9 Best Ways to Effectively Optimize your Blog Posts For Readerss

The readers are the most valuable part of your blog. Your blog is built upon the foundation of your reader base. If you’re looking to earn money through blogging, then you need lots of traffic.
To get the traffic you need readers. You may have heard many times that you should “write for readers, not for search engines”. To get a good amount of traffic you need to produce original content.
Google rolls out its search algorithm updates quite frequently now, which powers the Google Search Results. As search engines get smarter, it is now able to tell the difference between original and duplicate content.
That is why it is now taking into account the social media presence of bloggers while updating the Google Search Algorithms.

In this post, I’m going to discuss some of the tips which you can use to take your blog post to the next level from the reader’s perspective.

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1. Create an introduction for your post 

Creating an introduction will help your readers understand what the post is actually about it. Some might actually get an idea about what is to expect when they are reading the article. Who knows, you may unknowingly solve a problem of your reader and in return they will be thankful to you thus, becoming a loyal reader of your blog.


2. Create Descriptive and Catchy Headlines

Create catchy headlines that your readers would love. Since headlines are the first thing that a user sees, your headlines should be able to bring out the curiosity in your readers which would beg them to read your post. Use large fonts to make your headlines stand out. Preferably, you should use the <h2> and <h3> tags.


3. Create paragraphs in your post

Creating paragraphs would help your readers to determine what message want to convey in your article. Paragraphs are meant to differentiate the sub-topics between your main topic. They generate more attention from the readers and is likely to make your post more lovable to your readers.


4. Create sub-headings in your post

Creating sub-headings inside your post is vital. No one wants to read a long unorganized boring post. Use meaningful and catchy sub-headings. Not all of the readers would go through your whole post thoroughly and read it line by line. Some prefer to glance through the article. In that case, if a reader gets interested by reading a catchy sub-heading, he is likely to share the article on social media.


Build a Succesful Blog


5. Use catchy images in your post

Images speak more than words. A reader might visit a particular post of yours by just seeing the thumbnail of the image in your post. Use meaningful images that go with the content. Do not use unrelated images which may make your readers leave your blog.


6. Use clean fonts

Your content should be neat and clean. Use fonts that are easy to read (preferably Verdana, Georgia, etc.). Use a size that is not too big and not too small ( preferably 16px ).


7. Offering important links to your readers

In most of the top-quality blogs, you will see most blog authors link out to important articles related to the article they are writing. If you think, you can offer a link to your readers (related to your niche ) that they will love, you can do so. The main objective behind this is to create value for yourself to your readers. Readers in return will love you and will come to your blog, again and again, to see what new information you have to share.


8. Avoid grammatical errors in your sentences

Your message through your content is great. But, if you have left some grammatical errors in the post then it makes the whole standard of your post come down. Also, avoid spelling mistakes when you are writing your post. The safest way to write a post is when you are done, you should read it over and over again just to check whether you have left some mistake in there. Also, if you think about changing a sentence structure that sounds much better, go ahead and do so.


9. Invite your readers to leave a comment

You should ask your readers to leave a comment about what they think about your post. Getting feedback from the readers is crucial. They can offer you some fresh perspective about how you should write a post which they will love. The standard of a blog is purely guided and determined by its readers.

That’s about optimizing your post from the reader’s perspective. Stay tuned for my next article which will be on how you can optimize your post for the search engines.

Well, that’s about everything. Just hit the comment section to share your views.


Build a Succesful Blog

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