Content or Baclinking – Which is Best For SEO?

The key for a lot of online businesses or blogs is to have the “right” kind of SEO to bring quality traffic to the site. Of course, there have been many varying opinions about what the “right” kind maybe.

Most of us know that link building is a very key element because not only does this provide a great quick way to get back to a site, but also builds a Google ranking. But just how heavy it weighs in the Google algorithm is something that most of us wish we knew definitively.

Page rank is a way that Google gauges the priority of a site, and normally the higher the ranking the more visibility in Google’s search engine.

A lot of sites work hard to build good SEO for years just so they can obtain quality search engine rankings. Having a number of quality links whether its anchor text, internal links, or backlinks provides great SEO because of the placement.


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Your backlinks go to sites that cater to your particular niche, and you have readers that are curious and click on your site because they are looking for this particular product or blog.

Also, Google seems to reward those who have both incoming and outgoing links to relevant sites.

This shows that you aren’t taking part in an unrelated link exchange or simply spamming sites. At least this is the theory, but we all know that there will always be the black hat SEO marketers that somehow get around these safety guards.

Now, perhaps one of the biggest mysteries surrounding SEO is the question, “which is more heavily weighted, links or content?” You can search blogs and marketing guru pages all day and find many different answers but there is one opinion that seems rather consistent across the board – good SEO techniques include BOTH.


What if you have an incredible amount of backlinks, but your content is seriously lacking? That could just make your bounce rate go way up, and you have no readers that are interested in your site.

In the past years, marketers have tried with little success to cater content to search engines rather than actual readers and this has proven to be a serious problem. No one wants to search for a term and then come across a page of content that sounds as if it is computer-generated and stuffed with keywords.


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The links bring the people to your site, but the content keeps them there!

Having quality content can also help bring about more links because people that comment on your site bring a bread crumb or just a tidbit that could possibly catch onto your site.

For example, if someone were to ask a question on a search engine related to your topic, a comment from one of your blogs could provide the answer which would engage the reader to check out more of your site.

Also, content is what gets a reader to subscribe so you have much more stable readers that engage in your site. Additionally, if you have great content, other bloggers are more likely to link to you in their own blogs. When content is well written, everyone wins.

Essentially, it’s a lot more powerful to have both links and content. It’s very hard to read what Google’s specifics are for deeming a site of great importance. However, it’s always good to have your eggs fall in a number of baskets.

Whether you have great content, great posts, great links, internal links, anchor text, it all plays a huge role in building great conversion optimization and SEO for your site. Each has its own role in making your site much more noticeable. When you implement both, you’ll have a good leg up on the competition for your particular niche.

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