Be a Blogger Or Be a passionate

 The first thing here is you can’t become a blogger and you can’t start blogging.


You can only become a passionate FIRST about something which you LOVE.

And you find yourself always busy with that passion Or in your free time.

For Example

You Have to be an

  • Artist
  • racer
  • biker
  • Writer
  • Tech junkei
  • OR Video Game Player

You must have a skill of your passion to start a blog.

You can be one of the above Or I didn’t mention your passion.

But All I want you to know that passion is the Key to Blogging. (ANY PASSION) YOU HAVE.

Keep In Mind

Blogging Is a TOOL for your passion Blogging is not a passion and you can’t start blogging but your Passion.

You can’t become a blogger but a Master of your Passion.

Is that Clear.


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