Content Writing and Managing Strategy For a Succesful Blog

Do you know – content is king and it needs a serious strategy and workforce to reap tons of rewards.

There are two sides to blog content

  1. Writing
  2. Managing

The third is Promoting but for now, let’s talk about the first two.

The writing is the hard part and sometimes you will need to outsource content or hire a regular employee who will be doing tak tak for you.

How you go through the writing process?

It’s has been made easier on my blog and in my books for everyone.

But the important part is managing it.

As you write your blog post and press every single line with tons of value to push the reader to the next line and then from top to bottom the reader goes through and reads your whole post.

Just like this idea, you must focus on each blog post to keep your visitors engaged and get lots of views from just one visit.

How you can do that?

Now you have the example in mind and consider your blog as one piece of content.

Write series posts that will tackle each other in the feeds.

Take a big part of your niche and start writing that one part in multiple posts.

When readers go through the first one or start somewhere in the middle then that reader will stay curious to listen from you more on the topic.

It’s simple and the addition of a little effort can make you a winner in this game.


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