Backlinking Mistakes Beginners Bloggers are Making

Link building is one of the basic foundations of any SEO strategy. Get this wrong and you flush countless hours of SEO work down the drain. When it comes to link building, the rule of thumb is the more one-way quality links going back to your site, the better chance of your blog ranking higher.


Focusing on Quantity

Some of us are guilty of focusing too much on creating links that we don’t bother to consider where we get those links. How many of us have bought article submission software, article rewrites, or even hired the services of link farms just to get hundreds of links?

It seems that search engines have wisent up to this and have decreased the value of links generated by these techniques. Some article submission sites have even disabled outgoing links in response to these changes.


Build a Succesful Blog

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Many have fallen into the pitfall of trying to generate hundreds of links thru article submissions and using article spinners to get as many links with as little effort as possible. But with Google’s recent changes the quality of links from these techniques has suffered a downgrade.

If you’re trying to build links then these techniques offer you a better way of generating quality links. They might take you a few hours to create a single link but are worth a hundred spam links.

  • Guest posting
  • Forum posting
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Web 2.0


Linking the same Page

We should not only get links from a variety of techniques but also link these with different pages on the blog. You should also try to make it a point to include important pages on your blog in your link-building efforts. Consider every page as a possible entry point to your website. This raises the value of each page giving your blog more credibility and higher page rankings.

We must remember that each page of our blog has a specific purpose. One page might contain information on the types of services or goods we offer so this would attract specific searches. When we focus too much on our homepage we dilute the value of other pages on our blog.


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Anchor Text

Anchor texts are vital connections that link your blog to another website. Creating your anchor text only takes a few minutes but many of us are just too lazy to focus on the details. Anchor texts should be created with our target keywords to improve their value. Along with linking it with different pages on our blog, we should also incorporate different keywords with each anchor text.


Using the Same Technique

There are different link-building strategies available and we should try to focus our efforts on how we create these links. Relying on one technique no matter how effectively does not give us any flexibility when if something goes wrong. Just like those who placed their efforts on article submissions when Google’s recent changes came up, it left them with hundreds of low-quality links. It is not only important that we focus on the quality of our links but also use a myriad of techniques to stay ahead of the game


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