Blogging: What is the Best niche for a Beginner

There is no Best Niche in the world of blogging But there is always a good niche of your own.

Once you started to believe that blogging is a TOOL for your passion then you will come up with many ideas.

I mean in simple short words That your passion is your best niche.

what do you love to do all the time and feel that you are playing a game?

This is the best question in the beginning to answer.

Take your time and ask yourself before sleeping and after getting up.

Once you found your answer then it means you have done half of your blogging journey.

Your passion will save you much time in blogging & you will be able to hit your goals faster.

Expert In passion

You might be an expert on your passion and a beginner in the blogging world.

Then you may not call yourself a beginner but an expert.

Step by step and with the time you will improve your blog sooner.

Ready To Learn

If you think that finding your passion is hard for you.

Then research a lot and find your topic to blog about.

First, learn a lot and become an expert on that topic.

Then before starting your blog help others on third party sites such as 



social media groups


Once you got ready and felt that now you can generate lots of content in your chosen niche then publish a blog with lots of content.

Practice SEO and target many keywords and hit those keywords from many angles.

Popular Niches

I will suggest some niches in blogging but I think these niches will be overwhelming for you in the beginning.

You can help people to 

Lose weight ( popular topic)

Build a Succesful Blog (My niche)

Learn Online Marketing 

Writing (hard niche)

Solve Tech Problems

Learn programming

Another thing I want to discuss to not feel bad about your niche — I know some people on the web who blog about to raise chicken in the back yards of their homes.

Some people sell eggs and you will be amazed that they are earning a lot.

Now it’s your choice to build your own blog with your own idea.


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