8 Steps to Follow As a Younger Blogger In Career and in Life

I am trying to give you the best advice, which will not only help you in blogging but also will help you to know the ins and outs of the business, career, life, etc.

First I will shed some light on the basic elements, which are required in every challenging life, vision, goals, and in a system,

in step #6 I’ve outlined blogging advice for you which we will discuss later.


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#1: A Short story for you

But right here, let me tell you a story that happens while I was mind mapping for your question.

I saw a little boy walking on the roadside (footpath) and from another side, one of his older relative, (someone who know this little kid) came.

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The older guy sitting on his knees while loving, (hugging) the kid, asked something which I was unable to listen to,

And after a minute they gotta go on their own ways,

As they went a little far from each other maybe 10 feet,

The older guy shouted to the kid,

“Go On the Side CAREFULLY”

and repeated once again.

So what we get from this story, that I and others, bloggers, teachers, gurus, parents, big brothers, etc,

“Can shout to you” Can teach you” Can show you”

What to do and what not do, what’s your gain, and what’s your loss.

We can’t hold your hand or force you. To do what’s better for you.

Keep in mind it’s you,

**”You are only responsible for your own success”**

You can’t blame anyone for your failure.

It’s you, it’s your time, it’s your opportunity.


#2: – Opportunity

The only superpower you have right now is to “choose” to pick a career and then keep going with that one career until you master it, without any other distraction.

This is the only opportunity that makes your whole career easier.

Peoples are making huge mistakes from jumping from one career to another and what’s they get in the result is “The waste of time” nothing else or more.

So you have to research and spend the time to make a strong decision at once.

This is a point to consider before making any decision in careers, business, life.

“The clearer your goal The clearer your Way”.

So, your only question right now is “how to pick?” which get me to step #4


#3: – A push

Behind doing anything or behind any success there is a small secret which is a push, which motivates you, inspire you to go ahead to the next level.

These are simple points

  • 1. Passion
  • 2. A problem
  • 3. A need
  • 4. etc


Passion is something which we do only for our own happiness, either you earn from it or not but you do it because it only makes you happy.

You keep doing it and you do not care about the result.

Keep in mind it is the only most effective way to achieve success faster.

If you have a passion and you love to spend your time doing it, then you are a lucky person, keep doing it and try to achieve goals after goals.

Because there is a push behind your work “which is your passion”.

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A Problem

There is another Push.

A Problem to solve, every morning you get up and you face the same exact problem then it is a hard punch in the face, which will help you in pushing to go ahead.

A Need

Need is something that is not as powerful as the above both,

you need something but it is still not a problem you do not face or feel bad for not having or fulfilling that need daily.

but you simply need that. so it is not a good push to generate a good result.

So right here you have to choose “what you are gonna do in your life”? how you are gonna spend your time daily.?

how a push can help you daily to solve, fulfill, or makes you happy.?

These are simple points that took me years to learn, and I am using them also I want everyone to use them.

Because these simple steps avoid a lot of distraction and help you save a lot of time, and achieve success faster than you think.


#4: – Another Short Story For you

Build a Succesful Blog - story of loi

In a forest an older weak lion was running after a dear for his dinner, unfortunately, at the same time, a younger strong loin was watching the scene from a big stone.

The older lion lost the deer and failed to catch her for his dinner.

The younger loin shouted to the older loin and said “it’s not your job to hunt” it’s our job, you are weak and not strong enough to run after a deer.

The older lion replied to the younger lion, O my son you are right but it is not what you think.

It was not a race of dinner but it was a race of a big WHY ! she won because her why was bigger than my WHY!.

I was running after a one time meal, and she was running to feed her children.

That’s why I failed.

What we learn from this story is to always focus on your “ big Why” which pushes you hard enough.


#5: Hard to be Serious

If you follow all the above steps, you will face another problem.

You are Younger you can focus better than an adult but you will lack responsibility.

You can’t take your work as seriously as an adult which will discourage you and one day you will stop doing things which are matter.

it’s a horrible problem but you know I have a simple solution for it.

No one can make your responsibility rate higher, But you can lower the work rate to balance it with yourself (stamina).

Build a Succesful Blog - stamina

Keep in mind this little phrase which I’ve learned in years

“Do Little Things With Great Love”.

At your age when I started to work, I started working online.

I made a lot of mistakes but one of the best mistakes of mine was to focus on everything and trying to do everything just like other successful bloggers are doing.

later I found that they have teams to do things they are not alone.

—— it’s a big topic to discuss.

What you can do is to do little things with great love and create a lot of value around that little things.

Create values in little things as you grow the value will grow the things will grow the response rate you are having will grow.

All you have to do is to start from little and from somewhere instead of taking a bunch of responsibility or stopping doing anything.

for example

If you want to publish one post daily on your blog. As all the bloggers are doing.

Publishing one post daily is hard and you can’t provide the value which is required in today’s blogging war.

So you should focus to write once a week or month.

So this way you got a lot of time to research, write, rewrite and visualize your contents.

in short one sentence at a time.

If you follow this step (#5) seriously you will never fail.

Now here I will jump to (#6) to talk about blogging.



blog for younger

The above all advice can be applied to the blog, career, business, and in life others matters.

You are younger and you just started, All you have to do to build a successful blog.

Building a successful blog and going through all the hassle will take you 3 to 5 years.

Consider 5 years to be hard working years and later you can have a luxury life just like Yaro starak, Neil Patel, and many other top bloggers.

You have a lot of time, divide it into 3 areas

  • 1. Learning
  • 2. practicing
  • 3. Helping

The two parts of your time are for your own self and the third part of your time should be for helping others.

Keep in mind blogging is not for earning online, people are earning, but if you focus on earning you will fail.

Blogging is a tool to help you in your career.

Before you start earning from your blog consider some blogging basics.

  • 1. choose a niche
  • 2. build strong writing skills
  • 3. Create a promoting strategy
  • 4. etc

Here I am not going into details because my blog is full of this kind of information, you should have a look.


#7: Don’t be an adult

Sometimes peoples are just like monkeys they jump from one industry to another or from one niche to another and they get nothing.

once you committed to spending your time in blogging then keep doing it until you become a successful blogger.

My only advice to you is to not quite at the wrong time watch this video of Seth goddin.


Nothing is easy everything required hard work.

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#8 Feel free to ask

if you have any question feel free to ask. I am here to help.

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