Article Marketing: How To Boost Long Term Traffic

1. Write long, interesting, keyword-rich articles. Google loves articles that have more than 500 words, rich in keywords, and are interested to read.

All your articles should have a keyword density between 1% and 3%. If the article is about “online business” then make sure that article has that keyword density.


2. Write as many articles per day as you can. The more articles you write, the more articles will be indexed by Google, each of them sending unique visitors to the website or blog. All the best article marketers advise that a good article marketing campaign should have more than a thousand articles to send millions of unique visitors to the website or blog.


3. Write about just one keyword per article. For example, if your article is about Google Adsense, then do not mix it with Google Adwords or any other advertising network. Focus on Google Adsense alone and if you want to talk about other advertising networks, write a new article about it instead.


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4. Get more links to your articles using existing blogs you own and forums you write for. The higher the number of one-way links to an article, the higher it will rank on Google, all the time, no exceptions.

5. Engage your readers to comment on the article and to share it using social networks. They are your most important ingredient to spread the word and get more visitors from their blogs and social networking accounts.


6. Articles published will not have as much traffic as they can because Google alone is not the only major source of traffic. Social networks like Facebook and YouTube can send killer amounts of traffic with just some effort.

Facebook is already the most visited website globally and it will not stop here as it reaches only half of all internet users.

Focus on growing your Facebook network by making friends with 5000 people and creating a Facebook fan page where you will publish your best articles to attract more traffic to them.

Facebook is perfect for long-term traffic as people who use it are always looking for more information and they trust more Facebook information than other sources because they can see who published that information.

Article marketing is not a here-today-gone-tomorrow marketing technique. Article marketing will always exist as long as people know how to read and write.

Mastering article marketing may take years but it is worth every minute of effort. Writers must learn how to write perfect English, how to write eye-catching titles, and killer introductions.

However, once they master these techniques, writing another article will be natural and almost automatic with little effort on his part. Start using today the power of article marketing, grab Google and Facebook traffic now.


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