Best Kewords Tools Next to Google Planner

One of the most popular tools that were used for doing keyword research was the google AdWords keyword tool which is now being closed by Google and a new tool is introduced by google called Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool which has taken the place of Adwords Keyword Tool.

But most webmasters and bloggers have reported that the new Keyword Planner tool is not user-friendly as the old keyword tool was.

If you are also not being happy with the new Keyword Planner Tool Then i have created a list of 3 free alternatives to the Google Keyword Planner Tool which are free to use and worth a try.


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1.Worldtracker’s Tool

This is the best alternative to the AdWords keyword research tool which can be used for doing keyword research.  Wordtracker tool lets you do your keyword research in a convenient way by instant sign-up option.

You just need to visit their website and enter your email address and desired password and then you can start exploring keywords.

At present according to the stats by them, there are more than 3.4 billion keywords present in its database. If you are having problems in using the google keyword planner tool then you can use the Wordtracker’s Tool it will also give you some fruitful results.


2.Bing Keyword Research Tool

Bing and yahoo are the second-best search engine which receives the most number of search queries after google and after googling, keyword planner tool bing keyword research tool can not be ignored.

Once you have added your website and verified it in the bing webmaster tools then you will find a keyword research tool in the sidebar.

Which you can use for doing keyword research and exploring keywords.



Ubersuggest is another great alternative to google’s keyword planner tool which can be used for good keyword research. It is also free to use and it also displays a long list of keywords based on your query. I recommend you trying Ubersuggest you will find it a good tool for doing your keyword research.


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