7 Steps to Write Even More Quality Contents On Your Blog

How many times you have heard “content is king”? Off course a lot.

Contents are souls for today digital businesses.

Especially a blog without content is like a car without an engine.

Generating more content for the blog takes more time than other tasks.

But writing more blog posts needs the mastery of many skills.

The breakthrough is in practice.

Expert bloggers write a post every day, such as Neil blogging for 10 ten years and publish daily! – amazing.

if you are dreaming about more quality content and expect higher results from your blog, then you have two options

  1. Invest time to learn the depth and breadth of your blog topic
  2. hire other experts writers in the niche to help you

57% of B2B marketers are challenging writing content on a regular basis

Build a |Succesful Blog - top-challenges-for-b2b-content-marketers

So it means you are not alone.

To generate high revenue from your blog, Need you to write quality content for the right audience.

But at the beginning, of the blogging journey, focusing on this kind of tactic is overwhelming.

Writing more quality content depends on the situation and the result you expect from your blog.

  • If you want to convert blog audiences into customers then you must put yourself in efforts to produce content, related to the products you want to sell to them, It means to write the contents of their choice.
  • If you want to polish your writing, then you do not need to worry a lot of full-time bloggers worries, keep on practicing, and engaging.
  • If you want to grow your blog and want to build the audience then you should dig deeper into your topic and also your audience, interest, demographics, age, hobbies. Etc.
  • If you are a job seeker and want to promote your personal brand, then you must blog about the depth and breadth of your skills.

Build a Succesful Blog - Breadth-Depth

No matter, in which situation you are standing right now, but you need more quality content on your blog.

Stick with me!.

I have collected many tools and strategies to generate even more content on your blog.


Step#1:) Write about what’s you know well

Blogging is about teaching to others what you have learned, what you have experienced – Simple!

It is simple if you are not an expert on your blog topic, In this case, you will face a lot of trouble in the writing process and will waste most of your time.

Before one starts he/she must figure out what they are trying to solve.

What type of group of peoples are they going to serve?

What is the core topic of the blog?

Once, you know your stuff you can write a lot of content without any hassle in less time.

Know your stuff before you actually, start writing a word on your blog.

If you do not want to learn the topic and still need more content on your blog, once again I am repeating – you must hire others to help you or invest time to learn.

Starting from scratch and learning a new topic for the purpose of blogging is not a good idea.

Because There are lots of blogs on the internet and that blogs topics are so simple.

When you look at some of those blog topics, you will be amazed, Because these blog topics are “how to raise chickens in the backyard.

Build a Successful Blog  - raising chicken

It’s an interesting topic. These guys are earning and generating more content because they know the topics of their blogs.

Another example, neilpatel.com blog, Neil blog about digital marketing but his blog topic is “From “aha” to “oh shit”, I’m sharing everything on my journey to 100,000 monthly visitors”.

There is another blog called entrpreneur-journey.com this blog topic is “Live the laptop lifestyle” I love this topic, and also I am an affiliate with them.

But when you look at my blog topic it is a combination of both. Because I read a lot on these blogs and that’s why. I am trying to generate content about, “Live the laptop lifestyle”.

You can later change the topic, do not overthink too much but it is better to spend the time where you excel.

For example, “smart blogger.com” recently changed his topic from “Boost blog traffic.com”.

So you can do it later.

If you have a blog and the current topic you do not know well and want to change to generate more content on another topic that’s the best Change it or publish a new blog in the area of your expertise.

There is another way you can run a multi-topic blog, it is not a problem I, myself running a multi-topics blog of

  • Self- developing
  • Blogging
  • Social media
  • Etc

And still searching to add more topics.

But I always find myself writing more content when I know well about the topic.

That’s awesome You need some practice to find out what is the area you will write more about?

So you can build a blog around a topic and can build a community of the same taste people.

Later you can recommend some affiliate programs you have used, and you know some products you think will be better for your audience.

This way you can earn money from your blogging efforts to keep continue on your journey.

You must write about the areas you are an expert in.

Otherwise, you are just wasting your precious time.


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Step#2:) Collecting Blog Post ideas

Sometimes we do not get ideas when we think about ideas to come to our heads.

But we always get better ideas in our mind when we do not think actually about it.

So keep your eyes open and write it down as soon as a new idea pops up, use your phone, computer whatever device is accessible.

It might be a pen and paper.

No matter, how bad it looks like in the first pop-ups, add to the idealist, if you are still 0% sure in the moment.

So you can keep working on your already continued task and later you can

  • Write
  • Research
  • Rewrite

That idea.

To collect ideas, you can use your mobile phone and you should, so in the future, your subconscious mind will know where to save the idea.

All you need to grow this little act of collecting ideas to a habit, you will be subconsciously forced by your mind to save.

Later, you should start working on the idea to figure out the value of your idea in the market of blogging.

For this, you will need some tools.

Step#2.1:) Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo helps us to get details about a blog post idea.

It shows you how the same and related ideas of this post is performing in the social media world?

head over to buzzsumo and type the idea in the search bar from your ideas list.

Build a Succesful Blog - Buzzsumo

I wrote in the search bar “How to write faster” I will just pick 5 items from the results, so let’s analyze.


Build a Succesful Blog - Buzzsumo Search

The Idea is best, Why?

Because Buzzsumo found that two best popular brand is interested in the idea

The other three are also popular blog, but I do not know about them, Almost on all social sites, the idea has been shared by users.

You can dig deeper by doing research and reading the related article to differentiate the angle of your idea and their idea.

You must write from a different angle to rank high in the search engine and get more shares on social media.

The best tip here is you can contact sharers, click view sharers in the buzzsumo result and get the information, and tweet to them or use any other way.

If your idea is good enough like this, jump on it and start writing right away.

I suggest this post on moz.com if you want to dig deep buzzsumo and idea-generating.

Step#2.2) Hubspot’s, Blog post Idea Generator

Build a Succesful Blog - Ideas Generator

If you are still confused about the headline or something else you can use another tool.

Especially to find an angle, for writing on an idea.

It is a simple tool to save you a lot of time and can clear the confusion.

Just write 3 words.

Build a Succesful Blog - Idea list

Let’s See what is the result?

Build a Succesful Blog - Blog post

Generated 5 ideas so you can select an idea, to start working.

They also offer something big by filling their signup form.

Step#2.3) Writing technique in a nutshell

Apply some writing techniques I have written here.

I will discuss this in short here for the best comprehension.

1) Garbage man

Just like a garbage man collects ideas when its pop-ups.

2) Writing

Start writing on the idea and do not try to rewrite while writing, eliminates all distractions and other technical devices notifications, etc.

Jus put thoughts on the papers/screen.

3) Rewriting

Now it is time to rewrite.

Correct all the grammar errors, spelling errors you have made and so on so forth.

Copy your post part by part to the Hemingway app and make the sentences easier to read and also use the Grammarly app to avoid advanced writing issues.

4) carpenter or judge

Now, look at the whole document you have finished, start cutting what’s look bad and what’s do not relate to the topic.

That’s how the writing process executes, after completing the whole document, now you can add some facts, infographics and also add the best quality related photos from free platforms such as pixababy.com.


Step#3:) Read contents of experts

In the last published post, I have discussed reading as a blogger.

Here I will give you some tips on writing more posts.

As I have mentioned, each blogger writes content under his blog topic.

There is a lot of experts on the internet in every niche. Follow some of them.

If your blog areas are content writing, content marketing, etc.

There are some popular expert guys to follow and ask questions to make your job easier

They also offer free ebooks and courses.

Neil Patel offers a free 30 days course on quick sprout.com

Build a Succesful Blog - Neil patel Free course
Copy bloggers also give a free marketing Course and a lot more stuff.

Build a Succesful Blog - Register

Learn from them, as Neil says copy exactly what the best writers in your niche are doing.

As I have written this post by copying this video of John Assaraf, I did this because I like the idea of goal achievings he discusses.

No one can beat them by copying because they are experts but one can learn to build a successful blog.

Not only Neil, and copy bloggers are offering free materials but nowadays on every blog, free stuffs are hanging.

If you blog about self-developing then follow on

You can reach more and more influencers through these sites.

You can subscribe to their email list to get the recent update from them.

You must keep a close eye on their youtube channels.

If you do not know the top influencer in your niche, use buzzsumo to find out popular blogs and experts in minutes or use Google search engine.

Let’s find experts in the niche of “writing” using buzzsumo.com.

Build a Succesful Blog - Buzzsumo resulte

In less than a minute you can find a lot of influencers.

The best thing I recommend to ( Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial ) so you can read a lot of books by experts and can write on your blog.

There is no harm to learn from them.

But keep avoiding copying exactly their blog posts or something else.

I mean to not use copy, paste technique.

Reading can make your job a lot easier.

Because you will learn

  • Facts
  • Research
  • Case studies
  • Surveys, etc

And much more thoughts on the topic, so you can rush to teach the topic on your blog and can sound like an authority in the niche.


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Step#4:) Write content with the power of mental pressure

In this post, I was reading found a very simple and funny tip.

The writer of this post is 48 years old women, she feels to Pee in every 30 minutes.

She says use bathroom break as a deadline If you are normal and do not feel to pee in every 30 minutes.

Quaff a two glass of water before you set down to write and try to finish your writing before feeling to pee.

It is a kind of natural pressure but a little bit risky as she explains here.


Another best technique is Pomodoro it is useful because you are directing your mind to use more energy and finish the task.


A lot of Experts suggests but the idea still needs a change.

Change it to your stamina.

Pomodoro technique is 30 minutes

  • 5 for break
  • And 25 for work

Increase the work minutes according to your stamina and take the break of your choice as you feel will be good.

Bet With Yourself and Others

Bet with your friends to finish writing before the timer ring or
someone comes into the room, etc.
You can use many techniques in your bet method.


Step#5:) Save time from your email and social media

Hire friends and other people to help you in your social media tasks and manage your emails so you can focus on content writing.

As Yaro starak has fired himself, from emails 12 years ago and nowadays four people are managing his emails.

He gives his best tips on how to fire yourself from emails.

Use Buffer App for Scheduling

The buffer is the best app for social media scheduling you can plan in 30 minutes, 5 – 6 social sites for the whole day.

So if you cannot afford hiring other people to help you then use this buffer app.

I have written more in detail here.

Build a Succesful Blog -Buffer

Step#6:) Write posts of your choice

There are many different kinds of posts, but you should choose, what is easy for you and also your audience will love.?

According to okdork by analyzing 100 million posts they found, List posts and infographics get more social shares.

Build a Successful Blog - Shares by Content Type

Also, longer posts get more shares on social media.

Build a Succesful Blog - Shares by Content Length

You must pick a direction to work on – if it is working for you, keep going with that.

Ehow is a site which only produces how-to articles. And popular for how to topics

You can choose what to write on.

In “How to” posts you can use your expertise to take your readers to go through step by step process.

Make the process of something easier including

  • Related images
  • Infographics
  • Screenshots
  • Links to facts

Let your readers absorb the depth and breadth of your blog topic.

Master writing one type of content first then move to another to make the writing process free of confusion.

Also, analyze your blog analytics to find out which type of content is trending on your blog. Neil explains it here.


Step#7:) Be organized

Keep things organized because content-generating takes much time than other tasks.

The more time you spend on it, the more you will generate.

According to research, people waste time finding information.

Build a Succesful Blog - TimeSpentLookingForData

You must keep everything in an easy-access drawer. how to do this?  learn from my last published post here.

Once you get organized, you can beat overloaded confusion and can save much time.



Generating more content for your blog can give you the best result, but it is a time taker task, It is a challenge for you to save time.

Absolutely it payback.

Mastering useful tools can make your content-generating task easier.

Try to learn as many tools as you can.

Let me know, What’s on earth stopping you from generating more quality content for your blog?


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  1. Hi Zada,

    Fabulous post dude. And super expert list.

    Neil is one of the pro’s pros in the blogging and internet marketing niches. Being featured on his blog – twice – was quite an awesome thing in my book. He knows his stuff inside out.

    I am always learning from leaders in the blogging niche. Fun way to grow, to expand and to help other bloggers on the come up.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. HI, RB, Thanks for visiting, It’s a surprise,

      Yes Learning from those giants make sense a lot,

      I like them because they have a lot to share and do not hide any thing from their readers,

      The best thing is, They are easy to reach via their blog comment section.

      I am Agree with you they know well what they do.

      Neil is my favorite I love to Read his long posts.

      Thanks once again,

      I liked the blog you have and it is pretty popular, clear, clean and a lot to learn.

      Is there any tip for my blog, writing etc.? I will love to adopt your tips on my blog.

      Thanks, RB

      1. Hi Z,

        Just keep writing 500 words or more daily – just for practice, in a Word document – and trash the Word doc after finishing. This practice gives greater clarity and power to your writing which will reflect through your blog.


  2. Hi Zada,

    These are definitely great tips to writing quality content on your blog. Great tip on following successful bloggers to learn how to improve your own writing.

    I love reading all the blogs that you’ve mentioned above. I am always open to learning and improving. After all, this is the only way that your blog will improve.

    As a blogger it’s important to be open to learning from successful bloggers. It’s the only way that we will grow our blogs and learn from our mistakes.

    Thanks for sharing these tips with us.

    Have a great day 🙂


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  6. Hi Zada,

    I swear, I am the ultimate idea garbage man LOL. Love that term. Love that idea. I collect ideas left and right, grabbing, storing then using via my blog and via guest posting opportunities I seize. Writer’s block is a myth to the observant person who records their ideas quickly.


    1. Thanks, Ryan for the comment,

      Blogging is a job which needs us to be collector of broken thaughts.

      You know it better than me,, how bad it looks in the first pop up,

      Nowadays I am reading Jeff crafts, and he also describes this idea in his own voice, he says great artists don’t wait to be perfect”

      I tweet his crafts , you should join the topic,

      Thanks again Ryan.

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