Blogging for Authors in 2024

Art still exists – & – its lovers too – no matter how far the tech takes you but remember the one thing we are still alive.

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We are HERE and helping to serve those who want to be not alone.

It’s a war and considering it’s a war is not wrong.

Blogging for authors beginners bloggers, lawyer's

Most Bloggers are somehow disrupted and unengaged in their daily efforts but you know at the end of the day it’s a big mistake.

However, we are human and humans love to learn from other’s real experiences and feel the circumstances and acknowledge how others are going through the hard or good times.

So in the world of blogging originality wins all the time.

Be original and win.

That’s the simple game.

Let’s get on the line and see what opportunity still exists and if authors, Bloggers, and other content creators or marketers can win even if the giants exist.

A small point to be noted here – In 2016 a writer published a Book.

Real Artist Never Starve.

Real Artist Never Starve.

At the time no one thought that the days of bots would come and would shake the dreams of many so-called writers or bloggers.

So the book can get you on track. However, it’s a side work for your schedule.

But here let’s see what an author can achieve through blogging.


1:- Personal Branding


Amazing you call yourself an author and you are supposed to be on your keyboard with the sound of tik-tik.

But wait  – is there anyone who knows you for a specific phrase or struggle?

Maybe – Maybe Yes – Maybe No

If it still sounds like maybe then we got you.

An author doesn’t only write precious books or stories and then try to sell them in the first phase.

Authors only blog Blogging for authors beginners bloggers, lawyer's

Thanks to 2023 and the world of connectivity that made the world a global village.

You can jump in on any site and can find tons of tons of people who are interested in the same topic.

You first listen to them, read them, watch them, and then – fire your ideas and let them see you winning.

But how – It’s through blogging.

You know blogging is an opportunity to boost your passion and get the words out there in front of people who Care.

Am I claiming something big – Of course I am.

Authors influence in different ways and a best has always unique tactics.

They represent themselves in unique ways.

They are curious to know and all-time stay alert with a sniper loaded for hunting and explanation sparks.

They spread their messages in different ways and different formats.

If you explore setgoddin work – you will notice shooting the same ideas from different angles.

Expert in different Fields knows how to lay the red on their road.

The point is to be unique and hit your ideas from different angles and be known for specific phrases.

So you can be remembered and can be loved by your readers.

The strategy to follow is to produce tons of content in different formats.

If possible in different languages.

Don’t sell at the first try let people explore you and let them wish to see recommended works from you.

Also, let them wait to release your paid work.

The best example here is the author of ” Real Artists Don’t Starve”.

Read this author and you will be amazed by his results.

So the bottom line is to be unique and build a brand and stick to the ideas that you own.

Be remembered.


2:- Authors Tools in 2023


Authors always keep their tools all times dust free even if he is not active for a very long time but his passion never lets them down.

Your tools get you on track and help build your system easily.

Once you have the easy system of your loaded weapons then it means you have to shoot and it will not take longer to spark the trigger and get the things done.

So it means everyone has some special system, tools whatever you call it but they don’t keep it until get on the seat.

Forget about which tool is better and which one works the best.

It is useless until it’s not loaded even if you have the world’s best expensive toolbox.

I mean it – no matter what kind of tool you are using to get your first draft done.

Keep everything ready on the table and it should not take a nanosecond.

As soon as your mind gets a spark and ideas.

Your fingers must be on the keyboard without hanging in a second thought.

And must be firing tons of words just in a few minutes without editing.

Always get the first draft done like you are on fire and later you can edit, visualize, and link your content.

So this is how you can win in 2023.

Nowadays, we have millions of tools to make our jobs even easier

Try to check most of them select your favorite and keep it loaded all the time even if you have not written for years.

But keep your tools active on your table and the laptop running.

Due to this habit, your mind will be always tipping on you to get on the seat and blow out your mind.

Once you found and built a good habit of being comfortable on your desk to write with ready tools in your hands then I poke it’s 2023.

I mean it’s a lot easier than before to get your work done and produce a tone of content with less effort.

However, keep in mind never to compromise on the quality.

Let’s get back to the point.

In 2023 the tools are more powerful than before especially in the blogging world.

Businesses, entrepreneurs, enterprises, entertainment, all A to Z are using the same tools that are within reach of a small blogger.

So I will mention the giants only here and the other productivity tools are well written in detail in my books.

2.1:- Self Hosting

As an author never waste time on free platforms.

I’ve experienced it for a very long time and those giants only think about themselves and will never let you rank until you don’t pay a good amount of money.

Blogging for authors beginners bloggers, lawyer's

So be careful.

Get your hosted site and make your style and choose title and tags carefully.

This is very easy to do so – Learn everything you want to know here at this point in my last post.

Building a blog from scratch is fun.

2.2 SEO Tools

The journey has been made by SEO is easy and interesting.

As an author blogging helps showcase your ideas but on the flip side SEO helps you to reach real readers.

The people who you want to read your crafts.

Yes – SEO is simple and the tools connected to it are way more joy and play.

When we say tools for SEO, it means tons of tools that make your journey right on track.

Many tools are having different features and benefits.

  • Ahref
  • Semrush
  • SE ranking
  • Majestic
  • Answer the public
  • Uber suggest
  • Etc

More tools will indicate to produce the right type of content for the people who are interested in the niche you want to write about.

Use these tools and then get on with your writing.


3:- Writing Tools


As you know in 2023 the bots are on fire and can generate unlimited content at the end of the day.

But it’s feeling like cheating and somehow destroying the joy of having something done.

These are great tools and can help but if you misuse then it means you are not cheating on others but hitting an axe on your own feet.

So the drama is to consider these bots just tools that somehow will help to get the information for your reading.

This is wrong to copy and paste and Hurra published.

What your Audience will think?

The number 1 tool for your writing help is Grammarly which auto-corrects your sentence and suggests words that sound smart.

Almost all bloggers are using this tool.

Also, the new AI tools are very helpful.

I found these tools very smart to explain my point when I get stuck.

Also, this is very useful to get the statistics in no time.

These AI tools can be interesting until you don’t use them in the wrong way.

Today popular AI tools for writing are

  • Google Bard
  • Chat Gpt
  • Text to images built-in free with

In the early days of blogging, it was very popular that an image is worth a thousand words.

Because images attract and make content visuals.

Also, many statistics have shown that a post with an image gets more clicks in the feeds of social media.

In 2023 you don’t have to look for your required photo in stock photos but just type some keywords and hurra AI will generate the image you want.

Another feature of AI tools is here is to rewrite your words with AI plus you can add more analyze data by just entering the prompt.

But take care of editing and avoid plagiarism.

Be smarter with AI.

All bloggers are very simple and they are honest with their work.

They do simple things and use simple tools and recommend them.

A real author or blogger will never recommend learning new tools at once until there is a need.

Free tools for all.


4:- Platforms

Blogging for authors beginners bloggers, lawyer's

If you are just stepping and have no wealthy blog then you will g through a lot of hassle but remembered you have to.

When marketers launch a new product they don’t build a new platform just to sell their new product.

But they do use other people’s paid and free platforms to build and showcase their’s products in front of real audiences.

So this is great – in the beginning, it’s okay to write on social media and other platforms while building your blog and linking between.

Here I will recommend some sites that will help in many ways.

Blogging for authors beginners bloggers, lawyer's

3.1:- Quora

To be honest – in the first days like same, you get on new a job.

People around put more responsibility and just make you busy all the time.

The same applies here – why – because you have to work.

While building and doing lots of tasks for your blog is on one side and working on the outside platforms is also important.

So don’t be overwhelmed. Keep doing and later you will reap the rewards.

On professionally build your profile And select only the topic that you write on your blog.

If you select different topics and more than two then probably people will ask about that topics too.

I forgot to tell you about Quora – basically, Quora is a site where people ask questions about everything and the authors answer that questions.

Selection of many topics is a huge mistake so be careful.

Once you are done with the profile then start writing answers to the popular questions.

In the beginning, no one will ask but later you will get tons of questions.

So write your best sometimes Short long answer.

It depends on your mood and questions.

Do be confused.

Invite people to visit your blog and appeal to share your content.

Quora and its users are interesting they will ask you questions that will help you learn and teach.

The Quora community is adding more features to the site.

So in the beginning just stick to the answers.

You can copy-paste half of your newly published post and can then link back to your blog for a full reading.

While digging Quora I’ve found a secret that I want to share here.

In your niche make a list of some questions and try to search on Google one by one.

Find a question that is shown on the first page of Google and the results are from Quora.

Go to that questions and analyze the answers that people have written.

All you can do is write your best answer with tons of visuals and of course long form.

While writing don’t forget to add links to your blog.

Keep in mind the content you are linking must be related.

So this way you will get indirect traffic to your blog search engine.

It works all the time and you can divert the traffic.


This site is for writers and they write about lots of topics.

The readers pay writers.

Some content they use for paid subscribers.

If a reader like and claps for the content then automatically the reader paid for it

So most of the writers are making a good income from the medium.

Try this as a writer and let your voice be heard.

Also, lots of opportunities are available on the web.

You must try every different site to find your sparks.


Writers and artists never let their dreams die.

But they always focused on putting even more energy into their work and winning.

So always seek energy and put in work and believe that one day will be your day.


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