Boom Start your Blogging Journey with these 4 Useful Tips

Are you looking to start blogging?  How much time do you have available in your day?
Are you someone that sits there twiddling your thumbs wondering what to do next?  I didn’t think so!
I have not met many people that say they have lots of spare time on their hands and I don’t expect you are any different.

So if you admit to not having much spare time, what is your plan to start blogging and integrate this into your life?

Have you given much thought to how you will find the time to actually undertake the blogging?

What is your perception of how long blogging will take you?  Are you going to commit one hour a month, a week, or a day to it?

Have you given any thought as to the things you will need to learn to make your blogging successful, such as SEO, link building, guest blogging, commenting, social media, and so on…..

If you are intending to start blogging as well as undertaking a parenting role or other employment, then your time management and schedule will be even more important.

Let’s be real here….starting a blog does not require a degree, but it does require effort, hard work, and an allocation of time.

If that is not something you are prepared to give, then blogging may not be the right path for you.  However, if you are serious about giving it a real shot, these 4 blogging tips will certainly help you be prepared.


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Start Blogging By Setting A Schedule

One of the things you need to do right from the word go in the blogging world is to set yourself a schedule.  Then you need to commit to it!

Are you intending on posting, once or twice a week or maybe every day?  Whatever schedule you choose, keep it going and be consistent.

Consistency is the key to your longevity as a blogger and things you do regularly become habits.  Once things are a habit they are a lot easier to maintain.

Make sure you start blogging with good habits and create a blogging schedule!


Utilize Social Media But Don’t Spend ALL Your Time There

Social media is a fantastic tool for building your profile, engaging with others, increasing your readership, and is also a fantastic place for learning.

The one huge problem with social media however is that you can WASTE a LOT of time there!  You may say to yourself, “I’ll just check in on this Facebook group” and before you know it another hour has passed.

Where does that hour sit with your schedule?  Did you allocate that hour for Facebook or are you now having to play catch up with the list of other things you should have been doing with that time?

I agree that social media is critical for the growth of your blog, but getting caught up in the realm of the platforms can be a huge trap to fall into, especially when you first start blogging.

It is a great idea to set yourself a schedule to determine how much time you are going to spend on your social media and divide this time between the different platforms that you are using.  This will help you maximize the time you have available and keep you on track!


Start Blogging With High-Quality Content

One of the things that you will really need to pay attention to is the content that you will be placed on your blog.  That good old saying “Content is King” is here to stay, and for good reason.

High-quality content is important for many reasons:

* To keep readers engaged and return for more

* To be recognized by the search engines

* To build yourself as an authority and expert in your niche

It is all very well ‘saying’ that you are going to do the above, but exactly how do you PLAN to do it?



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Treat Your Blog As A Business

Assuming that you are blogging for business, you need to treat it as such.

Even if you intend to blog for fun without wanting to make money, it is wise to start off with that professional head as you never know what can happen down the track or the direction you would like your blog to take.

If you start off professionally, then it will keep your options open as you move forward.

Are you intending to make an income from your blog?

If so, then it would be a great idea to keep a record of your expenses and also your income.  The busier your business becomes the less time you will have to dedicate to this.

Starting it from the beginning will make things a lot easier in the long run, and again it’s another habit that you start and habits become natural processes.

Whilst blogging can no doubt be a whole lot of fun, there is no hiding the fact that it is also a lot of work!  Being organized and committed to your blog will make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable but will also lengthen the lifespan of your blog!

Does the thought of all the things to learn in blogging sound quite overwhelming?   The learn how to blog program is amazingly tailored to walk you through the process of blogging.

It will help set up your blog to the design and format you wish and help your understanding of the many components of blogging.

It’s a case of leaving no stone unturned to ensure that you have fun blogging, but also get the most out of it.


Are you yet to start blogging, or have you been blogging for some time? 

What things are you struggling with most, or have you struggled with?

  Do you have any tips to share to assist your blogging experience?


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