5 Ways to Up Your Blog’s Earning Potential

No matter what your reason for blogging is, can we agree that making a little income from it is a good thing?

Even if your goal isn’t turning your side hustle into your full-time gig, making some extra spending money can’t hurt, and can also help keep you motivated to keep creating, publishing and sharing.

This post will be especially helpful for those of you using affiliate networks like RewardStyle and ShopStyle Collective because I’ll be highlighting a few ways to use their tools.

If you’re just getting started & want to see monetary results fast, we recommend starting now! Planting links & cookies early on will help your earnings in the long run.

One thing to note, we don’t recommend using both networks at the same time. If you link to the same retailer with links from both networks they cancel each other out, so instead of getting a commission on one of them, you get nothing!

If your goal for the new year was to increase your earnings, here are a few concrete ways to make it happen


1. Know your reader’s price point

Take a look at the backend of your affiliate network. You should be able to look at which links are getting clicked, or converting to sales.

Over time you should be able to notice patterns like price points, best-selling product categories, and more. When you create new content, keep those things in mind.

If your readers typically purchase items that cost $25-50, a $250 dress probably won’t convert well.

I know it can be tempting to post higher ticket items in hopes that you’ll get those higher commissions, but if they’re not buying those high-priced items, you won’t be making any commitments. In that case, it’s better for you to post lower-cost items that actually convert.


2. Add new verticals

Let’s say you’re a fashion blogger, and you post primarily, if not exclusively, about fashion. But, have you considered adding new verticals to the mix? Adding new verticals like beauty, interiors, travel and other related categories can result in more sales and more commission in your pocket. Chances are your readers are already buying these products and would be willing to buy products you suggest since you’re their trusted source!



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3. Share links on social

You always share your blog post on social media, but have you ever considered sharing product links? I like to mix them in a few times a week and make sure I’m linking to retailers that convert well and at price points, my readers are comfortable with.


4. Use more links

It’s obvious to link to the items you’re wearing, but one of the easiest ways to boost your earning potential is by including more links. A few weeks ago, we shared a post that outlined how to best use affiliate links in your content, you can read that post here.


5. Keep your media kit updated

If you haven’t made a media kit yet, we’ve got a great post on creating an amazing one here. Keeping your media kit up to date will make it easier to secure partnerships down the line.

We recommend having two media kits-one with pricing and one without. Sometimes brands will offer more money than your normal rate, so it can be smart to send a price-free media kit to start!

Is monetizing your site or boosting your site’s income a goal this year? What steps are you taking to make sure it happens?


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