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Every website owner should understand the importance of building quality backlinks. With building backlinks, you should also know the importance of monitoring the backlinks of your blog.

Having inbound links to your blog is very essential to attain a higher page rank in google. But the thing you should keep in mind is that the backlinks you build should be based on quality instead of quantity.

Google has many algorithm updates in 2013 by which backlinks are now the important parameters for ranking a blog in the search engines.

Webmasters should build quality backlinks as an important thing in their search engine optimization strategy.

So today we will be talking about the 5 Best Free Online Backlink Checker Tools which you can use to count the number of backlinks linking to your blog.

So below are the 5 best online backlink checker tools that will help you to monitor all the incoming backlinks to your blog. You can select any of the tools listed below to check the incoming backlinks to your blog.


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1. BackLinkWatch


BackLinkWatch is one of the most popular backlink checker tools available. It provides valuable information about the backlinks to your blog and is completely free to use.

With BackLinkWatch, you can easily analyze your backlink profile and identify any potential issues.

2. Open Site Explorer


Open Site Explorer is another excellent backlink checker tool. It allows you to compare multiple domains and provides comprehensive data on backlinks. Created by SEOmoz, Open Site Explorer is widely used by webmasters to monitor their backlink profiles.


3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a popular choice among SEO professionals for backlink analysis. It offers the largest index of live backlinks and updates its data every 15 minutes.

Ahrefs provides detailed information on backlinks, anchor texts, linking domains, and even keyword rankings and competition.


4. Link Diagnosis

Link Diagnosis is a versatile backlink checker tool that provides various options for analyzing your backlinks.

Whether you need detailed reports or optimized reports for specific pages, Link Diagnosis has got you covered.

It is recommended to use Link Diagnosis with Firefox for the best experience.


5. Small SEO Tools


Small SEO Tools is a comprehensive website that offers a wide range of SEO tools, including a backlink checker. It is a user-friendly platform that allows you to analyze your backlinks and track their quality and relevance.

6. SEMrush

SEMrush is not only a powerful keyword research tool but also an excellent backlink checker. It provides detailed insights into your backlink profile, including referring domains, anchor texts, and even toxic backlinks that may harm your website’s SEO.


7. RankSignals

RankSignals is a free backlink checker tool that offers a simple and intuitive interface. It provides valuable information on backlinks, including the source URL, anchor text, and even the PageRank of the linking page.


8. Majestic


Majestic is a well-known backlink checker tool that offers a comprehensive analysis of your backlink profile. It provides detailed data on backlinks, referring domains, anchor texts, and even the historical data of your website’s backlink growth.


9. Monitor Backlinks


Monitor Backlinks is a reliable tool for tracking your website’s backlinks. It allows you to monitor your backlink profile and receive notifications for any changes or new backlinks. Monitor Backlinks also provides valuable insights into the quality and relevance of your backlinks.


10. cognitiveSEO

cognitiveSEO is a feature-rich backlink checker tool that offers comprehensive data on your backlink profile.

It provides insights into backlinks, referring domains, anchor texts, and even social signals related to your website.

These are the top 10 backlink checker tools that can help you monitor and analyze the backlinks to your blog or website. By regularly monitoring your backlinks, you can ensure the quality and effectiveness of your link building strategies, and ultimately improve your website’s SEO performance.


Final Thought:

While reading one of the Ahrefs articles, I stumbled upon an interesting scenario that sheds light on the challenges of ranking certain keywords. It seems that some seemingly easy keywords are surprisingly difficult to rank. But why is that?


Ahrefs explains that backlinks to a domain play a crucial role in determining its power and authority. The more backlinks a domain has, the more difficult it becomes for competitors to outrank it. However, there are instances where high domain authority can be easily outperformed by domains with a lower authority, simply because they possess a strong backlink profile.

But here’s the catch:

Even though backlinks are a significant ranking factor, there are still cases where the dynamics shift for various reasons.

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