend most of their money to stay healthy.

The whole health topic is broad and only a team of doctors can handle it.

So if you can hire a team and want to invest serious money then you can go deeper.

But if you’re an individual then you must shoot for the small topic.

The best rising niches in this topics are

  • Meditation –      (I’ve written in my book),
  • Mental Health
  • Self- Esteem
  • Men and Women health issues

And of course Fitness and don’t forget about losing weight.


5 – LifeStyle

Build a Succesful Blog - stamina

It’s another rising market offline and online and popular among men and women both.

As you know I always talk about “Live a Laptop Lifestyle” on my blog, I am going really narrow.

Just showing people to “Build a Successful Blog” and you are done.

But the lifestyle topic is much broader and I am planning to add another niche called freelancing.

If you want the same you must start from very basic and later you can expand.

People want to change their lives on

  • Personal Basis
  • Professional Basis
  • Business Basis
  • Career Basis
  • Relationship Basis
  • Etc

You can earn good money with the topic of lifestyle.



Money is everywhere and in some cases, you can earn a lot by doing hard work and in some cases, you can earn the same amount by doing smart work.

All it takes to be committed and coming up with good ideas.


How to be a succesful Blogger

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