5 Steps To Build a Successful Blog

Got a blog but still running out of track and seems like you have missed something and random questions are popping like bubbles in your head.

Still wondering what it takes to “Build a Successful Blog“.

In this post, we will go through 5 steps that will set your blog on a successful journey.


#1: Why do you want to Blog? (Ohhh)

It’s silly — I know – but it solves a lot of problems.

You eat when you hungry.

Build a Succesful Blog


My point is – There must be a reason which forces you to start a blog.

is it

  1. Passion
  2. To earn Online
  3. Spreading your message
  4. Build a personal brand or business or product
  5. To become famous
  6. etc

Whatever reason you are having in your mind, it’s good.

But if you do not have any reason to start a blog.

You should take time to find out your Big Why!


How to be a succesful blogger


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This Is the most important basic step to take before you invest your time and money.

Once you caught your Big Why! Then it will work as a push to move you forward in your blogging journey.

Later you can set some small goals and time limit to work around and achieve goals after goals.

That’s how you will achieve success.


#2: Learn The Topic

Build a Succesful Blog

Bloggers are experts, teachers, and they have a strong experience of many years in their blog topic.

The cool thing here is, you do not need to be that kind of expert in the beginning.

All you have to do to have something to write about.

To keep your like-minded people engage.

If in the beginning, you can’t write well, you can promote other people’s blogs to just claim authority in the niche.

Your blog should consist of 2 to 3 topics only, and the better choice is to have only one.

Because you should not overwhelm yourself by doing a lot of things.

There are many niches to blog about.

But these all topics are not for everyone.

Everyone has their own unique way to blog and you should have too.

A unique way means something which you have learned, or a problem which you have solved, or a level you have achieved.

And you are going to help those who are interested in the same topic you have learned, or trying to solve that problem, or trying to achieve that level.

If you have a good skill which is in demand nowadays in the market, such as computer networking, health technology, installing CCTV cameras, computer programming, from car washing to air crafts engineering.

You can blog about any topic, but the thing here is to become an expert on that topic.

So you do not have to chase problems after problems in your blogging journey in the future.

Ya, It’s true blogging requires sweets and blood. it’s not a one-day task or an overnight success.


#3: Setting up your blog

Shall we talk about it? ya should be.

Nowadays the second word of blogging is WordPress.


Because WordPress is ruling the blogging world.

WordPress is a software called CMS (content management system)

Easy to use!

The Best Choice for new bloggers.

Takes five minutes to set up and you are on your way to starting writing without the hassles of coding and other complex technical issues.

You can learn more about WordPress by using it.

Here how to use it.

WordPress has two sides just like a coin.

One is free and the other is not.

Using a WordPress subdomain is free and it is a good choice for new bloggers.

I am using it and happy with it. WordPress.com: Create a Free Website or Blog.

Another side of WordPress is to get a domain and host it with a good hosting site.

And then install WordPress, plugins, themes. and that’s set. you can go and start writing your first post.

Setting up a blog is easy and simple with WP. if you have any questions about this ask me.


#4: Learn To Write and Enjoy The Juice of Writing.

Build a Succesful Blog - 5 steps
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No matters how expensive your blog is. and how much you care about it and spending thousands of dollars to promote it.

But if you are lacking in writing skills, then you will get NO juice from it.

Because you published your blog to help someone.

I am not trying to discourage you but you can learn how to write, and you can also apply some techniques which will help you clearly write your message, blog post, and other papers works.

There are many effective ways to help you become the best writer but keep in mind there is only one way that will help you more than anything which is practice.

The more you will try to write the more confident you will become and that’s how the game will flow.

In the beginning, you do not have to be an expert or a professional writer to start a blog.

But if you want more success with your blog you have to be.

I have written so many posts on my blog and in my book about

  • Writing
  • Techniques of Writing
  • Perfect blog post Writing
  • Building a writing habit
  • Writing Helping apps
  • A lot more

But right now you should focus on basics.


#5: Personal or Business Brand


Build a Succesfull Blog

Keep in mind a lot of bloggers are blogging to build their own personal brands.

Sometimes they try to promote a company brand.

A personal brand is more important than a company, either it is your company or someone else but you have to invest time to build your personal brand.

Once you claimed a niche then you must work hard not only to learn, write, etc but also build and promote “your personal brand”.



The above five steps are the basics but these five steps are not easy to learn but if you try you will.

Building a successful blog is almost feels like that you are trying to build a business from scratch.

It’s true and once you built then you do not need work to live.


If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section.


How to be a succesful blogger

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    1. Good Question – I never thought about that and usually I do not focus on money.

      And I see some ways that will generate good income in the long run.


  1. This has been a very helpful read! I’ve just joined WordPress to make my own blog, as I don’t have anyone I personally know who is writing a blog this was extremely helpful!
    I’m currently planning my first post which I’m going to type up tomorrow.
    Thank you!

    1. Today I made my book free – I think you are new – check out here – boost your journey -https://zadahblog.wordpress.com/2021/03/06/read-my-book-for-free-on-amazon-kindle-unlimited/

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