Blog Anonymously: My Best Solution & Break-Through

I did anonymous blogging for sometimes and now I do not feel good about that decision.

Because it was the waste of time?

After some time you will feel comfortable and you start feeling about your opinions and lifestyle.

But in the beginning, everyone makes those mistakes.

It takes time but the important thing is to not stop blogging.

When it comes to blogging it’s better to let your audience know who you are.

If you are afraid someone will stalk you, nowadays it’s easy to stalk anyone online.

Do not be afraid, show your talent.

If not.

The best way is to design a logo and sound as a company.

Instead of, I, use We.

zada logo


So only these two things will give you peace of mind.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to design a logo related to your name – First – the last or middle.

If you succeeded in your goals with blogging and somehow you started feeling to show your work to the world.

So at that time, your (named) logo will help represent you in front of people.

So this is not rocket science – it is simple and the solution too.

Represent yourself as a company.

Keep helping people only online and do not talk with anyone about your online goals.

Once you reached a peak point then you can decide the ultimate option you would be having in hand.


If you have any questions feel free to ask.


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