9 Marketing Tools You Shouldn’t Overlook in 2021 – Beginners

WordPress, Hubspot or Buffer are some essential tools for marketing professionals

Thanks to these applications and tools, the user can create blogs and pages, mailing lists, or perform SEO audits. Below, we offer a list of some of the best applications for marketing that you should consider this 2020.


1. WordPress: WordPress is still the most used CMS (Content Management System in English, content management systems in Spanish) in the world.

It is a free platform, straightforward to use and configure, and offers endless possibilities. With WordPress, you can create from a store to a static sales page.


2. Google Trends: Google Trends is one of the best marketing tools that exist. It is essential for a marketing professional to be aware of what happens 24 hours a day, and that is precisely what Google Trends does. This Google application shows you what people are looking for and the terms with the most searches by day, month, week, and year.


3. Onpage Optimization Tool: A very simple but potent tool. By simply entering a URL, you can see all the information on the page on screen. You will see statistics on keyword density and also the profile of internal and external links.


4. Audiense: a very versatile tool that optimizes the patterns of social networks. It allows you to create personalized audiences, find profiles to follow and, perhaps most importantly, show what are the best hours to post based on the times of the day in which more followers are connected.


5. Readable: This tool shows the reading level of a text. These types of applications scan the texts and compare them with the different reading tests such as Flesch (the same one that YoastSEO uses) and show us a result that will vary depending on how comfortable it is to read.


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6. Similarweb: A tool that thoroughly analyzes web pages. Similarweb shows the information on positioning, percentage of visits, traffic sources, average page views, page time, and bounce rate.


7. Canva: Canva is an intuitive and simple design tool. It allows you to create all kinds of graphics with a “drag and drops” system, which will enable you to select an element (icon, graphic, image, or typography) and drop it. In addition, it has templates for all types of creations.


8. Buffer: It is a tool that allows the user to program content on social networks in a straightforward way. In Buffer, the user can create a customized configuration with the hours in which he usually publishes (or he can load the Audiense report) and automatically program the contents in the best hours. It also has a browser extension to program content directly from the web.


9. Hubspot Marketing Tool: Hubspot offers a number of very useful free marketing tools. The best of them allows you to collect emails from a web page and obtain information about the pages for which you leave the visits or which pages get the best conversion. It also offers a powerful tool to generate ideas for articles, but it works best in English.

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  1. In this list, I haven’t heard of the Audiense. I just visited the site and taken an overview. I believe the way they are giving users an analysis of best time to post and other important metrices would be useful for the online marketing community.

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