Blogging: Building a Unique Blog and Beating Competition

Everyone is trying to beat the opposition and the blogging world became a war zone nowadays.

The very best quote came to my mind at this time is 

“The Winner Focus On Winning and the looser focus on the winner”

What about the Expert Bloggers?

They do not tend to beat the competition but they are trying to help more peoples.

The idea of blogging is not for competing but this idea is invented to help others and nowadays it’s a business.

Whatever it is but we should not think like that. 

Reach more people and help them and when someone asks them how you achieved your goals then they will say that someone (blogger) helped me.

This is the Real WIN and a big win. 

Building a successful unique blog

it’s not an overnight success but this is a success of many ( hundreds — thousand) waken night success.

I am not joking — it’s my 9th year in blogging.

And I still keep working night and day.

I am not here to beat anyone but I am here to HELP.

okay, let’s get into work.

Once you well researched and found your niche then research for keywords which people type in search engine bar to get a result.

The best tool for this is the google keyword planner. The app will guide you step by step.

Once you search out your keywords then try to write content consistently on your blog.

Hit that keyword from many angles 


  • *How to cook an egg?
  • *How to boil an egg?
  • *How to play with an egg?
  • *How to break an egg?
  • *How to color an egg?
  • *How to separate yellow from white

once you did the HOW then WHY

Why I should eat an egg daily?

Come up with many ideas with WHY.

Then try to write from another angle and this all content visitor should land on your blog.

So it means generating lots of content.

That’s How You Build a unique Blog.


Beating Competition

Content is king in the blogging world you generate more content you get more traffic more success.

But more success means more effort.

if you write 1 post daily and your competition writes 100 posts then what you can do is to outsource content for your blog.

  • *Hire Writers
  • *Focus on SEO
  • *Be active on social media

I mean to team up.

There are some sites such as buzzsumo which tell you about your competition and a lot more.

Play around with your site analytics and search console data to measure your success.

Do not Blog to beat your competition but keep blogging to reach more needed people and help them.

Now it depends on you.


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