Easy Guide to Learn Successful Blogging

What is the first thing which takes most of our time?

Guess what?


A man takes almost 15 to 20 years to adjust in life.

However, learning never ends.

Your blogging journey can take 50% of your time just to learn and adjust.

Don’t be overwhelmed by many parts of blogging.

In this post, I will walk you through step by step.


#1: – Both Sides Of the Coin

To make it – you have two flip sides to blogging

  1. Tech Side
  2. Passion

Okay, let me first tell you about the tech side of blogging.

First, you have to establish a running blog.

For publishing and getting a website online will require you two things.

  1. Domain
  2. Web hosting

The domain works just like your phone number when someone calls you he just dials your number.

But instead of dialing your number he/she save your number with your name.

Now when the phone owner calls he/she just look for your name and hit the dial button in a few seconds your phone ring.

Just like this example, your domain will have a unique IP address.

look like this IP address example of a site.

Build a Succesful Blog - Ip address

But the domain registrar company doesn’t give you a numerical number but they register your domain under a name such as yourname.com.

Whenever you or someone else wants to visit your site they will just type your site address example.com in the search bar of a browser.

This is easy & everyone knows about it.

Once you got your domain then a web hosting service will be required to host your domain.

The best and expert bloggers recommended service is bluehost.com.

Build a Succesful Blog - blue host free for one year domain

Visit Bluehost and buy a yearly plan or 36 months plan to host your domain.

This is easy – the service site will guide you step by step.

Once you access to C – panel of your site install the WordPress content management system.

It will take only a few minutes to install.

As soon as you install WP CMS look for a good theme of your choice to apply.

You can customize your blog theme according to your choice.

Once you customized the theme then your passion journey starts.

But for now, stop on.

We have to add some plugins which will help you rank higher and then some SEO and analytics tools.

Let’s start with plugins.

I will only recommend some popular plugins and some plugins are still not having many users but we still need that.

The first plugins which pop up to install every moment is Akismet.

It blocks spam comments etc.

Another popular plugin is Yoast SEO.

This plugin helps you rank higher and guide you on the way when you write.

operating and installation of plugins are easy you don’t have to be technical.

Another tool that will help you the most is the Search Engine webmaster.

Only you have to sign up with your Google account and verify your site ownership.

When you publish a post you can manually submit it to crawl quickly just by pasting the URL and also you can submit the sitemap.

The webmaster tools will notify you whenever an issue detected.

Also, it shows how your site is performing in search engines.

How much impression you get and clicks in the search engine when someone searched for specific keywords phrases.

But first, you have to target some keywords.

Just like me, I am trying to rank for the “Build a Successful Blog” and Live a Laptop Lifestyle.

I have achieved a good rank for the “Build a Successful Blog” keywords.

You have to tag some keywords with the help of Yoast SEO plugins it’s easy to setup.

Each and every Search Engine has its own different webmaster tool and style of working and themes.

It was a quick overview of the tech side of blogging.

All the major sites are providing plenty of comprehensive guides and techniques.

All I am trying to tell you that the tech side is easy but it still takes some time to absorb and be an expert.

But the main thing is to focus on generating quality content.

Build a Succesful Blog - Home Page


Learn More


#2: – Passion

Whats pops up in your mind when you think about blogging?

Is it

  • Money
  • Writing
  • Promoting
  • Connecting
  • Etc
  • ?

For me it’s simple – Passion – a way to serve my passion.

Basically blogging is a tool for your passion.

I will not touch the history.

You can read it here.

This is a super way to achieve multiple goals of your passion just in one place.

Via blogging, you meet new and same tasters (like-minded people).

And many more other benefits about which I have written recently you may check out.

So right here – what you can do is master your crafts.

As Jeff Goins recommends when no one is watching master your crafts.

Your passion is something that is not related to blogging.

You bring that knowledge from the outside world and convert it into written and then publish.

Passion is the soul of a blog and works like oil in an engine.

But the hard work is required to feed your blog consistently.

In my last post, I have written about generating content consistently you should have a look.

A personal blog is open to publishing multiple passion content.

But if you write for a company or educating people about a specific product or service then you must write only related content.

And never jump from one topic to another.


#3: – Promotion

Once you cleared both sides of your blog coin.

And generated quality content then promote.

There are also two most used flip sides of the promotion coins.

  • Search Engine
  • Social Media

There are some other ways but for a beginner, these two ways are enough.

As we recently mentioned about the Yoast plugin.

Another is social media

  • Facebook
  • Twitter ( my favorite )
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Etc

To make the process easier you must learn buffer.com.

It’s a service that helps you schedule your posts and share a post on many networks at once.

I have written about this in detail.

There are many techniques to promote your content and your brand.

The most powerful technique is guest blogging.

Search for some blogs in your niche that accept guest posts.

And offer them your best post to publish on their site.

So whenever their audience reads your post many of them will visit your blog.

This way you can build audiences in no time.


#4: – Monitization

Your whole blogging efforts depends on this part.

After the hard-working now it’s time to reap the rewards of your Blogging.

The most popular idea to make some money through blogging is to set up a third-party ads system.

Such as Google AdSense.

Some other similar companies are offering different packages.

But what I believe is to never run such kinds of ads on your blog.


A blogger does his best to write specials content for his audiences and on the opposite side, the third-party ads ruin his influence in the market.

So think for a moment you published a good piece of content and third-party ads tease your readers and force or attract them to some unrelated offers or contents.

What you think – can you build a successful blog by directing the hard gain visitors to 3rd party website.

Never – am I right?

So what’s the best way to monetize your blog?

The super way is to have your’s own

  • Product
  • Service
  • E-book
  • Course
  • Etc

But for many bloggers, it’s hard to have their own assets in the first days of blogging.

However, there’s a breakthrough in the mid.


You may have heard about the passive income.com owner.

This guy shares each month details of his earned money through Affiliate marketing.

Build a Succesful Blog - smart passive income

He has many different offers to earn a commission.

But here you should start from the related books in your niche.

Just join the amazon associate program and put links to the related books and promote.

This way if a visitor clicks and buys through your link you earned a commission.

Neither you will lose a reader nor your reputation.

Also, there are some services that pay good commission to their’s Affiliate.

Such as bluehost.com.

This is your opportunity to grab on and make money.

In my book, I have written about Affiliate marketing in detail.

You can dive into deep details via my book.


Learning and building a successful blog is easy for those who are committed.

If you tend to work hard you can build it and you can live a laptop lifestyle.

Learning never end stick to your passion either people watch or not but your passion needs you.


Let me know if you have any questions in mind only about blogging & Writing.

Build a Succesful Blog - Home Page


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