Answerd – Is Universities Worth it Any More?

These are simple question that has been answered by jam Janie a popular youtube star.

He has also, published a video about the fake gurus and has tackled other topics too.

Some of his ideas are really outstanding that push us to rethink and change for the better.

Everyone has its own style – for some people universities and college degree works and for some people it won’t work.

It’s simple – a lot of people you will see on the internet – talking about that “Blogging is Dead”.


Because it won’t work for them and most of the bloggers you will see they are earning a lot from blogging.

However – I think It depends on us and not on the resources – tools – etc.

Let’s Listen to James answers what he has to say and how we can improve ourselves for the better.


The video has been focused on England and USA countries but it’s still worth watching if you are not a US or UK person.



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