Do You Need Traffic On your Blog?

Traffic means humans — and humans only go there where they need something — Am I right?

Recently while writing an answer I asked someone “Have you ever visited my blog?” of course she didn’t but Why?

Because she is not interested in what I am interested in and what I write on my blog.

and then I wrote “ if someone needs something from you they will come not only to your blog but also to your home/office if it is required.

So if you are not getting the traffic it means you have skipped many challenges on your blogging journey.

and you are expecting traffic (humans) to your blog for FREE.

What you can do to over start step by step on the same blog and follow my instruction.


if someone blog they must have a niche and he/she must blog about his passion.

Basically blogging is a tool for your passion.

your niche should not be broad it should be micro-niche and later you can expand to related micro-niches, but first, it should be a micro-niche.

for example,

if you are running a food cooking blog you should not blog about all cooking but you have to narrow down your niche.

  • How to cook food
  • How to cook fast food
  • How to cook pizza
  • How to cook a burger


Another Example

  • How to write
  • How to write a blog
  • How to write a blog post
  • How to write blog post > Intro > Body > Conclusion.

Another Example

  • How to cook an egg
  • How to break an egg
  • How to play with an egg
  • How to separate yellow from white

These examples may not suite here according to your question but all I want to give you an idea.

Targetting Keywords

Once you choose your niche and narrow it down then you can target some keywords with the help of

Google trends

Google keywords planner

First, try out some research with google trends to find “what and how many people search on google about your niche”?


Also, check the related keywords topics — Take time and do your best research on your niche to find best-targetted keywords.



Generate Contents and cover Up

Once you find your keywords and did your research then start writing content and HIT your keywords from many angles.

consistently write content around your keywords don’t be lazy — laziness can ruin all the game.

The above examples are also helpful here — try to think logically.

come up with much more ideas for writing contents

Use your spark to get unlimited ideas Recently I have written another answer about this so it can help you to come up with unlimited ideas for your blog in your niche.

sorry for not writing it here again.

Involve Social media

Sign up For

  • Facebook page
  • Twitter account
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest

For not just throwing your content but to meet the same tasters (like-minded) people & let them inspire you for more.

help them and ask for help.

Guest Blogging

“If you are not a giant then stand up on a giant shoulder”

In the blogging world Guest blogging is the giant but prepare yourself for that with the help of quora and medium.

Start helping people on quora to polish your writing skills and meet new people then start publishing on medium.

once you Practiced and reaped rewards then look for guest blogs who accept guest blog posts.

Make small guest blogs your stairs to reach big sites.

In writing or while reading this all methods are easy but it takes time and it is a lot of struggle for traffic (humans).

If you follow all these instructions then you will never feel a

lack of traffic.

It may take 6 to 12 months.

Also, don’t forget to buy your own domain and the best hosting service for your blog.

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