7 Ways to Make Money Like a Succesful Blogger with WordPress.com

Ways to make money like a succesful blogger with wordpress.com Seems like a strange idea in the early morning.

There are many different ways to monetize your subdomain blog and generate a passive income.

It’s the power play of the game. Be careful with your decisions at this stage of blogging.

I will do my best to write about some effective ways. I will go through from small to big methods of monetization.

Master one way from these is enough to make you wealthy.

So let’s dive into it.

7 Ways to Make Money Like a Succesful Blogger with WordPress.com


#1: – Google Adsense

Adsense is a popular choice among new bloggers, but as they spend more time in blogging then they realize that there are more best ways to monetize a blog.

Google Adsense does not require hard work. only you have to signup and copy, paste the code on any corner of your blog.

Adsense has some requirements.

As little I know, Your blog should be 6 months old and need some good traffic.

Your contents should be unique, duplicate contents are not eligible.

There are many more requirements.

Once you signed up successfully and pasted the codes of ads.

Now if someone while visiting clicks on an ad then you will be get paid according to Google Adsense earning policy.

The amount depends on the clicks you get on your site.

It’s the best choice if your blog is new and has enough content.


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#2: – Sponsor Ads

Most of the successful blogger doesn’t use this method nowadays but it can be an effective way to monetize a blog.

It depends on the deal with the sponsor.

If they are giving you good money then do not hesitate to stick one banner on your sidebar or in the middle of a post.


#3: – Selling your Own Course

Most of the bloggers gather all their blog content and polish it and then they sell it for a very low price.

it’s an effective way.

But it requires hard work to gather and update your contents from start to finish.

And then write tons of more content to convert into a book.

If you have some content then you should start working on it.

Once you create an Ebook from your blog.

Then you have two ways to get the juice of it.

3.1 – Collects Emails

As the title says collects E-mails from your visitor by exchanging your ebook with them.

As they registered for your ebook and you get his/her email address then send them your recent posts and relevant offers. but be careful in trying to sell them anything.

Nowadays people hate spammers.

3.2 – Sell your E-book

Stick your Ebook to the sidebar and sell it for a very low Price in the beginning.

Keep updating, promoting the Course online and offline.

As time goes raise its price step by step.

3.3 – Video Course

If you are not a good writer or having some doubts about your writing skill then, of course, try a video course.

Videos are in high demand in today’s digital world.

As Mr… Google says billions of people watch videos online.


#4: – Your Products

7 Ways to Make Money Like a Succesful Blogger with WordPress.com

If you have your own created product, it can be a

  • Paint,
  • Design
  • Toy
  • Skin Creams
  • etc

Don’t only focus on products which you can make with your hands.

But you can also try to sell other people hands made things.

Pro tip: Write a review of some which you use daily and know the ups and downs of that products.

such as your dryer – shave machine – glasses – watch – mobile phone – laptop or other domestics things.

Washing machine etc.



The Amazing, Simple, And EASY PEASY Way To Earn Online.

You Don’t Have To Go Through The Hassel Of Creating, Designing, etc Of A Products.

Most of the successful bloggers I know first started with affiliate marketing and they did Affiliate Marketing for years.

And They are Still earning profit from it.

Instead of, they are having their own products, Services.

5.1 – What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is something in which you sell other people, companies, Products on a commission base.

The commission depends on the company, and on your dealing.

In the current market, there is up to 50% Commission Available.

Keep in mind Some company’s products generate more sales but they pay commission to their affiliate very low.

And on the other hand, some people offer up to 50% commission but their products are not well known either the company.

Such as Amazon give you a low commission but you can sell more products.

5.2 – Physical Products

The Truth is it’s selling less.

But it depends on your marketing strategy and on your target audience.

And some of the companies do not offer free delivery.

But if you find any good offer for customer with free delivery then do not hesitate to jump on it and promote to your audiences.

They might later — thank you.

5.3 – Digital Courses

Online Courses Sells more.

Most of the Affiliates are earning enough money from this kind of promotion.

All you have to do to promote to the right audience at the right time.

5.4 – Membership

Such as hosting or gym membership or another kind of services software etc.

You should only focus on that thing in which you are having experience.

for example, if you are a gym trainer then, of course, you are having a brand so whenever someone asks you about fitness, refer them and get the commission.

#5: – E-Books

There is good competition about Best selling ebooks on Amazon They are having different categories.

  1. audible
  2. unlimited reading
  3. used books
  4. etc.


#6: – Offer your Services as a Freelancer

If you are a

  • Writer
  • IT Support
  • Designer
  • Event Speaker
  • SEO Expert
  • Programmer
  • etc

So then you can add a sticker on your blog/site sidebar “HIRE ME”.

Also, it can be a good opportunity to land a job in a good company.


#7: – Rush To Amazon

At Amazon, you can earn a good income because they are having good offers and competitions.

It’s a challenge for you to become the best selling affiliate with Amazon.


Conclusion of

7 ways to make money like a succesful blogger with wordpress.com

Keep in mind  — only generate unique content, and promote related products and services that you know well.

If you know your crafts well then you can sell more and can generate good income at the end of the month.

Receive your payment from Amazon or any other site through PayPal, Payoneer.

Payoneer offers a free credit card for 25$ if you signup through someone referred link.

If you are having any questions please ASK.


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