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I am so excited to share My 8 Blogging Books with my 10k Followers for FREE.

All of the books are available on Amazon to buy but here I want to see the reaction of my followers – and of course, it would be awesome.

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Here for a limited time, you don’t have to pay $$$ – Neither pay for a FREE trial nor submit an Email and credit card.

All you have to share the post to reach needy people.

All of the books are just one click away.

So let’s Get started to loot – Step by Step.



#1. Build a Successful Blog

Best Blogging Books for beginners 2021

If you are a regular reader of my blog you may have seen this book several times or maybe you have read it.

This book is a life-changer – especially for beginners and intermediate-level bloggers.

But for expert bloggers, there are some secrets buried that can make you thousands of $$$.

I use it all the time and the results are shining in a quick screenshot below when I use it for quick money.

I will soon share more results in future posts.



Don’t worry beginners can spot it if they try a little harder.

This book will teach you the ins and outs of blogging and some of the tactics that will help you in many aspects of your life.

The best parts of this book are

★ Strategies

★ Tools and Techniques

★ Facts & statistics

★ Building writing habits

★ Writing strategies

★ Unique Habits for blogger

★ Earning / monetization

★ Affiliate Marketing

★ Setting up & the tech side of blogging

★ Productivity hacks and smart work

★ Mind tricks and tips

★ Bonus


  Download NOW


#2. Build Dozens Of Successful Blogs


Best blogging books for beginners 2021

Once you went through all the steps with the above book or already know a lot about blogging then don’t stop right there but keep building more blogs.

So this book will walk you through lots of steps that will help you on your journey to generate multiple income streams.

When you work hard and dig deeper then naturally you will start seeing smart patterns in your work and that smart patterns will push you towards success.

So the only goal of this blogging book is to help you keep building successful blogs over and over again.

And this is the only step that will make you millions $$$.


Download this Book HERE

#3. Passion Blog

best blogging books for beginners 2021

Don’t want to dig deeper in the beginning but just want to step in in the blogging world.

When I first started – I was just passionate about seeing my words online and meet like-minded people.

But the idea went viral and now it’s a BIG blog and still subdomain.

So you can publish your blog in minutes with and can share your ideas right away.

These books will help you go through the process and will exactly tell you the dos and don’ts.

Later if you needed you can expand your blog boundaries as much as you want.


Download this Book Here

#4. Blog Post Writing

Best Blogging Books for beginners 2021

No matter either you have started a passion blog on a simple idea – or want to build a huge publishing blog.

This book exactly teaches you the ideas behind writing ever-green content that expert bloggers are using all the time.

The great benefit of this book is to help you learn the skills of writing and with this one skill in hand can make you millions by writing

  • Blogs
  • Freelance projects
  • Guest Blogs
  • etc

I’ve focused deeply on 3 aspects that can make you a better writer in no time without struggling for years in the writing editors.

The thing has to be awesome and keep readers interested instead of boring them.

The second thing is to be faster to publish multiple blog posts a day or once a day.

The final round is to be consistent and start over again and again.

This process helps you build a system with a special Mad Man writing technique – so you can have a system and daily you will run that system to help you run your blog.


Download This Book Here

#5.  Blog Traffic


Best Blogging Books for beginners - 2021


Now it’s time to get more eyeballs and show them what you have got.

Do you think it is simple? – No it’s not – I know expert bloggers get millions of traffic but their blog makes low revenue.

So all you need targetted traffic from natural ways and tactics.

So in this, I’ve shared proven strategies to help you get targeted traffic and boost the revenue of your blog.

But we will not stop right there but will go ahead and make the traffic to loyal friends and customers.


Download This Book Here

#6. Blogging Community

Best blogging books for beginners - 2021

Once you started to get traffic on your blog, then focus on building a community and let your community spread your words in the world.

With the power of your community, you can reach passionate people who will appreciate your work and will support you step by step.

In this book, I’ve done the hard work and you can gather people from different platforms under one flag.


Download This Books Here

#7. Make Money 

It’s a skill – There are different ways to make money but earning with blogging is the most proven and easy way.

With blogging, you don’t have to invest a dime and it can be a permanent source of your income.

It’s true to require hard work in the beginning – but it’s worth it.

Most of my audiences love the short and simple ways to make money – So in this book, I have focused on simple ways to help you make money with your blog.

You don’t have to go through lots of hustles – Just simply make Money.


Download This Book Here

#8. Out Rank Experts

best blogging book for beginners 2021

Don’t worry – it’s not just a claim but the expert bloggers themselves tell you the exact process to outrank them and I’ve listed tons of examples in this book.

When you build your blog and do everything perfectly then you will face tons of high competition for every single keyword and then you will feel overwhelmed.

But there are ways to skip these hustles and use smart ideas to reach your targetted traffic and get high ranks.

This book, tell you a lot about this type of smart idea and if you dig a little harder you will find more and more ways to outrank experts.


Download This Book Here


There is a lot to tell you and this list will be updated soon – Blogging is not a one-day task or a quick scheme to get rich.

It can take you years – but if you work hard and follow all the instructions in these books then you can build a stable income stream.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section.

Ps. Don’t forget to share with your audiences – Freinds – Family.



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