Don’t Update Old Contents — But Do Instead

Not Really Happy with updating only.

It’s Get some more clicks and readers than usually but this method is not worth the time it takes.


Updating the old contents really takes the same time.

If you try to write new content with the old idea from another angle then it can generate the expected results.

For Example,

if you have an older post about “how to write a blog post” so instead of updating that post you may try to write a new one with a little twist.

“How To Write a Blog Post From Idea To conclusion”

— — Another thing here is to consider if that old post is attracting enough traffic and you are happy with that result then you must write the same idea from many angles.

because you can generate a series of blog posts from that old idea.

which will impress the search engine and you can have a high rank for that same keywords.

Also, these posts from the series will compete with each other and you can still have your juice.

Also, I had good results when I Break Long Blog post into small pieces with new titles for each.

But Always Track the result and do what’s Works For you.

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