Can You make Money Blogging – How to Start One?

Yes – you can make money through blogging by learning it first, choosing a less competitive niche, and then putting yourself into real hard work to generate tons of helpful content.

After that, you must take care of promoting your content in front of interested and targetted people.

Once you got on track then you will be earning money while ZZZ.

Most people are talking that blogging is dead, but it’s not, and in some cases never works for most bloggers.

Most of the new bloggers get stuck in high competition niche and they barely think that they can beat the competition but when they start the real hard work, then they have to somehow blame blogging.

Because blogging really needs hard work.

Read on if you want to know how to start a blog and make money.


 Pick a theme

Your blog will need a theme. It’s best to choose a subject that is not too broad. Your theme needs to be something specific enough to reduce competition, but broad enough to attract enough readers and make money.

For example, a vegan cooking blog could be better than one about cooking. Similarly, a blog about making children’s clothes could be better than a dressmaking blog.

It needs to be something you have extensive knowledge of and ideally feel passionately about, because this will show through in your writing. Make sure it’s a theme that lends itself to attractive and informative blogs that generate interest.

When thinking about how to start a blog and make money, market research is key. This will give you an idea as to what people find interesting.


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Start writing content

A common mistake bloggers make is setting unrealistic goals for content creation.

If you work full time, it’s pointless to assume you will be able to write 3,000 words every day. The same applies if you have children to look after.

When thinking about how to start a blog and make money, creating interesting content will be key to the success of your blog. It is therefore important that you take your time.

Set yourself realistic targets. Writing 1,000 words of good quality copy per day is better than 4,000 words of badly written copy.

Promote your blog

This will be crucial for increasing interest. The most effective methods for promoting your blog are as follows:

Social media

It’s worth considering setting up accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

The accounts should use your domain identity and brand. Share and promote your posts on these accounts.

Connect with others in your community

If there are any organizations with the same interest as your blog, reach out to them. Similarly, contact any relevant social networking communities.

Connect with other bloggers

Treat other similar bloggers as colleagues rather than competitors. Inviting a guest blogger to post on your website is not unheard of. It’s also worth sharing the content of other bloggers as well.

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How to make money

You can make money using the following methods:

Affiliate marketing

This involves adding affiliate links to the content. You make a small commission every time a reader clicks the link.

Banner adverts

You sell advertising space on your website to relevant brands. The most common areas are the banner across the top of the screen or the sidebar.

Sponsored content or posts

If you have a strong following, a company will pay you to promote a service or product using your blog or social media account.

Selling digital products

You could sell online products such as ebooks, courses, tutorials, or workshops.


In 2021 it’s possible and if you look around you will notice hundreds of people who are making a decent income through blogging.

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if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section.

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