Affiliate Marketing: A Quick And Easy Guide To Succeed With 0$ Investment

Earning without investment sounds crazy — isn’t it? Of course!

Don’t worry!

In this post, I am going to show you all the ups and downs until you don’t withdraw money from your new ATM card.

As we know that Affiliate Marketing means — selling other people’s products on a commission base.

You make a sale and you get paid just by referring others.

Sounds simple!

But if you try to go deeper and try to measure its breadth and depth then it requires struggle and hard work.

Build a Succesful Blog - Breadth-Depth-

But I am not here to scare you but I am here to teach.

Before things got more complex.

Let’s Get Started.


Step#1:) Platform

You can’t sell a single tomato without a platform.

platform means  — a market where you and other people get gathers to trade.

Just like a

  • Vegetable Market
  • Fish Market
  • Gold Market
  • Electronics Market
  • Home Appliances Market
  • Auto Market
  • Book Market

and other generals markets around the world.

But there is always one thing in common “A Unique Idea, Or Offer and a Need” Which force and brings people together.

But in the online world, you have to create one, around an idea, or a niche, it can be a micro niche Also it can be your passion. ( I will discuss passion later in detail).

Basically offline and online world idea is going hands and hands.

But online marketing and building a unique platform for your own profit is a little bit tricky.

So if you are going to build from scratch then you have two major options.

Free and Paid.

In this post, my priority goes to free because I myself using it for years, although it’s your choice.

But I will shed light on both here.


i:-) How to build a paid online platform?

If you can afford then don’t hesitate to invest.

You may invest to

When you invest you can

  • Earn faster and enough
  • Can save much time for enjoyment
  • Share workload with your employees

However, if you want to check waters with one foot then it can be a good decision.


ii:-) How To Build A Free Platform?

Thanks to they have made everything automated and easy just for people like you and me.

I love and using it since 2014.

Build a Succesful Blog -


Sign up for a free service


Build a Succesful Blog -  Plans

And Then choose A free theme of your choice from hundreds of themes.

Without worrying about security or any other services. you can use for now limited services offer and later you can upgrade to any plan.

Then create a Facebook page and a Twitter account to promote your blog and its contents.

And connect it to your blog for automatic sharing.

Build a Succesful Blog - WordPress Setting will guide you step by step to setting it up and running. once you finish and signed up for other accounts too. so it means you configured a platform.

Now the Rest of running depends on you and on your skills which gets me to step no 2.


Step#2:)- Skills

Build a Succesful Blog - Skills

In this post, I have written in detail what types of skills you need to learn to build a money-making machine blog.

  • Basic Computer Skill
  • Internet Skill
  • Skills of your passion
  • Setting up a Blog, (Including
  • Generating Content Skill
  • Promoting
  • Monetization
  • Email Marketing Skill

If you don’t know about these skills you can learn here on my blog in detail, it’s easy to learn and earn from it.

it’s an important step you should not ignore.


Step#3:) Passion

If you want to succeed faster then your profession and passion should be one.

Especially in the blogging world.

Your passion doesn’t bore you sooner and you love to keep doing things and then feels good about your achievement.

Your passion could be, to grow chicks in your backyards. here you can learn more about the idea of these chicks and passion.

Build a Succesful Blog - raising chicken

When you blog about your passion you will never face a lack of ideas for your blog posts and also other writing problems,

Because you will be doing something which you love to do and this passion technique is the only solution to many problems in the blogging world.

When you blog about your passion you can generate much more content for your blog and you will never feel bad to participate in the conversation with other bloggers.

Passion keeps your minds open to ideas and to do a lot every single day.

Build a Succesful Blog -Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.- --John Wooden

If you are having any doubts or you don’t know what is your passion or you want to find it, Then watch this man he is helping.

Also, Ask yourself

  • What was the last thing you did for hours and you didn’t feel bad?
  • Do you have a skill which people ask you to solve their problem with your skill and you love to help and even you don’t care that people will pay you back?
  • Ask your friends they know well what you love to do and if you try to think about your friends that what they love to do you can find out theirs and they can help you to find yours.
  •  Remember what you loved doing as a child.
  • What you can do for years if you don’t get paid for it?

Some are easy but some are hard questions, But if you get a paper and pen and try to clear and ask yourself you will get many ideas to find it.

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Learn More


Step#4:) The Struggle

At this step, The struggle begins to succeed in Affiliate Marketing through blogging with 0$ investment.

You have two things to take it serious

  1. Writing
  2. Monetization

If you are a complete newbie to blog writing then read this blog post to learn How To Write Your Next Blog Post from Idea to Conclusion? I have written here in every single detail. “Never Skip as a beginner”

If you are somehow familiar with blog writing but you don’t overcome some writing problems.

I am a huge fan of writing and have faced much more problems that’s why I have written many posts on writing issues

The skill of writing is the main function in the blogging world and you can only master it with techniques and practice.

When you set up your routines and start to stick some techniques (from the above posts on my blog) of your choice and kept practicing then you can make it soon (Affiliate Marketing).

If you have never face the challenges of writing then I have offered a lot to read that’s why I should move to the next.

ii:)- Monetization

There are thousands of affiliate programs to join and start promoting them on your platform, But I will only talk here about and I love the amazon associate program for many things.

As an affiliate marketer online since 2012 I have experienced many more ups and downs and in the last, I have found many things which work.

And I don’t hide it but I love to share it with others.

A little history of My Affiliate Marketing

  • SFI Group Of Multilevel Marketing from 2012 to 2016 (  I don’t Recommend also multi-level marketing).
  • (”old address”) 2016 to 2019.
  • Amazon Associate Program from 2017 to 2019.

On the way to date, I have participated in many programs but some of them I left because of a few reasons.

One of the best reasons I found at is people shop on this site with 100% confidence.

Build a Succesful Blog - Amazon

If you refer someone to their product or services they don’t hesitate to buy and also offers good prices and deals.

And they ship millions of products around the globe.

Build a Succesful Blog -

At last, I stop by and love to participate in this program and would like to promote

Build a Succesful Blog - Amazon has thousands of products but you should not promote everything but stick to a few products and you will be doing great as I am doing.

Nowadays I am getting good clicks on Amazon links. (I have recently joined again).

Build a Succesful Blog - Amazon analytics shots

Okay, That was my story with Affiliate Marketing And

iii:)- How To join Amazon Associate Program

Click Here to join.

Amazon has lots of opportunities for people you can participate in other programs but it will require cash.

For Now, Forget!

Build a Succesful Blog - Amazon Bottom Site View

Go down the page and click to become an affiliate. before you join check this fees schedule from Amazon.

As You land on the sign-up page click the join now button and it will refer you to the login form, if you don’t have one then please fill the form to get one and then join Amazon associate program.

Once you got login details then Amazon will guide you through to join the program.

Will ask you some question that is easy to fill.

 Build a Succesful Blog - Amazon Sign Up

Build a Succesful Blog - Amazon Sign up Steps

Go step by step to join.

Build a Succesful Blog - Amazon Sign Up Proccess

Just Add your Website and leave the app text box empty if you don’t have any and click on next arrow #3 is pointing.

Build a Succesful Blog - Affiliate Sign Up

Click No, If your site is not for children under 13 and click confirm. you have to declare the correct information otherwise your account will be suspended after you make three sales.

Build a Succesful Blog - Sign up step 3

Click to zoom for a bigger image, Try to answer everything correct.

Build a Succesful Blog - banner

Learn More


How to Fix Amazon Associate Identity Verification?

The Next Step is Identity Verification. it’s a little bit tricky and a lot of people are facing this problem.

Here I will show you 2 ways to get rid of it.

If you are living outside the USA then you will be unable to confirm your identity with your personal country phone number.

for this Verification, you will need a virtual number of USA to just confirm your Amazon associate Identity.

  1. Text Now is an app on google play store which provides virtual numbers of the USA of your choice for free

Just download and signup to get a virtual number and enter it in the identity verification step with Amazon and then click call me.

once the Amazon call received dial the 4 digits code on the screen, on the Text now app dial pad, and then wait for a little to confirm.

Once it confirmed then you can participate in the Amazon Associate Program.

In some countries, the TextNow app Doesn’t Work.

For this, you should try another alternate way.

2. Text Plus is another app on the Google play store, which will do the job of identity verification. the same procedure as the text now app.

If it still not working after 10 to 20 tries then look for another similar app on the play store.

And I am sure you will get the job done, I tried the Textnow app but it didn’t work for me – then I tried Text Plus and worked for me  – Your Luck.

This is the only problem people face with Amazon associate sign up, the rest of the program is best.

Once you Confirmed and started to getting links from

Then try to promote similar, helpful, digital, and physical products on your blog and between contents.

On the sidebar of my blog, I promote Kindle unlimited and in blog posts, I promote only books just like in this post.

Build a Succesful Blog - My Pick Amazon products

How To Use Amazon Affiliate Center with site has written about this but you don’t have to go through that long process.

I will just point you to get only needy things and keeps working.

The first thing is to keep in mind that javascript banner doesn’t work on site only images or links you have to copy-paste and add.

but how I did? I’ve manually uploaded the images from the image link address.

Click right on the image and click on “copy image address”,

follow the below screenshot arrows.

It will load the image into your gallery, set the image between content or on the sidebar, and then add your affiliate link to it.


Build a Succesful Blog - Kindle Affiliate Products


Build a Succesful Blog - Amazon Proccess Signup

Another good tip here is – whatever page you land on, The SiteStrip will help you to get a link for promotion.

Always keep a close eye on your Amazon Affiliate home for Best Offers.

Build a Succesful Blog - Amazon Influencer

At the Associate center, there are several and advanced options but unfortunately, that works only with a self-hosted site.

What you can do is upload images manually and then add links to that images or to text.

It’s simple and it’s good, not bad because a lot of advanced options will make you confuse soon. so keep learning and hunt good offers for your followers.

If you have still any questions feel free to ask in the comments.


Step#5:) On The Road To Success with the Help Of SEO And Social Media

Once you configured the above all settings and gain good knowledge then you have to focus 70% on SEO and 30% on Social media.

First of all, you have to verify your site to all major search engines from the wp site setting.

Go to your site setting  – Tools – Marketing Tools – Traffic. will automatically send your sitemap to all search engines.

Build a Succesful Blog - Setup SEO

Follow the instruction, to add your site to search consoles.

once you added then you can see how your site is performing in search engines. if any issue found on your site the search console will inform you via email.

Last day I solved one issue and now I have received an email about the error in some contents.

Build a Succesful Blog - Coverage Issue Detected

When you keep solving the issues between your site and SEO it will help you rank higher, Also you will learn good tips about SEO.

The Best strategy for SEO I use is that I write long blog posts and don’t leave any point to discuss with enough details.

Longer blog post over 1500 words ranks higher in search engines.

Also, Earn good shares on social media According to okodork study.

Build a Succesful Blog - Shares-by-Content-Length.png

What you can do is to keep writing comprehensive content for SEO and feed the social feeds with your content.

Connects all your social accounts to your blog and as you publish a new post it will be shared automatically on social media.

Build a Succesful Blog - wp connecting accounts.jpg

There is another app called Buffer to share and schedule your post with.

it’s free and also offers paid service, for us free works a lot.

I have written with good details here How to Share One Post to 5 Social Networks With One Click.

The above post is a little older, the buffer has updated some features but works well as it was. “don’t worry to use”.


Step#6:) The Flow

In the beginning, everything seems harder but it’s not really – only look.

Consistently working and flowing with your blog on a daily basis is the best strategy.

If you look all around you will see big achievements is only done by working consistently.

Build a Succesful Blog "DoThe Things andYou Will Get TheEnergy To Do The Things

In the beginning, your blog just focuses only on writing to cover the topics you have claimed to be an expert on.

As I have claimed On my Home Page.

Build a Succesful Blog - Laiq Zada Blogger

If you look on my blog page  I am writing around the big idea, “Live The Laptop Lifestyle”.

I am a deep digger of all topics related to the main idea.

Keep Writing Around the main Idea And promote a lot –( Follow Neil Patel to promote in free).

Always Share Inspirational quotes with your followers. you may design a good looking quote in just a minute by using the buffer sister app.

Don’t have to download and then upload an image for background just select it from the quick access library.

Build a Succesful Blog - Quote design Tool

Arrow number 4 pointing you to share on multiple social networks, If you don’t have a buffer account then learn about here.

Along with generating content for your blog do not forget to look for deals on Amazon.

Always look for a fresh offer to promote with your fresh content.

Build a Succesful Blog - Amazon daily deal

Generate conversations with fellow bloggers, followers as much as you can.

Because it will help you to spread the news of your brand.

Gain the knowledge and keep a close eye on statistics about blogging, and about the niche, you want to blog.

Follow the expert bloggers, influencers, competitors in your niche, and the other same tasters.

Be aware and be active to leave no stone for your success.

Step#7:) Payoneer

In the Beginning, new bloggers always focus on the method of how Amazon and other sites will pay you back.

Payoneer is a good service that helps you collect your earned money from major sites and provide a free ATM card to withdraw your money.

You can also promote Payoneer to earn 25$ per referral.

Build a Succesful Blgo - Earn 25 $

Sign up Here

I first received my card in 2014 which is now expired and a new one is pending approval.

You will go through these four steps.

Build a Succesful Blog - Payoneer Sign up

You don’t have to wait for your card to receive — you can still add your “bank account” attached with a Payoneer card to Amazon.

Build a Succesful Blog - Payoneer Currency

Once you went through the approval step then this and this article will guide you through all the details to connect and receive payment from


If you focus on your work the money will focus on your accounts.

As you earn, try to invest in your blog and subscribe to some automated services such as a buffer.

This way you will get some time free in which you can read books of influencers about your niche. Stay connected with them.

Keep your platform confusion-free and clean, every day try to make it even better.

Keep your skills sharp and try to achieve even more.

Hard work is required it’ doesn’t matter that you have money to invest or not.

As Garyvee says in this post and in this video.

If you have any questions in any of the 7 steps feel free to ask.

Let me know, Where are you struggling to succeed in

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Content Writing
  • Tools and Tech
  • ?

Don’t struggle alone let your fellow bloggers know.


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