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In my own quest to continue to improve my own blog and blogging skills, I have noticed a few things that seem to carry over from every great blog. It is a credit to the author who is writing the blog when they are able to keep things running almost perfectly as if not even trying.

As we all know it takes a great effort every day to create, promote and network our blog to maintain and grow our current level of success. Having said this I think we can all learn how to establish ten effective attitudes incorporated by super successful bloggers.

Every blogger will have a certain way they like to execute their daily routine, and honestly, I am interested to know what attitudes and methodology you incorporate in your own blogging career. Keep in mind just as in life it rings true in blogging as well, and that is that you should maintain ideas that you can change easier when you have successfully discovered new more effective ones. Many people list these habits as “beliefs” and generally in my own experience beliefs are harder to change. Always be open to new methods which can fine-tune your own style of blogging and give you that extra edge.


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1.) Be A Proactive Blogger.

Being proactive means taking conscious control over your life, setting goals, and working to achieve them. Instead of reacting to events and waiting for opportunities, you go out and create your own events and opportunities.


2.) Be A Strategic Blogger.

Simply put, being a strategic blogger will determine where your blog is going over the next year or more, how it’s going to get there, and how it’ll know if it got there or not much less on time. The focus of a strategic blogger is usually on the entire blog, while the focus of your goals is usually on a particular product, service or program in the meantime.


3.) Be Ready For Change.

You should be ready for a few different scenarios of change. You can bet your competition is. Think of when Twitter became hot or any other major movement that had started after you were blogging. By being ready for the next big thing and embracing it to at least try it out you will be on the vanguard of change instead of falling in line with those that are leading the edge.


4.) Creator Of Useful Content.

Make sure after you write your post for the day that while your reviewing it and editing that you see the “why” that someone will be looking for while reading. If your content is not useful to the reader you have taken the first step in declining your blog from success. You should always be passionate and knowledgeable about what you are writing and you should be writing from the reader’s point of view and try to better them in some manner. I.E. a laugh, smile, sage advice, coverage of a newsworthy event from a different perspective, etc. Often times what separates a one-time viewer from a dedicated daily reader is how you made them feel. They may never remember what you said to them, but if you made them feel good via your post you have won the first step in the loyalty game.


5.) Vigilance, Quality, Consistency, and Discipline.

Never giving up, always writing quality content consistently, and repeating the process daily by establishing self-discipline that you can instill in your own readers to help them achieve their own hopes, goals, and dreams. This is not just a code for bloggers. If you look at the most innovative and respected leaders in any industry you will see they possess all of these qualities. None of them you are born with but rather learned. It takes a great deal of effort to be successful and remains that way. If you are apathetic then it will be easy to fail. Try hard every day. Your readers will notice which type of blogger you are.




6.) Optimism.

Being optimistic is very contagious. Everything is going to turn out OK stick to your guns and play the straight and narrow. Believe that good comes to those that do good. If your down on your luck just remember that everything happens for a reason, and surely you will be the better for it once through it. Share stories of trials and tribulations with your readers and show them why the values that drive you put you in the successful end game. Always know your destiny is what you make it. It surely is not going to be very good if you are not trying to be positive about it.


7.) Networking.

Always make yourself available to meet others. Never turn your back on the new guy no matter how big you get. Showing that you can be approached makes everyone around you feel like you easier and more trustworthy to do business with. This becomes your lifeblood in the blogosphere as without your fellow bloggers more than likely you would not be enjoying the success you do know. Keep your eyes on the future networking will open up your endgame no matter the niche.


8.) Boundaries.

Setting and maintaining boundaries will keep you out of trouble and let your readers know what is or is not off-limits. For instance, some bloggers do not involve their personal lives at all, and as such their readers oftentimes respect this and do not make issues of unanswered questions in regards to this subject material. Another wonderful example of setting good boundaries is to not cause controversy with other bloggers for the sake of short-term gains. Flaming or Personal attacks will ultimately not net you any tangible gain. What it will do is burn bridges for you. If you set good boundaries for yourself and your blog you will be setting up a blueprint for success.

These are just eight of probably many more qualities or habits of successful bloggers. This is where you the reader come in. As this is a blogging and internet marketing tips blog I am sure most of you have your own blogs somewhere out there on the net. I would love to hear some of your practices, attitudes, and habits that keep you walking the line of success. I invite everyone to elaborate on their own trials and tribulations throughout the blogosphere for others to see and relate to.

Remember to envision your future and success every day and to take at least one step towards it. If you do this your success is yours for the taking!


commenting on other blogs

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