9 Ways to Make Money Off your Blog

First, the array of information on the website will generate more profit for you as it provides a gateway for instant access to customers or to potential partners.\

Website is not simply about your company, they also provide a large amount of information for visitors, not to mention they can ensure the delivery of services to customers in a handy link to many products such as vehicles, machinery, consumer goods ….

They not only allow visitors to consider everything but also offers a low-cost distribution network to find partners at the same time to collect important information about the market and human resources. Another advantage of the site is open up valuable new services is increasing.

Many companies give customers personal information after receiving the necessity of these measures and in return, they earned huge profits from customer numbers increasing.

For example, with Federal Express, its fast delivery service, customers themselves have to track their shipment right on road transport, which has reduced its offering price and build the trust of customers.

In case your company’s website is still in the stage of self-image yourself, then your best strategy is to create it from so many different business opportunities.

You refer to and apply the suggestions below to be able to profit from their website:


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1. Selling ad placement

Once your website has traffic entering crowded, you can rely on it to sell advertising. Advertisers are willing to spend money to buy ads when they see evidence of customer access.

However, at present, advertising revenues are down more than before, so you do not expect the ads will become the main source of income. Selling ad placement is a source of ancillary revenue ideal, but one should not rely on it as the main revenue source to maintain stable business operations.


2. Sell products and services from your website:

Today, as both businesses and individuals are trying to release more tools of electronic commerce and online shopping on their site, then no one can deny that is gaining B2B overwhelming superiority on the site. Although the level of competition increasing, the online trading company can still achieve impressive sales. But you be careful: make something right is always more difficult than what we saw outside.


3. Sales drop-shipping model:

As a form of intermediate product distribution but not on inventory in which goods are transported directly from the manufacturer to the consumer, distributor invoices by writing. If you want to sell products without running into trouble in monitoring the list of goods, warehousing, and delivery systems to maintain complex, business models drop-ship is a good choice for you. This model allows you to sell popular products, high-quality websites with high commissions, while the manufacturer or the company will take delivery of the complete order fulfillment. The inventory, packaging, and transfer requirements for customers.


4. Introduction of ancillary products:

The products are the main supporting partner “safe” to help you diversify revenue by promoting products or services of other companies on their own, to collect a certain percentage on their sales are. When the partner of a company, you will be introduced commission when someone buys more ancillary products on their pages. For the product advertisement partner, you can set the connection to the site’s banner partners, or to add to the description of the product’s main partner in your newsletter.




Build a Succesful Blog

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5. Joint ventures with companies selling related products:

Possible joint ventures with companies all have the same target customers for cooperation and combination of skills, products, services, and human resources to create new revenue streams.

A great way to profit from the venture is by looking for products or services of interest to the customer visit your website, then access to the company to provide products or services.

To suggest that you will introduce their products on the website, and in return, they will deduct a percentage of profits from each product you sell. Most companies will be pleased with this proposal because they will not lose anything until you sell the product.


6. Collect and sell information:

The construction of a database of customers visiting your website is not only a good idea but also a good business.

The demographic data about your customers is a potential gold mine, but the information about preferences and concerns of the customers also value many times over.

But do not sacrifice the trust of customers because of the immediate profit – you must always respect the privacy of our customers and do not ever sell your personal information without customers’ consent.


7. With fee to access the site, or at least part of a website:

Your website can provide a free information giant, but if your information is unique and valuable, you can make money from charging people who want to update this information.

If you feel that you charge a fee for access to entire site content is not very reasonable and will cause many people not interested in visiting the site again, you can only charge a part of the site, or sell individual information content importance at the request of customers.

For example, sites about online training or a few newspapers allow everyone free access to the general introduction and they only charged if someone wanted to see the entire newspaper or other newspaper store reserves.


8. Implementation of marketing campaigns by email:

You remember that the Internet also contains much more than a World Wide Web. In many cases, e-mail resources is even more attractive compared with many sites.

You can sell ads on the letter with news (newsletters) and use your e-mail to inform customers about a special agreement or purchase a product/service to launch something new.

However, do not forget to remove junk mail (spam) and ensures that customers agree to receive mail before you send


9. Leasing software online:

Many companies now offer the software in the form of payment for each use (pay per use). Instead of registering to use the software forever, users can use them on the internet from your server at any time when they need it.

For users, the rental of software applications, meaning they do not have to download huge data files and they do not pay the high fees for software that they fainted only occasionally needed.

The software leasing companies do not pay all fees associated with the sale of standard software, so they also benefit from relationships with online customers who use their software.

Currently, the web application has not been fully exploited, hence the strategic dimensions, effective website for your business is still very low. However, if you spend some time outlining these concerns and develop appropriate direction, the change will certainly be large.

The website does not stop at allowing you to conduct market research, product introduction …

but also gives you many other huge profits in simple ways. In case you want to profit more and more long-term through its Web site, you need to create new features and services to bring value to customers, strengthen networking among members, market research analysis on the web, store multimedia content on the site ….

Everything depends on whether you are self-organized and implemented to achieve the advantages and opportunities from the website or not?



Build a Succesful Blog

Download FREE 8 Blogging Books – Worth $100 – Limited Time

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