7 Proven Strateigies to Get More Traffic On Your Blog

Strategies are Changing from year to year and the race is getting more complex.

To Drive More Traffic – Write More Compelling Content – Use the Tools and Techniques around – Write Eye-Catching Headlines – Write about what’s trending in the Topic by Using Quora, Buzzsumo and in the last Employ the Power of Social Media.

Some technique helps you to drive organic traffic from the outside and by implementing the other techniques helps you to increase traffic from your inner blog circle.

Such as collecting E-mails and writing well-researched content that the reader will naturally love to share around.

So in this post, we will go through in detail that how a blogger can drive more traffic.

Either your blog is old or new.

Let’s Get Started.


#1: – Write Compelling Contents

Compelling means to use the pressure or force of something.

This is how Neil Patel expert blogger describes.

neil patel describe compelling content

You may have noticed everyone writes all around the web and offline but when you read some expert writers you get more ideas and you go on reading.

And after finishing the read you can’t wait to share it with your friends.

So how they do that? they write from the souls and heart.

It means they dig deeper even sometimes spent hours to complete only one paragraph.

They dive into the sea of data to just make a single point.

Most of the time expert bloggers make curiosity which tends people to read and use other principles of persuasion.

Come Up With a Plan

You may have listened rich are in the niche.

When it comes to blogging you have to blog about a specific thing that makes your blog unique and stands you apart from others.

Choose a topic for your blog based on your passion that will feel like you’re playing a game.

If you do not enjoy writing and reading that topic it means you will not be able to come up with unique ideas.

Choose your niche wisely.

Even a Super micro niche is more good than going broad on a topic.

Know your Audience

The compelling content you will write is not for you but for your audience.

And it’s worth to research and find out their pain points.

Many of the successful bloggers suggest at this point that if you can’t solve their real problem which keeps them awake in the mid of the night then you are not in the game.

Research a lot, read related materials and run some polls with multiple questions.

Here let me tell you a super-secret.

Once you are done finding the best niche and you tend to research Go to amazon and find related books to your niche.

Read all the reviews from people and you will get tons of information to generate tons of compelling blog posts.

Because they share their

  • Pain points
  • New ideas
  • Resources

The most important point here is that they read the book on a topic first and then they comment after the hard work of analyzing the book.


how to be a succesful blogger
This review example is not straight to the point but works best in our example.


So you get all the experts in one place which can help you increase your knowledge on the topic.

Do the same for related blogs also, find some competition in your blog niche to not copy them but to come up with compelling content from different angles.



Repolish Your Writing Skill

Do you know where people spend most of their time when they first publish their blog?

To learn Writing and practice it.

In my story, it took me years to balance my writing and my learning.

Blogs without writing seem like jet plans without fuels.

It’s no matter how beautiful you design your blog but when there is no blog writer and words no one stays for a minute on a well-designed blog.

Practice your writing and write about the niche you are going to preach.

In my book, I have written especially about writing because this is the midpoint where some new bloggers stay on the journey or get the U-turn.

Practice makes perfect – Read and write a lot.

Visualize Your Content

People enjoy, read, and stay engaged with visual content rather than a few big text blocks.

Since 2007 its use increased by 9900%.



The combination of all sorts of data makes your points more engaging and compelling.

38% of marketers consider the visual content most important.


Hoewto get more traffic on yyour blog


Especially in 2020 – 2021, the increase of youtube videos is higher than in the past years.

Day by day it’s increasing in number and in use.

To write compelling content and stick the reader from the top to bottom then the visual content is our weapon.

Because people only read 28% of the text on the average per visit.


how to be a successful blogger


In the early days of blogging – Experts Bloggers used to say that an image is worth a thousand words.

So the final goal to write compelling content should be to increase shares on social media,

Also, ask people to help you share the content by shooting them a quick email or via tweeting.


#2: – Search Console

Do you want that someone tells you that how to get traffic from Google and guide you on the way?

Fortunately – There is a way that tells exactly that how Google finds our content and how we can rank higher by analyzing search engine data.

The first step is to quickly verify your blog on the Google search console.

In the last post – I have done the hard work that how we can use the search console more effectively.

Actually, Google gives you the main keywords for which your contents rank.

In this post, I will share a little bit about an amazing chrome extension that will give you other site data right away.

No sign-up required it’s free and simple built by Neil Patel.

Click here to download ubbersuggest from the Google play store.

When you get a keyword from your search console data and curious about the search volume etc.

Just simply search the keyword on google and it will show you exactly and the sites which rank for it.


how to be a succesful blogger


Just play around with the Google search console and it will show thousand of patterns to rank to the first page faster.

So you can drive more traffic to your blog.

If you do not want to learn search engines or you do not have time for it then practice search console.


#3: – Long-Tail Keywords


how to be a successful blogger


When you keep red-eye on your search console data you will notice that you are ranking for long-tail keywords.

These are the keywords that people type in the search bar of Google and people want that information.

You will not rank for short terms keywords in the beginning but if you consistently generate content and keep building trust with Google sooner or later you will hit the first page.

Once you ranked for few keywords start writing content around that keywords and every time check the updated data to mention new keywords in blog posts.

That’s how Google will recognize the keywords in a blog post.


how to be a succesful blogger


Do not forget to mention the keywords in the URL – Meta description and Title etc.

Your blog post will rank for many long-tail keywords and will set rank for different positions.

Right at this point, you must only focus on 2 keywords per blog post Because statistics show that focusing on more than 2 keywords do not get good results.


Voice Search

The secret benefit of long tails-keywords is  Voice search and it’s becoming a new trend in the digital era just like other Google apps.

30% of the consumer in the united states are active users of voice search.

Voice search is becoming popular and it’s easy for a user to speak rather than type.

So the voice search is bringing more opportunities who are stick to long-tail keywords.


#4: – Headlines

Do you know only 20% out of 100 people will click through to actually read your blog? – according to copy bloggers.

A simple experiment ran by contentmarketinginstitute.com in 2015 that only putting a hyphen or colon increase 9% of traffic.


how to be a succesful blogger


Also, The shorter headlines attract more visitors which tells them about a specific thing.

The most important rule expert bloggers use here when they create headlines is to create curiosity.

Which tends the reader to click and read.

When someone looks at the headline and reads the curiosity tactics it open a loop in their mind which forces the person to read and just close that loop.

For example: – For better comprehension


how to be a succesful blogger


So what’s the next move to just close the loop in your mind.

Titles or the first paragraph should open loops in the mind of a reader –  to close that loop reader have to go through all the way down.

For example: How to write content that attracts readers?

When you share these titles among bloggers they will click to see and will look to close the loop in their minds.

Your open loop headline will only work when you share it with the right audeinces.

Before they click they think that this is for me.

As you know people always ask themselves subconsciously this one question before they click on something (WIFM) “What’s in it for me“.

Do not forget they also do their calculation.


how to be a succesful blogger - headlines


If you can catch them by playing the curiosity trick then you can get more traffic on your blog.

Try some A/B testing and your readers will tell you the results.

Before you actually start to write a post be clear about the headline in the first place.

Write 10 to 12 headlines for one single post and choose only one headline for your post.

Also, speak the headline aloud so you can catch the gap.

There are many types of different headlines

  • Listicles
  • How
  • When
  • What

The most popular headlines are listicles.

  • 5 ways to
  • 10 Steps to
  • Top 10
  • etc.

Most people stay curious to know about something and when they see headlines that create curiosity they click and read.

It means that listicles or any other type of headlines are not beneficial in some cases.


how to be succesful blogger - headlines


So mastering the game of headlines will always get you more traffic.


#5: – Promote 90%

The strategy most of the expert bloggers are stick to is to only write one blog post per week and spend a lot of time promoting it.

It’s only looking good on your blog to spend hours and put tons of value in a single post and hang there.

No one will come itself to find that piece of content.

You have to go out and promote it actively.

It’s matters and we should take it seriously.

I know a few years back Yaro Starak top blogger shared a post that he will only post one blog post per week.

And recently Neil Patel also implemented the same strategy.

What we do we write a well-written blog post and then share it simply to our social accounts.

Which gets nowhere and we think (hmm) we should put more value And the sound of doing more never stops bouncing in our heads.

You will get nowhere if you do not share content regularly on many sites.

When you share actively on social media it generates more clicks.


how to be a succesful blogger - promoting


So the point here is to double your promoting strategy. Not only on social sites but make your presence also on other writing sites.

Many of the bloggers think that if they share more than twice a day may be their audience gets annoyed.

but this is not true why because social algorithms do not work the same way as we think.

And you will not annoy your fans.

When was the last time you saw a post twice on your social account?

If you are still curious you can avoid being spammy or repetitive.

While posting one post several times on social media make it different by grabbing some quotes to add to it or ask a simple question or just write a statement – keep make changes in the text.


how to be a succesful blogger - scheduling


Later we will talk about how to schedule your posts.


Repurpose your content

My first and foremost strategy is to share my blog post on many other writing platforms.

whenever I publish a post I rush to post it on

  • Medium.com
  • Quora spaces
  • linkedIn

And so on.

But how to do this perfectly? bear with me.

I am going to tell you step by step.


As soon as you publish your post on your blog the next step should be to post that article on medium.com.

Before you go and actually post here is a trick to follow.

Some people think that it will be marked duplicate but there is no such thing as this idea.

If you publish an article on 2 or 3 platforms the Google only sees which one is original – According to Moz.


how to be a succesful blogger -duplicate content


According to raven tools, 29% of the web is duplicate content.

So to make Google assure that the first original content you shared it on your blog.

To avoid confusion you have to manually submit that piece of content.

Just copy that recently published post URL and paste it into the search console inspection bar.


expert bloggers url inspection search console


Once the result shows that the URL is not on google click on the request indexing button to manually submit.

So you do not have to wait for google crawl to come and pitch your new post.



With a new URL the search console will not show the issue – don’t worry.

Now let’s get back to our point.

Once you assured yourself about the duplication content.

Then rush to medium.com and paste half of your post and in the end give a simple link (Click to Continue Reading) to your original post on your blog.


Quora Spaces

Do the same on quora spaces. Also, if possible answer people’s questions and in the end invite them to read and share your post.



Now here the things are changed from the other two sites.

You have to share your whole article right there. Why?

Because LinkedIn wants the user to stay on their site and we want to catch them to ours.

So in this case include links to your previous posts that will grab people from there.

This overall strategy will start showing results just in few days.

Be consistent.


This the site that will help you to schedule your posts and will share them on social sites by following the scheduled times.

If your blog is small then you do not have to use their paid version but use the free version.

Once you started sipping the juice then you can move to the paid plan.

So here how to do it.


share one post to 4 social networks


Click here to sign up on buffer.com. create a free account and then connect your

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • IG
  • LinkedIn

Accounts on the free plan.

Once you Authorized your desired social accounts with the buffer app then go to the extension download page here and download buffer extension for your browser.

Then open your blog page and visit posts one by one and keep scheduling it with buffer.com.

Right-click on the desired page and click buffer this page.


how to be suuccesful blogger


With the free plan, you can schedule 10 posts that are enough for 24 hours.

Keep red-eye on your post metrics and make sure you shoot your new post the most.

Because your new post has to grab some followers from the web.


#6: – Quora

If you are missing this opportunity it means you are leaving money on the table for no one.

quora is a big site just like Google and WordPress.com.


how to be a succesful blogger - Quora - how big is


Why people like you and me love quora and expect most of the traffic to there’s blogs.

Because people all around the world share tons of content.


how to be a succesful blogger -quora.com content


So here our goal is to get a massive amount of traffic from quora.

In a nutshell, go to quora and type your niche keywords, and hit search.

Find out the most popular question at the top of that search page.


how to get more traffic from quora


As you can see that there are many top questions which people want to know about and they are curious.

That’s exactly why you are reading this blog post.

Actually, this blog is the same strategy that I am using right now you are reading right now.

You are reading it right now it means you got a good sense that how powerful this strategy is to get more traffic on your blog.

It’s simple I will not make it complicated.

Also, if you try to get questions from others and answer them right away.

You will get tons of traffics on your blog especially the beginners in your niche.

Because experts and mid-level people are hard to drive to your blog.

In some cases when you get more traffic from quora they will ban you on the site.

checkout here how they ban Neil Patel expert blogger on quora and Why.



The 2nd strategy you can use to gain more traffic from quora is to simply look for popular questions and answer that question right there and then add some links back to your blog post.

Under popular questions, title over hundreds of people writes answers very deeply.


how to be a succesful blogger -Quora.com


They have knowledge and experiences on that topic.

So to beat them you have to go a little deeper and broader.

Even Neil Patel can’t Beat them.


How to be a successful blogger - how to get more traffic - Neil patel quora long answer


As you can See Neil Wrote

  • 4942 words long answer
  • tons of infographics
  • statistics,
  • case studies,
  • etc

And got 3rd position.


Because these experts have mastered few things and they know lots of valuable information.

So it doesn’t mean to discourage you but before you write your answer on quora keep this case in mind.

So the best and easy way is to answer the questions that people directly ask you.

So if you apply the same strategy (Compelling Answer) here you can make your way and can get more traffic.

Just like me – People ask me tons of questions and sometimes I answer and sometimes I don’t get time to write for them.


How to be a succesful blogger - traffic


So this is Quora – Give it a try and pull double traffic.


#7: – E-Mail

No Matter – The harder you Push the Harder it bounce.

Okay – Let me ask you have you ever heard – Money on the list.

Of course a lot.


Because it’s real. Isn’t it?

Lots of people think that this is a lie. but it’s not. let me prove.

Keep the above quote in mind.

No matter – How harder you push

It means if you pull tons of traffics by using hundreds of strategies from thousands of sites.

What they give you – Traffic – (Humans).

  • Nothing
  • Few Bucks
  • Buy your products
  • Hire you
  • etc

And then what? Nothing again.

And you start over and over and over again.

What if you don’t write one day – or do not use strategies. will that humans will keep coming?

No – Why?

Because you are not doing – what you were doing.

The harder it bounces.

My quote is Completed.

I and my blog is the real example.

So if you are also making the same mistake that I am making – then keep in mind – keep working.

When I first started blogging I used to listen to Yaro Starak and “I Still Remember”


And I never followed this instruction and now I feel like I have lost millions of dollars.

And still leaving millions of dollars on the table for no one.

It takes only a few hours to set up and maybe less for an active person.

Even If you are using a free wordpress blog like mine – they also offer to use email services for free.

I have written step by step process for others but never tried to collect emails from others.

Ya – I have a standard widget on my blog sidebar but this sidebar standard trick never worked for me.

And neither it will work in 2021.

No matter how you use that emails tomorrow to make loyal customers who will keep coming to your blog and will buy from you – just by hitting the send button.

But My only request to myself and you is to collect – collect and collect.

So How?


Write short book

Ask people I will send it your email – please enter your email here – blah – blah – blah.

As you know.



Ya – Don’t let them enter your blog until they do not put their hands in their pocket and give you an E-mail address.

when they try to leave show them pop up.

PoP uP – PoP up – Pop uP – E – mail.

If today you tease them to give you an email, tomorrow they will give you money and will still stay on the list.

So I provedMoney In the List.

However – If you have E-mails collected from people then use Mailchimp free plan to manage 2000 email subscribers.

As the list grows then you can upgrade your plan.




If you are a wordpress.com user you can set up an E-mail listing from the setting.

Good News here is That recently Neil Patel Unlocked his E-mail Marketing Videos on Youtube Here.

So you can learn everything from him and as you know he is the best teacher.



Email Marketing is no rocket Science – just consider it as your phone contact list.

And you know your phone contacts list members in person and you have a good idea what they like – what they do.

Once you collected some E-mails then try to know them in person.

And the E-mail Statistics will of course show many different results.

So you can know them well and can sell to them more.

Just to not make more sales but to make their lives better.

So this is E-mail Marketing – By leveraging E-mail List means you are securing your whole business.



Master the game of writing compelling content that will pull people to your blog.

If you enjoy the other tasks of blogging then it’s okay to keep doing but if you don’t then outsource the workforce from freelance sites or hire people locally to help you get things done.

But there must be a good team or individual to generate more content.

Contents are the fuels of blogs that works like a magnet.

Use tools and techniques to never stay back on the trending topics.

Play your part.

As a blogger, you will be dealing with many major sites and people around the world.

So do not just simply write your headlines but think twice to write catchy headlines.

Use Buffer and other sites to actively promote your content.

Also do not forget to keep people engage with your little tweets.


If you have any Questions – Feel Free to Ask.


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