Boost Blog Traffic by Submitting to Bing

Bing owned by Microsoft is one of the most popular search engines in the world. Many use this search engine to search the internet.
Like Google Webmasters Tools, Bing also has a webmaster center, where you can add a website and submit a sitemap for it. This would not only help you increase traffic to your blog but it will also help you get quality backlinks.
Below are the steps to successfully add and verify a site and submit a sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tools.

1) Go to Bing Webmasters Tools.

If you don’t have an id, create one and then log in by providing the e-mail id and the password.
2)  Once logged in, you have to add your site and then verify it. To verify the ownership of your site, you have to add a meta tag to the section of your website HTML code and save your template. Then click on the “VERIFY” button below.
3) After your site is verified, you can add your sitemap to the Bing Webmaster Tools. Here’s how.
Build a Succesful Blog
Go to bing webmaster to create a sitemap of your site.
4) After you generate your sitemap, you will see a message like this.
5) Copy the sitemap link which is displayed in the message which looks something like this.
6)  Then go to the “Sitemaps” section in the Bing Webmasters Tools and paste the sitemap link and click “Submit”.
And that’s it. You’re done.
Check back again after a few days and you will see the number of URLs indexed by Bing.

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