Best Blogging tips for Dummies

Starting a new blog can seem like a lot of work at times, and sometimes you are going to wonder if the efforts you are putting into are going to be worth it in the end. We all wonder about those things when we first start blogging.

So here are your Blogging Tips for Beginners post to make sure you are doing things right the first time around to make sure your time and money will not go to waste, but actually make you money in the end.


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1. Know your Goals – It is important to know why you are blogging in the first place. Are you wanting to promote your business? Are you wanting to show your knowledge in a certain niche? Are you wanting to make money online? Or maybe you just want to blog for the fun of it. It is important to know now what you are trying to achieve so you know how to set yourself up for success in the future.


2. Know Your Audience – You need to make sure your blog’s content and design reflect what it’s about. If it’s a professional blog for lawyers then it should look different than if it were for kids. Make sure you are always delivering the kind of content that your audience is looking for. If they are coming there looking for one thing and get something completely different then they may not come back.


3. Post Every Day – People like to find new content when they come back to visit. If they come back and there is nothing new to read then they are likely to stop checking back as often and eventually may stop coming completely. Fresh content is the best for search engines anyways. So the more you post, the more often your site is going to be checked by Google for new content, and the more your posts will start showing up in search engines.


4. Be Everywhere – It is very important that you are taking advantage of all of the different places for traffic. This means being on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus. And make sure to not always just post a link to your site. Make sure to post other things as well to show people you are human, and always reply back to comments and questions on here as well. Lastly, make sure you are submitting some of your articles to social bookmarking sites.


5. Don’t Be Afraid – Never be afraid to try new things. If you think a new plug-in may help you on your blog then give it a chance. You will never find out what works best for your blog if you do not experiment. Throw contents and whatever else you might have in mind. The key is to actually follow through and do what you have planned. Never be afraid. If it fails it fails, but you might also hit it out of the park and get some big recognition.


Best Blogging Books for Beginners – FREE – Worth $100


6. Keep Educating Yourself – It seems like there is a new plug-in every week that is released. Sometimes they are great, and sometimes they are a bust. It’s important to keep up with the latest and greatest though because if you are not your competitor might be. So always be on top of the latest blogging news. There is always more you can learn about blogging, I am still learning new things every day.


7. Build a List – You will soon learn the importance of lists. And every blogger who doesn’t start one from the very beginning always wishes that they had. If you don’t then you are just missing out on subscribers. Just make sure when you are building your list that you are building a relationship with your subscribers. And always provide them with quality content if you are using the list.


8. Blog About What You Love – It is important that you are blogging about what you love and are truly passionate about. This is important because it will make finding new post ideas so much easier. Your posts will be much more fun to read when you are excited when writing them. And you will be able to post on a much more consistent basis when you really know what you are talking about.


9. Be Different – Always try to do something different that others are not doing. Try to find something that makes your blog unique from other blogs. Something that will keep people coming back and wanting to check your blog on a regular basis. It is hard to stand out when you are doing the same thing everyone else is doing. So be and think different and you will be just fine.


10. Be Yourself – The last one is just to be yourself. When you are posting make sure to keep a consistent tone throughout all of your posts. Make sure you are talking to your readers and really getting them engaged and wanting to read more on every post. If you can be yourself and do this then you will be able to build a nice little brand in no time at all.


This is just a place to start. There are many other tips out there but these are the ones that I feel are the most important for you to be able to run a blog for a long period of time and keep your viewers coming back. If you can do these things then you will have a successful blog before you know it. If you need any help at all please feel free to contact me and I would be glad to help you with anything you need. Good Luck, and have fun!


Best Blogging Books for Beginners – FREE – Worth $100

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