Big Mistakes You Can Make in Writing Product Review for Digital Products

However, writing reviews is a skill one must learn and there are mistakes that you simply cannot do or the visitor will follow to the next review website, leaving you without your commission.

Here are big mistakes you must avoid at all costs:

1. Writing about the product without even trying it. There are people trying to make money writing reviews based on other reviews.

That’s a huge mistake. The blog will have duplicate content and duplicated information.

If you cannot try the product yourself do not even try to write the review because the blog won’t be authentic. As your blog grows bigger, companies will give you their products for free for you to try and write about them.


2. Using advertisements and affiliate products totally unrelated to the post. This will not only result in very low CTR and conversions because people are not searching for such products, but it will also drive people away as they see unrelated stuff on your blog compared with what they are searching for.

Always use the most targeted products and if possible, use only affiliate links on the post linking to the product you are reviewing.


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3. Writing a review that looks like a sales letter just to sell the product. Remember, people cannot see you so their trust level is very low.

You need to write your personal experience, not the fantastic features and omitting all the bad points.

Write everything, people want to know the truth because if they want a sales letter, they can jump to the product’s sale page instead. Use the word “I” frequently because the review should be personal and you can also use the word “You” as frequently as you want such as “You are going to like that X does Y”.


4. Using too many advertisements. There are review websites and blogs which are nothing but advertisements with some reviews. This is a deadly mistake that will drive people away. Do never use more than 50% of ads on any page.

That’s the ratio Google uses on their search results and the best ratio for maximum clicks and to still keep the traffic on your blog.

If you need more ads because you are not making enough money, then this business is not for your blog. More ads will kill the blog design and the traffic. Search engines rank sites and blogs with lots of ads lower because they will take more time to load.

If you want to see how powerful reviews are, just start a blog about product or service reviews and insert advertisements and affiliate links related to the product and watch traffic and sales appear.


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