Are you a Profitable Blogger?

Whether you agree or not, there are only two kinds of bloggers, generally speaking. One who is blogging for-profit and the other who is just blogging for enjoyment.  In my upcoming posts,

I will focus mainly on the one that is blogging for profit but of course, it will be also useful for the other group.

I started blogging for enjoyment because I love writing. And over time, it has developed into a more serious one. With this in mind,

I have created this blog to help others who are on the same pathway as I am particularly those who have just found their way to blogging.

Many bloggers started out this way and only in the last couple of years did blogging for profit become popular.

A word of caution for newbie bloggers who want to make money real quick: Avoid schemes promising you quick money by buying their system.

There is no such thing as quick money when it comes to blogging. You have to work hard. I mean really HARD!


The Pleasure Bloggers

  • They use free blogging platforms like Blogspot,, Typepad, or they could have their own domain too.
  • The blog about life in general or pen their poetic thoughts.
  • They connect with other bloggers with similar passion–passion for blogging per se.
  • etc. etc. the list could go on


The Profit Blogger

  • Most likely they have their own domain and host their own site.
  • They publish articles on ezine to promote their affiliate products.
  • They compete about keywords and stuff.
  • They connect with potential customers.
  • Their sites have “opt-in” that gives a free ebook but then it puts you in their mailing list and sends you occasional emails with tips and sometimes with products they want to sell.
  • etc. etc.

Whatever side of the fence you are on, blogging can be pleasurable, profitable, and both.


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