Easy Ways that can Make you Thousand of $$$ Monthly

One of the blogging tips that everyone seems to want a magical answer to is “How to make money blogging”.

There is no ‘easy way to make money online.  

You will not start blogging and immediately start earning money, so if this is the impression you are under, then I’m sorry, but it’s not the case.

You will see it quite often around the internet with sayings such as “make $5,000 a day and quit your day job in a week”.  Wow, that would be great wouldn’t it, but the reality is somewhat different.  Don’t get me wrong, there is certainly money to made in blogging, but it will not come overnight.

You would like to know how to make money blogging?

Well, it will take a lot of hard work, time, and perseverance.

Just remember that many of the top-earning bloggers waited months if not longer for their first earnings to appear….making money in blogging is a marathon rather than a race.  So having said all that……are you ready?


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Many bloggers choose to use the Amazon affiliate program as a way of earning an income.  Simply choose suitable products and services from their site and place advertisements on your blog in the form of an Amazon widget.

Advertisements can be in the form of text or banner images, so choose what is the right fit for you.

Each time someone purchases something from your link, Amazon will pay you a commission.  Earnings are based on performance but start around the 4% mark of the purchase.

The more people click on your widget and make a purchase, the higher the commissions you will make.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a very popular way for bloggers to earn money and is a pick for many bloggers.  If you would like to know how to make money blogging, then this is certainly a good place to start.  Google Adsense is a combination of natural ad clicks, ad impressions, and purchases.

To earn money in this manner, you will need to sign up for a Google Adsense account and wait for approval.

It doesn’t take a great deal of technical knowledge to use Google Adsense and literally requires you to copy and paste a code onto your site.  You have the option of using text or image-based ad’s and it is recommended that you use a combination of both.

Google Adsense has a wide network of advertisers to work with, so regardless of your niche, there will still be money to be made.  Once you have reached $100 in earnings, you will receive your first payment.

Google can be quite selective of who they give approval to, so it is worth spending some time getting great content onto your site before sending an Adsense request.

Google also HATE click fraud, so NEVER under any circumstances click on your own ads and don’t ask other people to religiously do so either.

Google won’t think twice about suspending your account and once it is gone it is incredibly difficult to get back!  So resist the urge and keep your fingers away from your Google ads!

Affiliate Marketing Links

Affiliate marketing is another great way of earning a good income online.  As an affiliate marketer, you are basically selling someone else’s product and earning a commission from it.  Many bloggers see affiliate marketing as a great solution for how to make money blogging.  You can sign up to affiliate networks such as Clickbank or Commission Junction and apply to companies to sell their products.


Build a Succesful Blog


If you enter into the affiliate marketing route it is important to bear your target audience in mind and only show advertisements that are suitable for your audience.  For example, any affiliate ads on this site would need to be related to the blogging niche.  There would be little point for example in having affiliate links for dog kennels.  Readers coming to the site are coming for blogging tips and not knowing how to keep their dog comfortable!


Provide Exclusivity to your readers

If you have a vision for your blog, it may include having a membership area at some point in time.  This will be a way for you to charge readers on a weekly or monthly basis for exclusive access to certain information.  It not only helps readers feel special, but it also offers regular income.

A membership area will however be something that you will need to place a lot of work into, and will only be appropriate when you are receiving substantial traffic and a good database of subscribers.  It is however certainly something to be aware of and plan for in the future.



Blogging is all about providing information for free.  By blogging regularly and responding to comments, you build up a relationship and trust with your readers.  One way to expand on the information you provide on your blog is to write an e-book and sell it on your site.

In the last year, I have written one e-book for my party planning site Planning The Perfect Party, but there is no limit on how many e-books you could write.  Provided that you give something “extra” in your e-book that can not be obtained on your blog, you could write either one book or a whole series!

These five ways of making money online are certainly not the only way, but it gives you an idea of how to make money blogging.  As I said at the start, making money blogging is a marathon and not a race and you need to start at the beginning before expecting to make big bucks.

As your site grows, you become more confident and experienced, you can certainly change around your monetization efforts.  The important thing to remember however is that you will not be able to quit your day job overnight by making money blogging.  This will take hard work and a lot of commitment, but if you take on the challenge then you will get there!

What methods are you currently using to make money blogging?  Has one method proven to be more successful than others for you?  Please share your thoughts below.


commenting on other blogs

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