7 Awesome Tips for Successful Blog Writing

Ever Wonders how to write more blog posts on your blog just like other expert bloggers?

Don’t worry some outstanding tips will help you write faster, easier, and get more traffic with less effort.

Your blogging journey depends 50% on writing.

If you are good at convincing people with the help of

  • Text
  • References
  • Visuals
  • Creativity

Then you can win the game and will be considered the winner.

Before you master the game of blogging, first you have to play around with writing and practice it a lot.

So you can gain confidence and more ideas to share around.

In this post, we will go through some of the tips and techniques that you need right now to improve your writing and boost blog traffic.

Let’s get started


1: – Before Sleep

Not really to take some dose and after getting up you are an expert and boom the feeds.

I write a lot and what I found helpful is a mentally prepared person is more productive than someone who doesn’t take preparation.

Be clear about what you are gonna write tomorrow after sleep.

Start from the very basic, choose the big topic first, for example, if your blog is all about health.

Analyze your blog which category needs a new blog post.

  • Exercise
  • Mental health
  • Foods
  • Beauty
  • etc.

Decide and be clear that you are going to write about this topic.

Headline – Make at least 10 to 20 headlines and choose a specific headline that will help to know your direction in the first place.

Speak all the headlines loud for better results.

Mind Map Write the headline in the center of a paper and around put your thoughts in very short words.

Or use coggle.it for the mind mapping process.

Build a succesful blog - coggle.it - templates in png

Outline – Now as you have done the other parts – give numbers to the mind map short words. it means to give a structure to your blog post.

Intro – If possible before sleep it’s best to write an introduction.

it’s simple and work on one post at a time and when you go to bed your mind will take preparation and will make patterns that will help in the writing process.

Build a Succesful Blog - stephen king

All you have to employ your sleep in your writing process that helped many world-class writers such as Stephen King to write the novel Dreamcatcher.

The best advantage of taking preparation before sleep is, it avoids procrastination.

When you know well that in which direction you will spend your next morning so the mind and body stay prepared and you will find yourself more productive and creative.

According to a study from Baylor university if you write your to-do list before bed it will help you sleep faster and will dump all the other thoughts from your mind.

So by using this idea we can add more blog posts to our blogs just by employing our sleep.


How to be a succesful Blogger



2: – After Sleep

As you woke up and start your day after getting fresh and get on your desk.

Start writing from the very first outline. if you have not written the intro, write and start writing the first

  • Step
  • Way
  • Answer
  • etc.

Before we dig deeper let me tell you two ways to write.

While writing

As you know some people – including me sometimes

  • Write
  • Edit
  • Research
  • Add Photos
  • ScreenShot
  • Reference
  • Citation
  • Data charts

At the same time and move on from paragraph to paragraph.

Maybe we think that this works best for us or and we can write faster and easier.

Will discuss this a little bit later.

Just Write

Some people write only and they do not bother themselves to edit or do anything else.

They just want to put their thoughts on the screen or on paper.

And later they will edit, add some other materials and visualize.

So everyone has their own method and style of doing something.

So the point I am trying to clear to focus on your productivity what makes you thick.

What is the style of your writing?

Do you feel good when you write and research at the same time or you just feel good to put thoughts on the paper and later you will take care of it?

You have to find out and should stick to that one method and sooner or later you will gain productivity and then creativity that will make your writing easier and faster.

So the only option you have to find it out is to practice and “Practice Makes Perfect”.

By finding and sticking to one writing style help you achieve a lot.

These methods/styles are related to bloggers, Don’t be confused I am not talking about the academic writing styles.

The simple way I recommend to keep writing to add short points in brackets that I will research here or add photos here and there.

Either you work on that little point at that time or later.  but adding shorts notes in [{brackets}].

Or any other little icon that will help. on my blog, I use a coffee cup all the time.

These are some little points that fuel your writing think about it and practice it.


How to be a succesful Blogger



3: – Formatting

As you start from the beginning keep in mind to format your blog post in a way that will represent you as an expert blogger.

Use heading to specify the information you’re conveying into a reader’s mind.

As you know mind love organized things and absorbs information that is well organized.

If you walk into a shopping mall you will feel to stay even more because there you see everything is kept in a proper manner and organized.

While on the flip side in street shopping areas you can’t stay for long.

So now it’s your choice to keep the readers for longer on your blog that will help you rank higher Or …..

So in the mean point, you have to take care of your readers to not get bored on your blog.

Use heading – H2 – H3 -H4 – H5 – H6 – to make the information you are writing professional and outstanding.

Write little sentences sometimes and make them bold and italic to sharp the reader’s attention.

Use Quotes by using the quotes feature.

“A writer is a person for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.” ~Thomas Mann.

blog writing
Share Quotes with your Freinds

So by using these little tricks you keep your readers with yourself from top to bottom.

And of course, he/she will enjoy and will tend to share.

blog writing tips


4: – Visualize

You will be amazed by the result it gets and in my recent post I have discussed that visual content gets more

  • Shares
  • Clicks
  • Likes
  • Etc.

In every 200 words, you must insert an image that will keep the reader engaged.

Also, write your paragraph short and straight to the point.

Keep your sentences short and normal that will not bore the readers.

Most of the readers on average read 28% of text and they skip many of the parts.

how to be a successful blogger

So visuals keep them stick to read. add lots of visuals to your content.

If you generate compelling contents people will love to share.


How to be a succesful Blogger



5: – Statistics

Everyone love to hear about the trends in the topic, impacts, and other survey results that makes readers wow.

Content without statistics seems like dishes without recipes.

You can find out “how many people are using statistics in their content?” with the help of statista.com and other related trends, reports, etc.

Also, there is another good tip to help you get tons of statistics about your topic.

Go to forbes.com and click on the search and simply type your keywords.

Build a Succesful Blog - forbes

For digging statistics use the most recent option because top expert writers write on Forbes.

And they use tons of paid statistics websites and collect their data and then as a reference they mention in the post.

So you can get the direction and the data reference at the same time.

Also, use a screenshot tool to capture quick screenshots of the stats to share with your readers.

Numbers are powerful and it attracts and keeps the visitors interested in the contents.

For example; In the headlines case most of the clicks get on the numbers headlines.

how to be succesful blogger - headlines


Because people want to know the curiosity hidden in the article.

And they have to close their loops in mind.

Another tip here is to share is to pull the latest data from the news.

When you search on google also check on the news because they provide the latest data in articles.

That will make your blog post interesting and more professional.

Also, you can add some videos that are also the trends area for today’s digital world.

blog writing

When it comes to blogging you have to use many different data to make your points and wow the readers.


6: – Practice

There is no such thing as effective for mastering something as practice.

Get clear your direction, set yourself on track, and keep practicing.

“Practice Makes Perfect”

blog writing

The only way to learn something new is to practice.

The author of the outlier book Malcolm Gladwell suggests that mastering something new takes 10,000 hours.

At least 45 minutes is important to get things master.

For your blog writing, you have to keep some major points in mind to keep going on practice daily.

Know your Challenges

For a blogger, it’s the biggest challenge to write compelling content that readers will love to read and share.

figure out your challenges and stay focused to practice daily.

Few Things

Blog writing is broad this is simple, so if you daily practice 45 minutes then you cannot complete all that task in this short time.

So if you keep your limit and practice on few things then you can cover but if you have plenty of time then don’t hesitate to play around with all the things.


Choosing your best time is really important, some of the top writers suggest early morning.

But it also depends on your free time you get daily or weekly.

Choose your best time.


That will help you in your writing such as the Grammarly app and other tools.

I use only Grammarly I think this is all in one tool to use in your writing.

Check out some of their insights.

Count on yourself

If you don’t count on yourself you will soon find yourself in procrastination and in writing matters no one knows what you are stick to.

If possible you can ask your friends and colleagues to help you to count on you.

Or let them join you so you can also count on them.

And makes your writing perfect.

Studying in groups is more effective as research found in June 2005.

So it means if you practice together in a group you will also get more positive results.


How to be a succesful Blogger



7: – Habit

As you know practice makes perfect but if we change the idea a little bit to “Practice Makes Habits”. then it will be 100% true.

In my book, I have written in detail about habit for writing.

In this book, Charles discusses how a habit loop works.

Build a Succesful Blog - habit

For example: when a smoker reaches a specific place or sees someone his mind repeats the cues and the cues insist the smoker for lighting a cigarette.

It’s an interesting read and can help you understand how writing habits can be made.

As you go through all the hassles you must focus on building a succesful habit on the way.

The most important advantage of having a successful habit is it saves you from procrastination.

You will live your body uncomfortable until you don’t complete your habits tasks.

Just like sleep, it’s another handy tool to use on your daily basis for your writing rituals.

In the writing process writing itself is not hard but getting time and practicing for it is really hard.

For example: if you want to wake up early in the morning.

So getting up early in the morning is not hard but going to bed early is really hard.

If you don’t go to bed early you can’t get up early.

It might be possible for an active person but for some days, not for a lifetime.

But what if you have a habit to go to bed early and get up early.

Then it will be easy for you and will be considered a routine.

So the same analogy works for writing.

Here’s an interesting story of a mom of 4, she first started to wake up at 5 in the morning and wrote a whole book.

blog writing

Writing requires a writer to start over his/her whole life to sit and write.

Changing habits and building new ones for the sake of writing is really cost-effective.

“The Harder you Push the Harder it Bounces Back”.

blog writing

Without habits and perfect routines in the writing matter, you will get nowhere.

blog writing habit

If you go slow on your writing, Most of the authors I know took decades.

blog writing habit

Building a habit for writing should be on your priority list.



Blog writing is a broad topic and each part requires mastery of many skills.

To be honest with you it’s not an easy task and one day task.

Yes – it requires hard work and long term commitment.

Also, it takes a lot of struggle to spread your message and implement it.

Blog writing depends over 50% on a blogger’s routine, habits, writing styles.

A blogger should push his boundaries to the next level every day.

A blogger must count on himself and measure daily progress and must not stay where he was yesterday.

Try new tools and techniques daily and stick to those tools that work for you.


If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section.


How to be a succesful Blogger


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  1. Building a writing habit really goes far when it comes to achieving your writing goals. I myself wrote a few novels on a diet of just 250 words a day. Great tips here. Thanks for sharing!

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