Best Blogging Books for Beginners – 2021 – FREE

Do you know blogging books are the most flexible way to learn to blog faster?

Books are coming from the beginning of history. Books are everywhere and the new generation is keeping a little on the side but the people who love books are more successful than the rest of the people who are not reading.

The same is true in the blogging world because blogging is the trend nowadays.

People from all around the world are learning and earning tons of dollars every single day through blogging.

I’ve read lots of books of expert bloggers and collected all the points that help in real-time.

My books are specially customized for beginners and intermediate-level bloggers also, most of the ideas I’ve shared in these 8 blogging books are useful for any career-level person in blogging.

So in this post, I will walk you through my 8 blogging books and will let know how each book can be helpful on your journey.

Before we jump into that let me clear how to access my books.

1:- You can directly buy any book or all

2:- You can read them all for free through amazon kindle unlimited – Go through the process here step by step.

So let’s get started and dive into details.


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#1 – Build a Successful Blog

Best Blogging Books for beginners 2021

This is a breakthrough in my blogging career and the way I have written this book can be a breakthrough for you too.

The book is available in both formats

  • Paper Back
  • Ebooks

So the main points you will learn through this Big blogging book are

★ Strategies

★ Tools and Techniques

★ Facts & statistics

★ Building writing habits

★ Writing strategies

★ Unique Habits for blogger

★ Earning / monetization

★ Affiliate Marketing

★ Setting up & the tech side of blogging

★ Productivity hacks and smart work

★ Mind tricks and tips

★ Bonus

The book consists of over 300 pages and I’ve left no stone unturned and have shed light on many areas especially blogging and self-development.

The self-development topics will keep you inspired and stick to your goal achievement.

Either you are a beginner or intermediate blogger you can achieve your final goals with this book.

It’s a one-stop blogging book except for the deep SEO.

Don’t Worry. The pure Books about SEO for Blogging is in the list –

In the meantime, this blogging book will help you in the essentials ways that most bloggers are doing wrong.

Click here to buy on Amazon or read with a kindle subscription or follow the above link to signup for free reading.

If you are landed on the paperback page it means you can still switch to E-book.


#2 – Make Money


Do you know we all can’t wait for long without getting paid even if we work in the business of the gold market?

The same is true in the blogging world – if you are not earning enough to cover your expenses then it means it’s the waste of time and time is the most precious source we have among all other sources.

So this book guides you on how to make money through blogging and affiliate marketing.

In this Blogging book, I’ve only pointed you to the amazon affiliate program and have described well that why amazon should be your better choice in the beginning.

But if you look around you will notice that most of the expert bloggers are earning a major part of their’s income from amazon in different ways.

In my case, I also, earn from their kdp program and it’s a win-win situation for my readers and for me because my readers read my books free and I get paid a very small amount by the program.

So to be honest with you – it’s not my goal to earn but my goal is to help someone in need.

So if you don’t want to go deeper into blogging and just want to step in and start earning then read on this book.

After reading if you got any questions then let me answer and help with anything you need.

Click here to buy or Read with kindle subscription or use the above intro link to access them all FREE,


#3 – Blog Post Writing

Best Blogging Books for beginners 2021

If you have a blog and facing writing problems or want to repolish your blog writing then this book is your friend.

The blog works the same way as the social feeds your fans always want to listen and learn from you.

You have to feed your feeds with new ideas on daily basis and for this, you have to write persuasive content that will inspire someone to take action.

Blog contents are all about leading your followers from point A to B.

So right here you need good persuasive writing skills that will be helping you to generate tons of content in a specific niche.

If somehow you’ve found yourself in this situation then don’t wait to read this book. With the help of this book, you can generate tons of content.

I’ve shared simple techniques that writers used to write books not only blog posts.

If you practice and master these strategies then you will be the winner.

Whatever you need to write a blog has been mentioned in this book and you can instantly learn and can employ the technique to start working for you right away.

Another beauty in this book to learn is to be loved by your readers and let them imagine you as a hero in their minds.

Click here to buy this blogging book or read with a kindle subscription or use the above intro link to access them all FREE,


#4 – Blog Traffic


Best Blogging Books for beginners - 2021


Do you know the visitor to your blog increases the worth of your blog and when targetted visitors hang on your blog, business happens, and raise hundreds of opportunities for you to earn?

But if you look on the flip side you will notice that a well-designed blog doesn’t attract visitors to your blog and neither other sources.

So in this blogging book, I’ve cleared the confusion and have shared tons of ideas and 7 strategies to drive traffic to your blog.

If you read this blogging book you can come up with your own great ideas to get traffic on your blog.

Also, don’t forget to employ and get real-time traffic.

Quora must be your essential source of blog traffic.

In a blog post, Neil Patel says that I head over to quora whenever I feel a lack of traffic but he is an expert he drives most of his traffic to his blog from email lists.

In this blogging book, I’ve covered deep details about 7 ways that will help you once and last if you implement the right way.

And this is a short book straightforward to the blog traffic details.

To buy this book click here or read with a kindle subscription or use the above link to read free on Kindle books.


#5 – Blogging Community

Best blogging books for beginners - 2021

Most of the bloggers try tons of ways to drive traffic to their blogs and you know they never reach their final goals with that traffic.

People come, go and forget it means their’s bounce rates are super high.

Building a strong community needs you to come up with an idea and then you will lead them through the way to success.

So this strategy always works and keeps your readers engaged with you because with the help of this blogging book you will be guiding them in a specific topic and they will know that you are helping them to reach their final goals and beyond.

Also, most of the bloggers who know the power of community are facing hard times to build and the strategies they are using are useless.

Sometimes they end up spamming the social feeds and others forums.

So you will not be guided to these awful tricks but I’ve shared the smart ways that will make you wow.

The best part of building community is, it stays with you either your blog rank goes high or low.

To buy this book click here or read with kindle or use the above link to read free on Kindle unlimited.


#6 – Passion Blog

best blogging books for beginners 2021

Every story starts with a passion and ends up at success.

The idea of blogging can’t be caught in a bucket, you are free to broader your boundaries.

The beauty of a passion blog is YOU and can share everything because you don’t depend on a particular area.

As we all know that we are all multi-passionate owners and a personal blog provides an opportunity to let everyone know about ourselves.

The passion blog helps you connect with people and build your brand online, you can share every single detail about yourself.

For example, I started this blog passionately to share my ideas about blogging, writing, and marketing, and look my journey still continues and right now I am the author of 8 blogging books.

So this is what your passion blog holds for you. My recommendation for every blogger is to also have a niche blog that will be the primary source of income and after working on that you can then start working on your passion blog every day.

And for sure a day you will reach your final goals where you will quit all other things and will be stick to your personal passion blog and it will be generating tons of dollars.

So in this Blogging book, you will be guided to quickly set up a blog with WordPress and start writing your first post right away.

The one thing I want to share here is to research for the keywords in your passion area that people search for and willing to read and buy something.

So as soon as you start earning from your blog then you will be even more focused on your passion blog and you will be motivated by the number of money you will earn daily.

But it doesn’t mean if someone is not paying attention and you say hey it’s not for me because no one visits.

The first rule of a passion blog is to keep doing as a street talent either someone notice or not.

It doesn’t mean to avoid promoting your blog but you must consistently generate new content and never compromise on stoping to show your talents in multiple skills.

Passion blog is the first step to success in the world of blogging.

To buy this book click here or read in kindle unlimited or use the above link to read free on Kindle unlimited.


#7 – Blog Success: Build Dozens Of Successful Blogs


Best blogging books for beginners 2021

We all struggle while building our first blogging business just like the first draft of any writing.

But once you went through the way you will notice that how simple and easy everything were and this aha moment inspires you to plant new ideas and build more blogs.

The blog is something that needs to works on and completely depends on your actions and the steps towards blog success must be taken with great strategies in mind.

But the hardest part is building your first blog, Later you will know your strategies and steps and you will be able to generate more results by repeating the same previous actions.

A pro step here is to practice every single area of blogging a lot and master the ins and outs of each technique.

I mean to really put yourself in the shoe of hard work. until you don’t master all the steps on the journey you will never see success.

The second word for success is HARDWORKING.

When you start working hard you will start seeing smart patterns in your work and with the help of that, you will achieve your goals faster and easier.

The Smart patterns help you build a system.

So in this blogging book, I’ve mentioned tons of info that I’ve experienced on the journey.

By Building dozens of successful blog you can make millions not thousands,

Let’s get into it – To buy this book click here or free kindle reading or use the above link to read free on Kindle unlimited.


#8 – Out Rank Experts

best blogging book for beginners 2021

Do you know it’s possible to outrank experts by simply implementing a few techniques of SEO?

I’ve shared everything with real-time experiences and examples.

These are smart ideas and show you the short cuts in SEO and these techniques has shared by top experts and the worst part is no one notice.

This blogging Book has no complex details or something that will make you annoyed.

Everything is pretty easy and just start implementing the tactics.

Also, You can come up with your own ideas and can experiment – if it works then add it to your system if it’s not working then make some changes and retry.

SEO is a game and no one control it except the king and you know who is the king here.

The content“.

Google wants to come up with great results when a user searches for something in the matter of seconds and they are working so hard for this shortest moment.

So if you can help them then it means they will help you too.

Google is going to be an answering machine, also a recent report indicates that Google is no up to good but opened many opportunities.

So in the game of SEO things change and they regularly update their algorithm and as a blogger, your job is to keep yourself updated and use every single factor to rank you higher in the long run.

In this SEO Blogging Book, I don’t share stories or history but I directly show you the exact points and real-time cases so you can jump in and outrank experts.

I also, prove that these tactics are suggested by experts.

You might be doubting that how on earth it’s possible to outrank experts who are having high domain authority and unlimited content.

In short – Expert bloggers never shoot for a small market.

So here’s the opportunity for newbies to come and win.

So with the help of this blogging book, you can master the game of SEO.

To buy this book click here or borrow in kindle or use the above intro link to read free on Kindle unlimited.



We all read tons of books and we forget to implement someone’s real experiences in our hard work.

So to get the most out of my books is to start implementing the tactics – because I’ve written these blogging books from my years of experiences not from research as other people do.

Start your journey with my books and stay tuned for the new release.

I’m working hard enough to come up with more interesting and timeless strategies in the era of blogging.


Ps. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment sections and in the review sections of my books.


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