A Simple Strategy For Newbie Blogger to Build a Successful Blog

We are living in the age of overloaded information, every day millions of blog posts publish and the world is becoming noisier and destructive.

But there are still rooms for solutions if you focus on solving.

With the overloaded contents on the web or around us are making us even more confused and overwhelmed. We

  • Read
  • Watch
  • Listen

and forget, and nothing stays in our mind for a few minutes but our mind wants to see more and more information in the blink of an eye.

In the wilderness of overloaded information, we lost and forget about the

  • Planning
  • Strategies
  • Building New things
  • Developing
  • Improving
  • Struggling
  • etc

These are some big mistakes we made and personally I’ve made for years.

And the new bloggers are the same from all around the world.

The mistake they make is they are all after money and they think that blogging is an easy thing to do to earn faster.

But don’t be fool by the ads you see in social media groups – youtube or somewhere else.

Blogging is a real business and it requires the same

  • Efforts
  • Struggle
  • Planing
  • Investment
  • Time

Which other traditional businesses need.

But let’s talk about a simple strategy for a newbie to “Build a Succesful Blog”.

Step #1:) Passion

I always tend and force newbie to blog about whats you know well.

One thing to keep in mind that Blogging is a tool for your passion and it’s not a money-making machine.

Once you started to believe this then your blogging journey will be easier and confusion-free.

Don’t jump for the sake of money into the world of blogging.

Your passion and blogs need to be married first.

Keep doing your passion either people notice or not.

Learn the fundamental of blogging twice.

What is blogging and how it works –   Read many experts blogs and collect their thoughts on the idea of blogging.

Keep your niche narrow and do not be a generalist but be a specialist.

Master your crafts when no one is watching.

Later you will never get time to sharpen your teeth for more.

But passion is something that always keeps you busy and focused.

Once you tend to blog about your passion then you will never get out of ideas or lack of knowledge or run out of time.

Be a passionate blogger and the doors will open on its own.

Step#2:) What’s Your Big – Why –

A Big why can help you to achieve more but the interesting thing about a big – WHY–  is that you can’t create a big  – WHY –  which will force you to do something perfectly or helps you move faster.

All The Real Big – Whyes – are naturals and that natural why will never let you sleep but your sleep will be converted to naps.

Naps – naps – naps – and you will never sleep for the whole night to see dreams.

#2.1:) Loin and a Deer Race For Big – WHY –

Build a Succesful Blog -Story of loin and deer

Let me tell you a short story about this

There was an old loin in the wilderness he was out for some fresh food to eat and suddenly he saw a deer drinking water.

The old lion attacked the deer but the deer save herself and started to run.

The lion is following and both are running faster.

And in the meantime, another young loin is watching the whole drama.

At last, the deer succeeded to escape and the old loin lost the deer.

The young loin came after old loin and said.

Your days are over and you can’t hunt at this age, you were unable to even beat a deer in a race and started to laugh.

The old loin stays silent a few seconds and then said – it’s not about the RACE but it was about a big WHY.

The deer needed to feed her child and she was running for this BIG WHY and I was just running after my one-time meal.

That’s why I became a loser and the deer won the race.

So if you are a deer you can still win if you have a big WHY – But if you don’t have a Big WHY then you can’t.

Blogging is all about teaching and you must first know that whats tend you to teach – entertain- etc.

Or if you have a special message for the world and you want to spread that message.

Whatever your dream is but keeps in mind it requires a BIG WHY.

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#3:) Start Building

Later we will talk about working on a few things but for now, we have to talk about building to avoid confusion in this post.

To build a successful blog you have to build

  • Community not traffic
  • System
  • A circle
  • etc

#3.1:) Community

The biggest mistake newbie bloggers make is,

As soon as they publish a blog then they can’t wait to get traffic on their blog.

But if you think for a moment & see the reality you will come to know that traffic is not a lot of cars,  trains, plains, etc,.

But traffic means (Humans) in the world of blogging, Real humans who breathe just like you and me.

They are not robots – they have emotions and they do not want to waste time on new blogs that are already empty.

But if you need that eyeballs to come to your blog then you do not need traffic but you need a real relationship with them based on trust.

You must believe this first that you are not building traffic to your blog but you are building a community that will visit your blog and you will teach, entertain them and you will never mislead them for a few cents.

You have to show your real face because humans attract humans, not information or something else.

#3.2:) Building a System

You don’t have to Reinvent the wheel but let the invented wheel helps you reach your destination.

What you can do in the beginning is to focus on a few things to do every day.

These few things will help you build a circle and a system that you will repeat daily.

In your blogging journey, you will visit many different sites, tools, apps, etc.

But you have to work on a few sites, apps, in your first days.

Such as your

  • Blogging platform – WordPress – blogger etc.
  • Quora
  • Buffer
  • Buzzsumo
  • etc

Whatever site – tools – apps you think works best for you.

It depends on you but the idea I want to put in your mind is to not overwhelm yourself with many things.

Keep Repeating the circle and keep moving to the next level.

If you feel that the system is not working for you then try to improve the system and repeat it.

Once the system started to work then expand the boundaries of your goals.

Master the first circle then the second and so on so forth.

Take baby steps to avoid mistakes and assure success rate.


#4:) Consistency and Goals

Keep in mind that in blogging and also in other businesses the only thing which will lead you to success is consistency.

Once a wise man said, “Consistency is the Key”.

If you show up every day you will move a bit far.

But if you don’t show up daily then you will stay right there where you were last day.

As newton law describes “Things stay in rest until there is no force”

And another wise man said

“Do the things and you will get the energy to do the things”.

So keeps to show up every morning.

#4.1:) Small goals

If you can’t do big things then do small things with great love.

Set small goals daily – weekly – monthly, etc.

And keep repeating your circle – keep building & improving your system.

You are a newbie blogger who tends to build a successful blog.

Take your comforts away from yourself if you want to build it.

If you want to know the secret ” the secret is the hard work.

Work – Work – Work and Only Work.

Conclusion on

Consider your blog as your home and you will only be happy once your blog is built successfully.

Never forget – and no one tells what I am telling you – The more people will offer more to do more but it never works if it’s out of your circle.

Keep moving – Repeat the circle – improve your system day by day -Let the wheel keeps moving –

Master your first circle.

Don’t be overwhelm

If you have any questions FEEL FREE to ASK.

Thanks –


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