A Real Blogger Never Starve for Blogging Success

Look around and you will notice some blogs are starving for a single like, comment, views, etc

And on the flip side, most of the blog owners have turned off the notification and comments sections to not waste time hanging with others.

The question is what’s the difference – between the rich and starving blog.

This will take us back to the basics of blogging – A blog is a tool for your passion and the people you serve are your like-minded community.

If your blog is fundamentally not strong enough then you will get no one attentions.

While on the other hand, rich blogs manage everything from start to finish in a sequence that takes a visitor from A to Z.

So how to set your blog and avoid error?

Give it’s an idea that targets a specific group of people and answers their questions that keep them curious.

There are tons of curious questions to answer in every niche.

To make a long story short – you need time and resources to make your blog successful.

I’ve seen years not days when my blog was starving and I was thinking that only liking – commenting – sharing other people’s blog posts will help and of course following them and then asking them to follow back.

And at the end – what happened – I deleted over a thousand people from my blog following list and started over.

Now the list is raising without following anyone.

Everything is hidden in the quality of your content and that’s why we call it KING.

Content is KING. “Don’t Waste More Time and start with me – I’ve made everything FREE – You don’t need to pay me a single DIME.


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