6 Blogging Benefits that you can’t Ignore – Beginners

There are SO many reasons why people today are starting a blog.  Some people blog for business, others for pleasure, but whatever the initial reason there are many reasons why starting a blog is going to benefit you!

Let’s take a look at six blogging tips that will get you excited about the blogging opportunity.


1. Blogging gives you the chance to be seen by the world!

We are not all born to be famous, but starting a blog does give a little bit of celebrity status to the average Joe Blogs.  Your blog is YOUR piece of the internet, and space where you can be as creative as you like.

You can literally blog about anything that takes your fancy and the way you run your blog is completely up to you.  How exciting is that?!

You get the opportunity to talk to people from all over the world and let people in on your piece of internet space.

If you would like people to hear what you have to say….then you should consider starting a blog!



2. Starting a blog is your opportunity to help people

Maybe you are someone who loves to give back to people, to help them, guide them or nurture them.

If this sounds like you, then a blog is perfect for you!  Wherever you look there are people that have questions that need answering.

Where do people generally go looking for their answers?  You got it…

Starting a blog is your opportunity to give answers to what people are seeking. It could be about how to look after pets, or raise children.

It could be medical-based or help people plan their holiday.

People love to read about other people’s experiences, and if you can provide an answer to someone’s questions, then you have a reason for starting a blog.

By starting a blog you have the opportunity to unleash your inner expert.  By doing this, you will become an authority in your niche and people will come to you to hear what you have to say.

Perhaps you are not sure what the niche is yet?  It really doesn’t matter…the point is that there is one for you, it just may be hidden from view at the moment.

How good would it feel to know that your blog has helped people around the world?  Does it give you the warm fuzzies?

You may not think you are knowledgeable in a subject, but trust me….you are!  You are an expert in something…you just need to tap into it.


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3. Make some money and be your own boss

How many people do you know that would like to earn a little bit of extra cash?  How exciting is the prospect of not only earning extra cash but building a whole new business and working on your own terms?

If you had told me 2 years ago that I could make money online I would seriously have laughed at you.

It is however possible, and with commitment, you can make your blog successful and earn money for yourself.

Maybe you already have a business and you are wondering how you can leverage it?  A blog is a fantastic tool to do that, and all serious business owners have a blog.

A blog is a way of reaching new customers that would otherwise have been impossible to obtain.

It is a great way to build a new clientele base and unleash your business into the world.  Does that sound like a good reason for starting a blog?


Tap into what inspires you and turn it into a profitable business.  What could be better than that?  If you are keen to give it a go, then you are ready to start a blog.


4. Have FUN!!

Whether you are blogging for business or pleasure it can be fun.  The more you learn how to blog, the more fun it becomes.

You will soon find that opportunities open up to you that you would never have dreamt of before, and life is certainly more pleasurable when you are having fun!


5. You get to be social

Human beings are naturally social creatures.

We all want to feel liked and have a sense of belonging.  Starting a blog provides the opportunity to belong to a whole new group of people.

You are suddenly a “blogger” and that means you are open to a whole new set of circles you didn’t even know existed.

Starting a blog gives you the chance to make new friends and keep in touch with old ones.

It encourages you to activate or use your social media profiles, and start connecting with others.

With a blog, you will never have the chance to be bored, and there is always someone to connect to.  It’s pretty awesome when you really think about it!

If you are intending to start a blog for your business, then this social interaction is what will assist your business.

If you plan a business without using social media, your business is not likely to thrive.  Social media opens up new customers, which ultimately means more money in your pocket!


6. Blogging is great for SEO

You may hear it quite often said “I don’t want a blog, I want a website”.  Let me tell you this….a blog is a website!

The main difference is that a blog is for everyday people. Blogs are easier and cheaper to run and the search engines love them!

How difficult will it be to attract readers and potential customers to your website when it is not updated regularly?  How will Google know you exist?

Blogs are perfect for search engine benefits because they are updated on a regular basis with new and exciting content.

Blogs seem to rank higher on search pages, which is a HUGE benefit because you want people to know about you!

There is a wealth of information available, just like this site, to help people who are starting a blog.

If however this all seems too overwhelming and you would like to be guided through the process, then I highly recommend you check out the Learn how to blog program.

With a huge amount of detailed information provided to you on a monthly basis, you will have no trouble at all in starting a blog and unleashing yourself into the world!

So what do you think of these blogging tips?  Are these good reasons for starting a blog?  Please share your thoughts with us below.


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4 thoughts on “6 Blogging Benefits that you can’t Ignore – Beginners”

  1. charlesrclc

    One of the things I love about having a blog is its more personal. Business websites are all business and that’s fine, but as a coach, people need to connect with me, they’re aren’t buying a thing, they’re buying me, I’m the product. Blogging is a great way to people to get to know me and and understand me to find out if I’m the right person to coach them.

    1. Thats Great – Today I got a same email from guy in mixico and he need help with his blog.

      Personally I don’t focus to that side but I ‘ve a simple page for services and look that got results.

      Thanks for your comment

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