8 Mind Tricks to Build a Strong Writing Habit From Scratch

I got into the mind and I asked ” Why you do NOT let me write ” and the mind replied in an innocent tone in simple short words.

I do NOT like strangers.

So it means in English-that human mind does not like New Tasks.

The solution here is to make a Good relationship with writing.

You have to take some steps to make the relationship between your mind and writing and also expand the boundaries of your comfort zone.

I wrote nine posts on this blog then I was beaten by the writing blocks and in the meantime, someone helped.

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I did some research and found that writing needs a strong habit to write on a daily basis and a technique of writing.

Then I got into it and found the one question.

How to build a strong writing habit?

The steps I followed and got success with are here for you.

Keep in mind it’s easy to build strong writing habit in less time than you think.

Everything needs efforts hard in the beginning because the decision and planning strategy take 50% of energy and time. That’s why the first step always hard to take.

So here you do not need to take any decision or to plan your writing process. This post is the full package for you.

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#1: Visualization

Before you actually start writing you need to make the relationship between your mind and writing.

This is where the visualization comes into play.

It is very simple.

With Closed eyes imagine that you are sitting in the place of your dream on a beautiful sunny day.

The day is a special day.

You have waited for it for years to write on this particular opportunity and near to you your dream guy/girl is sitting silent and you have your favorite writing tools laptop or paper and pen.

Make the environment around you as beautiful as you can.

Imagine that you are WRITING — keep the imagination just for 1 minute on the first day and then say to yourself “I am a good writer”.

So I’m not going to argue here as to why visualize.

why the mind does not differentiate reality and imagination and how the imagination beat fear.

Forget it– just do practice in your mind once a day and then multiple times a day.

I will not recommend how many days for the imagination or for the whole process … you can decide better for yourself than me.


#2: Listen To your own recorded voice

Grab your smartphone and record this phrase “ I am a good writer, I write every day”.( you can make the phrase, even more, easier if you want)

These phrases are enough in the beginning.

While recording Repeat the above phrases multi times or once, it depends on you.

Listen to this for 10 minutes daily, in the beginning just 5 minutes or just 1 minute, I recommend 3 minutes.

Later you can expand and listen to it until you build a good writing habit.

This phrase will actually help you to avoid writing block and fear.

Do not put yourself in the efforts of why it is helpful, but it is 100% sure you will get the result of these phrases just in few days.  (get audio affirmation album).

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#3: Writing the positive Phrase

Now comes to the point.

After visualization and listening to the phrase now you are going to practice another step.

Get a pen or a paper and now Write the recorded phrase 20 to 50 line once a day.

Writing this positive phrase will help you even more.

Do practice these 3 steps daily, multiple times a day but take care, in the beginning, to not overload your mind, Keep your emotions aside.


#4: Traditional Writing Technique and mad man technique

As we all know the traditional writing process is

  • 1 mind map
  • 2 Outline
  • 3 Writing
  • 4 Editing

People all over the world are using this traditional technique. To understand this writing technique even more deeply-

  • 1 Madman   = mind map
  • 2 Architect  = outline
  • 3 Carpenter = Writing
  • 4 Judge        = Editing

i) Mad Man

While mind mapping acts as a mad man just collect ideas from everywhere and write down whatever comes to mind.

If you have ever seen a madman collecting shopping bags, papers, Plastic bottles, Glass bottles, Whatever comes on the streets.

ii) Architect

After collecting all the broken thoughts from your mind,

Now you need to go and be an architect to draw lines and draw a big picture of your whole document.

Stay away from completing the broken thoughts.

Look at the garbage (mind map) and Pick the points to write in your document.

iii) Carpenter

In this step, you are going to act as a carpenter to give designed shapes and complete all your broken thoughts. (writing first drafts)

                 “Write without fear”  Disable Spell checker and grammar software.

Just write whatever comes to mind as quickly as possible do not think to edit or try to make any spell correct, just put the thoughts on the paper.

iv) Judge

Enable spell checker and grammar apps.

Start from the start and decide what to cut and what to leave.

                “Cut the lines without any mercy”

This is the technique to write and it is helpful and all the best writers are using.

It actually seems a long process but I am sure you will enjoy it.


#5: Grow your habit of Writing

It’s important to choose a specific time to complete all parts of writing at once, and distribute your writing time in these four habits.

Download a stopwatch from the play store into your phone or from the chrome store.

As you begin any part, start the stopwatch and count the four parts separately.

At the beginning of building a writing habit, just one minute is enough for each part.

These four parts of writing should take you only 5 minutes on the first day.

Once you establish the one minute practice, keep on and you will see the progress day to day.

Keep in mind that you are not going to improve your writing quality or something else, Be CLEAR that you are just building the habit of writing.

For Writing, you can use both software or pen and paper Tony Buzan recommends both.

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For the mind map process use coggle, it requires only signing with a google account no forms to fill.

For writing use, google doc to access your files from anywhere on any device.

(Quick tip) Keep all your work with Google and then order a chrome book from Amazon and enjoy the fastest work experience.


#6: When to Research

Exactly when you complete the first draft of your documents. You can include research in your writing process right after the carpenter’s job.

You will measure, how you think about the topic and how the others.

It depends on you to include the research part in your habit. I recommend to include the research part after some days into your writing habits.

Once you established the writing habit then you will automatically feel to research.

It is not a big deal.


#7: What if I miss a day?

Simple. if you missed a day because of an emergency or another important task.

Just repeat loudly or silently these phrases.

I just did mind mapping for 40 minutes.

I just did the outlining for 20 minutes.

I just did writing practice for 20 minutes.

I just did rewriting for 30 minutes.

You can choose your time and repeat it 100 or 200 times.

A good way to make the subconscious mind stupid.


#8: Write to your avatar

If you are writing to all, you are not actually writing to anyone.

Having an image of someone in your mind or on the writing table will help you avoid a lot of confusion.

Choose a specific special person and take her/his photo and write directly to him/her.

This method gives you a clear indication of what to write or what to include in your documents.

As you set to write think and write as you are having a conversation with your avatar.

Here are 77 questions that you can answer to flesh out your avatar, and in turn, solidify your voice as a writer.


Is it work? (all process)?

Yes, it works!

What you are reading now is because of this strategy it is my personal experience you can check my personal document of building writing habit here.

It is better to check. And I have monitored all my writing process.



Writing is not a simple and easy job. it‘s a dirty job.

Before you put yourself in efforts to improve the quality of writing give your all attention to building a good writing habit.

Writing is not one time task, it needs the regular practice of all these four parts.

This is not quite sure how many days it takes to form a new habit.

A plastic surgeon in 1950 published in his book ( psycho-cybernetics– read it free in google book ) that it takes 21 days to form a new habit.

Another study found  A new behavior becomes automatic, in 66 days to be exact.

Writing skills will not make you millions in the first year but everybody needs it for better communication.

                “ Writing is the need of the day”

One thing that should be must consider choosing a specific time for your writing.

Remember forming your good habit from the past, It will make you smile.

Let me know your big WHY to be a successful writer?

If any question asks in the comment.

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