8 Skills You Need to Build a Money Making Machine Blog

Skills are required in every aspect of life from driving a car to running a multi-million dollars Businesses.

Skills get you to the next stage of your being.

Establishing something big needs multiple skills and that multiple skills convert into one big skill.

That’s the secret of blogging.

The skills are the things you need to grow and help you with your career whatever it is, you are doing right now.

You do not have to be a master of multiple skills at the beginning of the blogging journey. But you have to practice the required skills for blogging consistently.

This way at the same time you will be growing your skills and blog.

For example, Neil Patel who didn’t know what is traffic when he first launched a failed website (jobmonkey.com).

Nowadays he gets over 100k visitor every single month and teaches it Free.


On the road to success, everyone needs to level up their skills to meet the requirement of their Dreams.

C E O of mind valley, Vishan teaches a very simple idea, to really grow in your skills you need to take a step back to see what you are doing, what you need, and where you are stuck. Vishan called this idea 10% refresh rate.

Are you ready to get started? and set some goals for your skills and blogs.

We will begin with easy skills First. if you want to read the major skills first, start reading from the bottom.


#1: Basic Computer Skills

The journey of many experts starts from right here. isn’t it?

This skill will put you in the shoes of the digital world.

All you need to know in this skill is

  • Installing and updating Operating Systems (windows) into the computer, nowadays it’s installation is pretty easy.
  • Installing Drivers for external and internal devices. Nowadays it’s plug and play.
  • Setting up internet connection and browser installation and then extension and so on so forth.

Once you connected to the internet the fun begins from here.

Learn basic computer skills with this award-winning organization for free

Build a Succesful Blog -reward sites


 #2: Internet Skills

Today the Internet is a multi-million dollar industry.

The Internet is a problem-solving tool and the internet has divided the world into two parts Online and Offline.

Over 57% of the population in the world are using the internet.

Internet stats screen shot of 2019

You need enough skills on the internet to solve your problems. Especially in blogging the below main skills are necessary.

  • Browser setting, updating, and managing accounts bookmarking, pretty easy.
  • E-mail
  • Searching google, bing, etc, and filtering search data.
  • Domain setting and web hosting. (will discuss later)
  • Online purchasing, understanding the free trial, and limited free offers.
  • Setting up social network accounts.

That’s all are basic skills and easy to learn.


#3: Skills of Your Passion

Before you dive into the blogging business you need to clear this point.

Blogging is a journey to teach others, areas of your expertise.

For example, you can help people with

  • cooking
  • writing
  • tech
  • losing weight
  • meditation
  • body fitness
  • social media marketing
  • business developing
  • computer programming
  • web designing

Any skills you can teach others to earn money through blogging.

You can Teach multiple topics on a single blog or you can build separate blogs for each topic.

You can blog about one topic in multiple content formats.

On hub spot blog they are teaching multiple topics of two main areas sales and marketing.

On the other hand, socialmediaexaminer.com blogs about one topic (social media marketing) in multiple content format.

They are both B2B (business to businesses) blogs. If B2B platforms are trying these different tactics Then B2C (Business to customers) should have no doubt to try.

The clearer your goals the clearer your ways.


#4: Setting Up Your Blog

You do not need to hire someone to set up your blog/website, it’s simple and automatic just required a few clicks.

To build a blog you need a hosting company like Bluehost, Recommended by thousands of bloggers from around the world.

Go straight to Bluehost and choose your domain.

The domain is a name for the website.

The first step to accessing a website. for example www.google.com

You can choose your domain on a topic base or your own name.

Register a domain and purchase a 36, 24, or 12 months plan with Bluehost.

It’s a one-time simple setup and will take you only less than 20 minutes.

Once you got a domain and hosted it.

Go to the hosting Control Panel (C panel) and install WordPress from the Softaculous software section. (pretty easy)

Choose a theme (Appearance of a site) for your site Free or paid. follow the instruction of the theme company.

Design your home page and write about the topic, what are you gonna teach on this site. it’s should be simple like neilpatel.com.


#5 Generating Content, Skill

Generating Content and mastering content writing skill is not simple. it’s required hard work.

Without content, your blog is an empty library.

Everything is hard in the beginning but the content-generating skill looks like hell.

If you are a good reader then it is 50% easy for you. but if you are not a good writer then you should focus and set goals to practice writing.

Writing Content is the king’s skills in blogging. and it can earn you millions $$$. Not joking.

screenshot-smartblogger.com 2016-10-06 21-51-11.jpg

It’s Need Practice, I mean Read a lot, write a lot, Test a lot, Learn from your and others mistakes, Help a Lot.

In your blogging strategy, the most important part is to write more blog posts. So I have written here a  complete guide, How to write your next blog post from idea to conclusion.


#6  Promoting Contents, Skill

O Boom Share on Facebook you were done. isn’t it? NO, NO, NO.

You need it (social media) but it’s a part of promoting. Not the whole Promoting Process.

Promoting Mean a lot of marketing.

Promoting a piece of content from your blog, It means Promoting you

  • Blog
  • Others different topic Content on your blog
  • Your Personal Brand
  • Your Business Brand
  • Your Skills
  • Your others Blogs
  • Your Products, Etc

Not to the Whole world but To your target market (people) Who care what you write about.

In the Beginning, you just need to focus on your generating content skill for your Target market. and finding your target one on one.

it will teach you a lot.

Join some social groups related to your topic and promote your quality content not just for the sake of a sale but to really teach them, what they are looking for.

Finally, start guest posting on other popular blogs to get traffic and build trust.


#7 Monetization blog, Skills

Converting a blog visitor into a customer.

There are three popular ways to monetize and earn money.


1: Sell Own Products or Services.

It’s huge. expert bloggers sell their own products, services, and Courses subscriptions on their blogs. They are 6, 7 figure income earner.

If you have any own digital or physical Products then monetize your blog with your own products.


2: Affiliate Products Monetization.

Affiliate Marketing itself billion dollars industry.

Guys like Pat Flynn from SmartPassivepassive.com generate millions in  Affiliate Marketing.

screenshot-www.smartpassiveincome.com 2016-10-06 23-25-37.jpg

Some of the top bloggers offer affiliate opportunity like yaro starak to sell their products on commission base.

You can join some of the popular Businesses affiliate programs to promote products related to your blog topic and earn a commission once you made a sale.


3: Ads Network.

Ad sense Advertising Network is a good choice of many bloggers for monetization a blog.

once someone clicked on third-party ads on your site, you will be paid for that click through the ads network.

Monetization of a blog is a required skill and each Ads network and affiliate programs have tons of resources to guide you. but the basic skills and concepts are required.

#8 Email Marketing Skill

Money In the List. Is it Real? yes of course, Because all your blogging Efforts goes here.

Email marketing is a human touch in businesses.

It’s a personal touch with each person in your blog community.

It’s more than just collecting emails from blog visitors and sending them updates.

It’s more effective to convince someone in his/her own inbox rather than on your blog.

Email list keeps you in touch with your blog subscriber on a daily basis.

Learn to Email marketing in this guide here and some case studies here.



If you are just starting from scratch or experiencing blogging for some time, Keeps moving and work hard – it’s not an overnight success. As pat Flynn discusses here.

build a successful blog -www-smartpassiveincome-com-2016-10-08-02-30-17

Generate more content may be in different formats, in the beginning, do not care about quality but care about the habit of generating content. once you established a good habit of writing then move to quality.

The basic thing in blogging is to generate content and that’s what you need.

Set some Small and short times goals and then try to grow in the quantity and quality.

Let Me know what I have missed and what are the other skills which are important in blogging?

What is the one skill which makes the overall blogging process easier?


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